One of the purposes of our Club is to maintain the Kennel Club standard for Shih Tzu. We do this in a number of ways - monitoring health issues, holding shows so that exhibits can compete against each other, running seminars so that people can learn about aspects of our breed in more detail and campaigning when we feel the interests of the breed are threatened.

A large part of our future success (or failure) is tied to educating people as to what constitutes a Shih Tzu - what it should look like, what size it should be, how it should move, what its character should be like and so on.

We can't stop people breeding cross-breeds with silly names and grossly inflated price tags or even Shih Tzu that don't meet the breed standard (with fancy names and often even more grossly inflated price tags) but we can work towards educating people what a Shih Tzu should be and also help breeders who care about Shih Tzu to breed correct ones.