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Judging Summary for Mrs Jean Lanning

UK Appointments since January 2000

City of Birmingham 2019 Date : 1st September
Best of BreedCh. Miracey Zero Hour
Dog CCCh. Miracey Zero Hour
Dog RCCCh. Carlita Reason To Dream JW ShCM
Bitch CCCh. Zeeva Reflections JW
Bitch RCCMifcahs A Star Is Born
Best PuppyMifcahs A Star Is Born
1st Best VeteranCh. Cremefern Sweet Talkin Guy JW ShCM VW
A really lovely entry to run the rule over. Although mixed, the winners I felt stood out today. Breeders should be careful when selecting their future breeding stock. The correct detention has always been a topic of controversy. There were some exhibits with completely incorrect bites. That standard says slightly undershot, or level. That does not mean very undershot, or wry mouths permitted. Other faults were weak fronts and weaving action. Some too long cast in body and not carrying tails to advantage. Of course, the head, the correct chrysanthemum head, personifies the breed as special. The movement also, such a special feature of this breed. I seem to have eulogised the breed as I found it today, but there were some outstanding exhibits. Also, a number of really exciting puppies, I remember the Greenmoss, which were of the highest quality, and the smaller mould. So pleased that a number featured well amongst the winners. Presentation on the whole, just right. Not hairspray jobs, as one is used to when judging overseas. I was extremely happy with my main winners. All a credit to the breed. As I have given an overall summary on the breed, my notes on individual winners is fairly brief. Many thanks to our hard working steward, who helped to get the BOB in the Group in time.
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Birmingham 2014 Date : 8th May 2014
Best of BreedCh. Debeaux Coopersrain Mr Marvellous (Int)
Dog CCCh. Debeaux Coopersrain Mr Marvellous (Int)
Dog RCCCh. Zamadar Majic Potion for Cedarhythe
Bitch CCCh. Chanikos Hopes and Dreams for Ethelsmead
Bitch RCCZeeva Hot Attraction
Best PuppyZeeva Hot Attraction
A pleasant time judging a number of good dogs. Always a challenge in this breed to get the absolute correct mouth, as required by the standard. Whilst not accepting wry mouths, i was a little forgiving at times to those who were a little more undershot than required. The body should be well coupled, this makes for a well collected dog. Over long dogs quite often weak in front and behind. There was quite a lot of weaving in front. The head piece, will always be important in this breed, also the abundant coat and characteristic movement which is also special to this unique breed. I was able to find all these requirements in my main winners. Some lovely puppies out today.
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Bournemouth 2009 Date : 8th August 2009
Best of BreedCh. Saffron Sherhy Xcellence For Me At Debeaux (Imp) (UK & Ireland)
Dog CCCh. Saffron Sherhy Xcellence For Me At Debeaux (Imp) (UK & Ireland)
Dog RCCCh. Chanikos Look Of Love for Shanjora JW ShCM
Bitch CCCh. Debeaux Decadence
Bitch RCCCh. Minfaa La Bamba at Miracey
Best PuppyDebeaux So Notorious At Sygar
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City of Birmingham 2007 Date : 2nd September 2007
Best of BreedCh. Marbrux Kellis High JW
Dog CCHashanah Call Off The Search at Numoon
Dog RCCCh. Popeye’s Quick On The Trigger at Huxlor
Bitch CCCh. Marbrux Kellis High JW
Bitch RCCPekoe Patent Pending JW
Best PuppyHuxlor Buffalo Bill
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