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Judging Summary for Mr David Crossley

UK Appointments since January 2000

South Wales 2023 Date : 13th October 2023
Best of BreedPaliden Simply A Star With Wharfeview
Dog CCPaliden Simply A Star With Wharfeview
Dog RCCHin Chen’s Genesio
Bitch CCCh. Marpalyn Phab Gold
Bitch RCCEastfane’s Garam Masala Hel
Best PuppyTameron Miss I Want Choo
1st Best VeteranDolha’s Step Out in Style
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BUBA 2013 Date : 7th December 2013
Best of BreedCh. Miracey Hotter Than Hell at Meilijo JW
Dog CCCh. Miracey Hotter Than Hell at Meilijo JW
Dog RCCCh. Brownhills My Choice
Bitch CCCh. Rosaril Snogs And Snuggles at Matsuba
Bitch RCCCh. Marhilway She’s Got The Edge ShCM
Best PuppyCh. Keytor All That Jazz
Very many thanks to my two lady stewards who helped me through the day. Also to all exhibitors for your entries, your time and your patience
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Darlington 2011 Date : 16th September 2011
Best of BreedCh. Thaisu She Rocks
Dog CCCh. Tansingh Double Jepardy (UK, Swe)
Dog RCCCh. Thaisu Back To Bedlam
Bitch CCCh. Thaisu She Rocks
Bitch RCCCh. Katonier Miss Understood At Bellakerne
Best PuppyKatonier Mister Magician
1st Best VeteranMirazian Symbol of Freedom JW
Many thanks to my two stewards for a job well done. Also to all exhibitors for your entry, Friday is not a good day to be travelling; I hope you all arrived home safely. High set ears are becoming more common. Small eyes are sadly very common, this means poor expressions, the bedrock of Shih Tzu type. Most worrying is the inability of many exhibitors to recognise this problem. Thankfully for me, many of the unsound dogs I have seen were missing today but, sadly, true Shih Tzu movement is hard to find. Some mouths still need to improve though there is good progress being made. I have never had to make this comment before but the young lady who marched out of the ring without her dog’s VHC really needs to learn some manners. We in Shih Tzu can do without this lack of sportsmanship
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WELKS 2009 Date : 24th April 2009
Best of BreedCh. Bellakerne Danny-Do
Dog CCCh. Bellakerne Danny-Do
Dog RCCCh. Mifcahs Catch Me If U Can JW ShCM (Ned, Bel)
Bitch CCCh. Venustus Jump For Joy
Bitch RCCHin Chens Portrait Of Perfection at Centastage
Best PuppyShantrionna Styx And Stones JW
That the cream rises to the top is still true. However, we do seem to be on semi skimmed milk at the moment. Please read the standard. Take on board also the clarification of the standard as laid out in books such as those by Audrey Dadds. Open your minds and compare what you read to the dogs that you show. If you are totally honest with yourselves, some of you will be shocked! Don’t tie yourself up in knots about whose the breeding is or which country it comes from. The pros and cons of that can cloud your judgment. You must pick the best dog for your bitch. Not your friend’s dog or the one close by but the best dog. The best dog for you might not be the top winner of the day or be famous kennel’s most prestigious dog. This takes research, time and effort and none of us get it right all the time but you have to try. Faults that I had thought were on the wane seem to be creeping back - poor mouths and high set ears being two noticeable examples of this. Others, particularly small eyes and poor movement seem to be very much still with us and, on movement especially, exhibitors don’t seem to be making much headway with improving it. Not all is doom and gloom. I was very pleased with my winners. Fronts were generally ok, there were very few showing white of eye and heads & expressions generally have much improved. End of term report: Keep up the good work on the positives, must try harder on the others.
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Scottish KC (May) 2007 Date : 19th May 2007
Res in GroupCh. Tsantha Sugar Plum Fairy
Best of BreedCh. Tsantha Sugar Plum Fairy
Dog CCCh. Tameron Mr Kenzo
Dog RCCCh. Hashanah Lock Stock N Barrel
Bitch CCCh. Tsantha Sugar Plum Fairy
Bitch RCCYakee Still In Focus
Best PuppyShantrionna Seventh Heaven JW
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Crufts 2004 Date : 4th March 2004
Best of BreedCh. Tangse Robin Fantasy (Swe. Nor. Fin.)
Dog CCCh. Tangse Robin Fantasy (Swe. Nor. Fin.)
Dog RCCCh. Thaisu Strictly Sinatra
Bitch CCCh. Tsantha Lucky In Love
Bitch RCCCh. Kucheng Klassic Capers At Cabbala
Best PuppyLauramist Kiss Me Kate
It is an honor to be judging the Shih Tzus. I was hoping that the Shih Tzu at Crufts would be of an all round higher standard than at other Championship shows, sadly i was disappointed. We have always had that veneer of top quality dogs but no longer has the depth that it once had. Breeders ask yourselves, when the best stud dogs in the country are - or should be - available, why not choose one? Equally, if you really want something good to show, why breed from a bitch lacking the necessary quality? Faults were numerous and varied from small, light eyes, high placed ears through to movement and the reasons behind poor movement. True Shih Tzu movement has almost dissppeared. the rear end is the engine room of movement. There is no such thing a flick of the rear pads. Can you find that word in the standard? Real drive at the rear, which the breed should have, is not bought about by any mere flick. Rear legs should reach well under the body then push out firmly backwards, extending to show full pads and not giving the appearance of bicycle pedals going round. The standard makes no mention that front legs should be straight, so why are there so many with upright shoulders and narrow chests with the inevitable terrier like fronts? Some brighter spots did appear through the day, particularly in the bitch classes. This must give hope for the future as the strength of any breed must lie with the girls. The top stud dogs can sire many litters so please if you want quality, use quality parents.
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