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Judging Summary for Mrs Sally Pointon

UK Appointments since January 2000

Windsor 2023 Date : 2nd July 2023
Best of BreedCh. Miracey Disco Fever (Ir)
Dog CCCh. Miracey Zero Hour
Dog RCCCh. Santosha Memory of Love
Bitch CCCh. Miracey Disco Fever (Ir)
Bitch RCCCoursani Sand Queen
Best PuppyMiddletune Modesty Blaise JW
1st Best VeteranCh. Artelino Moomins Adventure
My thanks to the officers and committee of Windsor DSS for the opportunity to judge at this popular show – an appointment that had to be moved from 2020 due to Covid. Overall, I thought my entry was good (with very few absentees); in some classes there were very close decisions, and the quality was such that I needed more tickets to go round – so thank you to the exhibitors for bringing their lovely dogs. My thanks, too, to my very efficient, experienced stewards who kept everything running smoothly – good stewards are an essential part of our dog showing hobby. On the whole the exhibits were in good condition and well presented; heads were mixed, with some quite untypical; mouths were either very good, or not at all good (bites and teeth); hindquarters in some exhibits were weak and lacking muscle, which of course affects movement. I was pleased to see some really beautiful ’open’ heads with well-set clean eyes – and there were a few really wonderful high set tails, which contribute to a typical outline.
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LKA 2017 Date : 9th December 2017
Best of BreedCh. Miracey Rebel Rider (UK, Ir)
Dog CCCh. Miracey Rebel Rider (UK, Ir)
Dog RCCCh. Honeyshuchun God of Thunder
Bitch CCCh. Rossvale Secret Obsession
Bitch RCCMinfaa Dancin Cheek To Cheek at Middletune
Best PuppyTameron Miss Paris
1st Best VeteranJimsamroblee Mr Muscles
My thanks to the officers and committee of LKA for the opportunity to judge at this prestigious end-of-year show - and to my two stewards. the rings are a great size at this show, and the dogs really stand out on the blue carpet. I feel I had a representative entry with some well-filled classes. and, as to be expected, there were some difficult decisions. Considering the weather in certain parts of the UK, the absentee rate wasn’t too high, with just one class decimated. Type/style, size and proportions were quite mixed - as were heads, mouths (not so many good mouths this time) and bone. the majority of exhibits were soundly made, with just a few out at elbow. and temperament was, on the whole, good. I was very happy with my line-ups - and of course my main winners, all of whom represented the breed for type, quality and sound well-boned frames, as well as being in fine condition.
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Paignton 2015 Date : 02nd August 2015
Best of BreedCh. Santosha Sweet Cherry
Dog CCCh. Ethelsmead Catch A Dream for Laurmerand
Dog RCCSantosha Shogun with Sherthian
Bitch CCCh. Santosha Sweet Cherry
Bitch RCCCh. Miracey Fruity Kisses
Best PuppyMinfaa Dancin Cheek To Cheek at Middletune
MY THANKS to the officers and committee of Paignton for inviting me to judge at this friendly show,I had not been to this venue before; there certainly is plenty of room with a good layout. The weather on Tuesday was far from summery, so the in/out tent allowed me to judge undercover, thankfully. I forgave those exhibits who were a little unsettled in the blustery conditions. It is 3 years since I last judged this breed and overall I think that size and leg length were more uniform; however, there were some beautifully presented exhibits who were a little too high on leg and a little too compact, which is not breed typical, there were also a few ’overdone’ exhibits. Skulls were mostly broad and round, but eye size and muzzle shape and placement were mixed, which resulted in a great variance in expression; mouths were, overall, not as good as last time, with a number of narrow mouths with uneven dentition, I am not a mouth fanatic, but a broad tidy mouth does complete the picture. My thanks to the exhibitors for a good entry and to my two lovely stewards, Sandra and Rose, who took good care of me.
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Boston & District CS 2012 Date : 8th January 2012
Best of BreedCh. Symaraju Kicking Up A Storm JW
Dog CCCh. Symaraju Kicking Up A Storm JW
Dog RCCCh. Santosha Thunderbolt
Bitch CCCh. Bellwaycharm High Flyer for Tilbe JW ShCM
Bitch RCCMinfaa Lets Rock N Roll at Middletune ShCM
Best PuppyCh. Miracey Fruity Kisses
My thanks to the exhibitors for such a lovely entry in the depths of winter - and to Boston & DCS for the opportunity to award CCs to the breed for the first time. We had a lovely big carpeted ring with good light. Presentation and condition on the whole were very good, however some lovely exhibits lost out due to lack of body. Type was a bit varied, but I was spoilt for choice in some classes; there wasn’t such a variance in leg length this time. I found a couple of wry mouths, and some very odd back feet and nails. When the two ticket winners came in for BOB I thought they complemented one another, so it was a lovely surprise to see that they share the same sire, as did some of my other winners.
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STC Summer Open Show 2010 Date : 17th July 2010
Best of BreedAmbergate Firebird (Sh.CM)
Best of BreedTameron Miss Eternity
Best PuppyTameron Miss Eternity
1st Best VeteranMirazian Symbol of Freedom JW
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