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Judging Summary for Mr Frode Jevne

UK Appointments since January 2000

Joint Shih Tzu Clubs 2019 Date : 13th July 2019
Best of BreedBattery Included at Maitreya
Best of BreedCh. Yung Lo’s Success In A Dress (Swe, Dk, Nor)
Dog CCBattery Included at Maitreya
Dog RCCCh. Jacquinta Lets Go Andy JW
Bitch CCCh. Yung Lo’s Success In A Dress (Swe, Dk, Nor)
Bitch RCCCh. Thaisu She Rocks
Best PuppyRossvale Forever Dreaming
1st Best VeteranCh. Thaisu She Rocks
First of all I wish to thank the committee for the invitation. It was a big honour for me to get the opportunity to judge at this show. And what a show you all made it to be, thanks!! The show was so well organized, lovely surroundings and had a great atmosphere. And a big thanks to all of the exhibitors for entering your dogs. I had a great day in the ring with so many lovely shih-tzu`s. I enjoyed every second of the day and of course the whole weekend. My priority in our lovely breed is to find the classic breed type, low to the ground with broad and deep chest. Correct balance between head and tail. Well rounded heads with the typical warm expression. Sound construction. And the sweet outgoing positive temper. For me the most important is to meet happy healthy dogs. Coat condition and presentation is also important, but maybe for some there is too much focus? My thoughts of the breed in its entirety is very positive. There were so many lovely classic heads with excellent depth and broadness, warm big eyes and correct nose placement with well open nostrils. There was a few with narrow underjaw and this must be watched in the future. Many dogs with the correct balance. The main difference between the dogs is in the construction. There were quite a few with narrow fronts, that lack the depth and broadness to stabilize the body and the movements. These problems can be seen in the topline. But in total this needs attention from us but the breed is well kept in England. This was our first world conference and what a weekend they made it to be for all of us. There have been done so much work from the UK shih-tzu club to make this happen. Thank you all involved, you should be so proud of yourselves. And in the end of the day this was just a dog show. The most important for us all is to know the history of the breed and appreciate the knowledge and work breeders have done to keep our outstanding breed. This makes us a big shih-tzu family that have the responsibility to let the next generation have the same opportunity to love and live together with a shih-tzu. So the presentation on the conference about breed history and breed type made by Susan Crossley, Glenys Dolphin and Stephanie Walsh is very important for us all to understand.
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