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Judging Summary for Mrs Pam Woodbridge

UK Appointments since January 2000

WELKS 2020 Date : 26th April 2020

City of Birmingham 2014 Date : 31st August 2014
Best of BreedRagabbey Domino
Dog CCRagabbey Domino
Dog RCCCh. Bellwaycharm Time Zone for Tilbe JW ShCM VW
Bitch CCCh. Chodeas Eastern Star JW
Bitch RCCCh. Santosha Sweet Cherry
Best PuppyCarlita Surrender To Dream
1st Best VeteranGladmin Shakia
Firstly I would like to thank everyone for their entries, I was surprised and gratified by the numbers
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Crufts 2012 Date : 8th March 2012
Best of BreedCh. Santosha Thunderbolt
Dog CCCh. Santosha Thunderbolt
Dog RCCSantabella Cheeki Budda
Bitch CCCh. Thaisu She Rocks
Bitch RCCTansingh Color Me Beautiful for Mirazian JW
Best PuppyEgremont Practical Magic
I have not shown for 10 years or judged for nearly 5. I did not attend any shows in the previous 18 months to this appointment as I did not want any preconceived ideas before I went into the ring. Firstly as to ring etiquette, you should not under any circumstances put a dog on the table covered in excrement, if your dog has an accident of this sort tell the steward and ask if the judge can be told in order that can leave the ring to clean the dog. Don’t forget that the judge is touching other dogs after yours, mouths etc. I never showed my bitches in season unless they were all but finished – If you decide to show a bitch in full season then be prepared to clean up after it don’t leave the table covered for the person behind you to stand their bitch in the mess. Don’t be sarcastic to the judge this is not a good idea, especially doing it to me – I was going to ask a person to move their bitch in another triangle before she moved in a straight line bent down to stop the dog, and looked into its face and was asked in a particular nasty tone “don’t you want her to move up and down then”, I did not ask for the triangle to be rerun! I know my withholding cards did not go down well, that is to be expected. I felt that the quality of that particular class was so bad that I could not place 1st and 2nd. But, and it is a big but, someone qualified those dogs, this is the most worrying thing for this breed – I know number are down and that sometimes judges only have 3 or 4 in a class, but this does not mean you have to place unworthy dogs, have the courage of your convictions and do not place dogs just because you have cards to give out. It makes people showing these dogs, especially novice exhibitors, think they have something they do not. As to movement, I cannot understand how some dogs feel right on the table but the movement is so strange, some dogs move and you only see one rear pad as though the dog is lame but on looking from the side view all the legs are moving. Others have legs which move from the knee instead of the hock – this must mean patella problems! So many with close rear action, this shows narrow pelvis and in bitches is definitely not a good thing. Topknots do not cover bad heads it does not matter the way you put them up, narrow heads are not camouflaged by a topknot, neither is a course head with a topknot hanging over the eyes. Lastly where are all these great noses coming from, and I don’t mean length it is the size of the nose leather, when you look into a shih tzu face it should be pretty even in dogs a sweet open expression, the face should not be overpowered by a great fat nose! This is not masculine it is ugly there is no excuse for an ugly shih tzu.
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Southern Counties 2007 Date : 1st June 2007
Best of BreedCh. Peekin Jimmy Choo-Tu
Dog CCCh. Peekin Jimmy Choo-Tu
Dog RCCCh. Easy Rider At Huxlor
Bitch CCCh. Gladmin Nandi
Bitch RCCSantosha Wildflower
Best PuppyBellwaycharm Starstruck At Minfaa JW ShCM
I would like thank everyone for their entries. I was very pleased with all the dogs I placed, some decision were very tight in the more mature classes. One thing I found in the bitch classes, which I had not seen before is a totally flat head with no foreface or stop to the nose, the teeth are correct but no chin making the face flat like a plate, this is definitely not correct in a Shih Tzu. Presentation is excellent but a lot of dogs are very underweight and narrow with no spring of rib, one width all the way through, this is also not correct and cannot be covered by a long flowing coat once you have your hands on. I love this breed and although I have often thought about buying another, when it comes down to it I don’t think I will ever have another breed they are so special.
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LKA 2004 Date : 11th December 2004
Best of BreedCh. Superlion Redoute Rose at Caserose JW
Dog CCInishfendra Liquorice Lew
Dog RCCCh. Thaisu Strictly Sinatra
Bitch CCCh. Superlion Redoute Rose at Caserose JW
Bitch RCCCh. Dolha Deja Vue
Best PuppyPaliden Red Hot Pepper
My thanks to everyone for their entries. The quality of the overall entry was very good, in my opinion. The dogs were on equal footing with the bitches if not a little better. Some really nice young dogs coming along. Very difficult to judge to type now as there are so many different types and sizes. Not having been to many shows over the last couple of years it was nice to judge without knowing a lot of the dogs.
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South Wales 2003 Date : 10th July 2003
Best of BreedCh. Hashanah Flashpoint
Dog CCCh. Santosha Last Dancer
Dog RCCCh. Thaisu Strictly Sinatra
Bitch CCCh. Hashanah Flashpoint
Bitch RCCSonoltay Talk About Mollie at Gladmin
Best PuppySymaraju Lord Of The Dance
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Manchu Shih Tzu Society 2001 Date : 22nd April 2001
Dog CCCh. Kevelles Alive N Kicking
Dog RCCCh. Santosha Stromboli
Best PuppyCh. Santosha Last Dancer
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