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Full Critique for Manchester 2014

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Judge : Mr Albert Wight
This critique reflects the judge's opinion
based on what they saw on the day of the show.

Minor Puppy Dog
1stSantosha StriataWhat a wonderful start to the day!!, Black and white charmer with all the sass and style you could hope for in such a baby. Loved his head pattern, stunning eyes and expression, lovely bite, very well ribbed, level backline and perfectly set and carried tail. His coat is quite advanced, was perfect in presentation and he is already well schooled, really motoring around the ring with all the bravado of a young teenage male, cocky, energetic and going somewhere fast! I loved him and am sure his future is very bright.
2ndCh. Weatsom Margarets Legacy for Quingshui JW ShCMAnother star in the making, this time a gold and white. A size smaller and not so advanced as the winner but a joy to go over. His head is truly gorgeous and his large expressive eyes would win any heart. His nose is slightly tip tilted which adds to his appeal, he has a good neck, is level in back, has a heavy bone and he too has such good tail carriage. Another which was so accomplished on the move, reaching and driving and having that engaging head carriage. I see he is half brother to both the CC winners - all being by CH Just Tom at Manschau

Puppy Dog
1stCh. Keytor All That JazzEvery now and again one comes face to face with a real star and that was my fate today. A dazzlingly handsome red and white, this son of CH Just Tom at Monshau is glamour personified, fabulous head, eyes and expression, good neck, real chunky body with strong bone and such good feet. Spirit level back, powerful hindquaters with well let down hocks, masses of well prepared coat, correct tail and he is just wonderful on the move. On the stack he has the ability simply to look at you and one is under his spell. Regrettably he missed the group as he had been beaten in the puppy stakes. Ouch, lesson learned, I hope!!
2ndShihzarbruno Gangham StyleA nice black and white with pleasing head, lovely dark eyes of god size, well bodied with a good tail set and carriage and he moved with drive. Presented in excellent coat.

Junior Dog
1stCh. Polmac Ice Road Trucker of ShorestarThis is an all male black and white which oozes confidence on the stack. Good broad skull, lovely stop and and a decent muzzle (some are now to short). Correct mouth, well arched neck, well sprung rib and a level back leading to a good tail. Adequate angulation both ends and he was spotless in jacket. So positive and active on the move, reaching and driving effortlessly. am sure he will do a lot of winning.
2ndCedarhythe Devilish DarlinMahogany sable and white who is out of a smaller mould than the winner but he is blessed with with such a beautifully proportioned head. He scores in eyes for size, shape, colour and expression, aided by that slight tilt of his nose. Nice neck, smooth back, high tail set and well carried tail and again in such good coat. Sound both ways but not yet the driving hocks of the class winner.

Post Graduate Dog
1stDebeaux My BeauWell coated and presented parti which took my eye on the stack with his head carriage, neck length, well balanced body shape and good tail. Handling confirmed he is a very good example of the breed. His head is balanced, the eyes dark and expressive, square muzzle and such a good nose. Decent length of ribs and they carry well back to a firm but supple loin. His coat was so well presented and on the move he kept his shape and showed that touch of cockiness i like to see.
2ndMarhilway The Edge Factor (JW)I see is another CH Just Tom son - this big ribbed and well bodied chap has a delightful head. It has width in skull, well defined stop, square muzzle and a big nose all helped with those round "look at me" eyes, Ample neck, good carriage and in excellent coat. Not yet as tight in backline as Beau but he was quite sound in both ways and showed good extension in profile,

Limit Dog
1stCh. Debeaux Coopersrain Mr Marvellous (Int)This black and white really motors on the go around, head and tail up, hindquarters driving and he makes it look so easy. Nice to go over, great skull and stop, bog nose, so heavy boned forelegs with good feet and his back is level. He is all of a piece, high set tail and in beautiful condition coat-wise. A pleasure to judge.
2ndCh. Ethelsmead Catch A Dream for LaurmerandThis gold and white was a classy looking individual. Probably just about enough neck, ample spring and depth of ribs, well boned, in super coat and his profile stride is balanced and impressive. Just could be that bit steadier when fore viewed as he was just a bit bouncy.

Open Dog
1stCh. Zamadar Majic Potion for CedarhytheGlad to see his is ennobled as he is such a good example of the breed and is most worthy of his crown. He has shape, style, is beautifully headed with such expressive eyes, an eye catching outline, such a good ribcage, balanced shoulder and hindquarter angles, well set tail, spotless presentation and he is so sound driving around the ring with a really positive stride.
2ndCh. Miracey Rough RiderAnother top class example of the breed and a delight to go over. Size smaller but heavily muscled hindquarters which are well let down and his tail is so correct. His head is lovely, broad in skull, deep stop, lustrous, dark very expressive eyes and again that slight tip tilt of the nose adding to his charm. Sound both ways but not the positive rear thrust of Majic on the day.

Veteran Dog
1stCh. Brownhills My Choice10 years young gold and white with a nice head, clear eyes which sparkle with well being, beautiful teeth, firm in body and can still motor. A credit to his owner.
2ndPaliden Shining StarAlmost bronze sable and white in colour which i found most attractive. I like his head, amply wide iin skull, pleasing expression, lovely ribbing and body, well set tail and still using his hocks well as he goes around the ring.

Minor Puppy Bitch
1stCh. Miracey Celebrity Dancer at Trandella JW ShCMAnother galaxy of charming babies which were a joy to judge. This one has been here before. Never put a foot wrong. Loved her head, eyes and expression, big ribcage, ample length leading to strong hindquarters with well let down hocks. She has lots of bone was in tremendous jacket, tail bang on top and she strutted her stuff with an arrogrance which made me smile. Im sure she will do well. I see her litter sister was 3rd.
2ndTameron Miss Coco ChanelThis exhibitor always brings something out that is worth a second look. As ever, immaculate in coat and presented, schooled to show impeccably and she never put a foot wrong. Black masked fawn pf excellent breed type, make and shape in construction and she holds herself so well as she moves around the ring. Not quite so advanced all over as the winner but with such quality and breed type, she looks a sure fire cert for a successful career.

Puppy Bitch
1stCh. Rossvale Secret ObsessionI see they are litter sisters and they are almost twins! Gold and white and they are so full of quality in head. Good broad skulls, deep stop, amply weight in muzzle with jet black pigmentation and good mouths. Nice neck, well laid shoulders and already quite firm in backline. Their tails are correctly set and carried and they could not of been better presented in jacket. When i sent them around the ring they were hard to separate but i finally opted for obsession as she came towards me that little bit steadier. But what a delightful pair.
2ndRossvale Secret Affair is Yunqishing JWsee critique for 1st place in this class.

Junior Bitch
1stRossvale Secret Affair is Yunqishing JWsee critique for 1st place in this class.
2ndCh. Taydale Dancin In The Stars with CedarhytheJudged purely on the move she would have won! Boy can she motor and she is arrogance personified. She is very well constructed, has a super ribcage, back is quite level, the tail bang on top and the tip almost level with her skull. Her coat as flawless in presentation and her handler gets the best out of her, i just preferred the slightly longer muzzle on the winner, but this girl can win lots.

Post Graduate Bitch
1stCh. Zeeva Letz Do It JWUnusually marked red and white, almost tiger striped over the body. She is a lovely size, so well weighted bone, good spring of rib, lovely fore assembly, back firm and level and she is so well muscled in hindquarters, in huge coat she is impressive in profile but she does toes in a bit when fore viewed. Her head is lovely, full of quality, correct mouth and muzzle and such beautiful eyes.
2ndJardhu Aint Miss Bee HavnA sound, steady moving little bitch with the most gorgeous head, eyes and expression which will sway many hearts. Not quite the body development of the winner as yet but she is balanced has a firm back and steps out with a positive stride.

Limit Bitch
1stCh. Chodeas Eastern Star JWA regal looking bitch of outstanding quality in head. I just loved her. Broad skull, correct stop, excellent width in in underjaw, beautiful mouth, good neck, well developed ribcage, back firm as a rock and her well set tail completes the picture. In very good coat she is sound out and back and shows good drive from sturdy hocks as she perambulates the ring. Is half sister to the BOB winner sharing CH Just Tom as their father. I believe her 1BCC and on this form her title should be a formality.
2ndMiracey Star Dancer For Carlita JW ShCMAnother so very smart example of the breed and she too just oozes breed type and quality. Beautiful head, eyes and expression, excellent head carriage, well developed rib and so good in muscle tone. Spotless presentation, went around the ring with an air of self confidence and that attitude of i will show them how to do it. I liked her lots.

Open Bitch
1stCh. Miracey Fruity KissesAnother top drawer exhibit from this clever breeder. Standing she takes the eye, lovely for her size and shape, beautifully coated and presented to perfection. Her head is is a joy, big enough for her sex, stunning eyes and expression an air of arrogance as she is handled and when she does move she has reach and drive. Made me smile when she decided to put the brakes on, turns and returns with such positive action. Certainly a worthy title holder.
2ndCh. Rossvales Next Top Model JWAnother which is surely knocking at the door for Champion as she has such quality. Loved her head, beautiful eyes and expression, well off for bone, such good feet and the correct tail set and carriage. In good coat she moved out well in profile but i felt not quite so positive as the winner when coming towards me.

Veteran Bitch
1stCh. Sygar Looking For GoldHuge coated bitch of lovely type. Her head is still a delight, carrying a little to much condition in body now and although sound enough, she is a little slower when on the move.