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Full Critique for Manchester 2018

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Judge : Mr Albert Wight
This critique reflects the judge's opinion
based on what they saw on the day of the show.

It is always a pleasure to judge this charming breed where good sportsmanship prevails and amongst the dogs there are always guaranteed to be a few which make me smile by sheer character and expression. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the breed but just wish the conditions had been a little bit warmer!!

Minor Puppy Dog
1stChaela HeartbeatG/w so very forward in body and coat. Good breadth of skull which is gently arched, very well defined stop, ears a fair size and of good length, nose slightly tip tilted which added to the charm of his expression from well set, dark and so alive eyes. He hold his neck well giving good head carriage, ribs very well sprung and his bone is well weighted. In full coat he is already well schooled and moved around the ring with bags of sass.
2ndMifcahs Final FantasyAt first glance I thought this very charming parti would win the class as I just loved his overall balance, super neck and backline to an excellent tail and his proportions pleased me. He was lovely to handle on the table, ticks all the boxes but regrettably he dropped his tail too often when circling the ring.

Puppy Dog
1stTameron Mr Guilty BlackBP, PG1 & Res BPIS, quite stunning black with white trim and surely another title bound for this very talented exhibitor. All male in head, excellent skull, stop and muzzle with correct bite, long ear leathers, good reach of neck, so well ribbed with decent layback in shoulder, firm level back, high set and correctly carried tail, very good rear angulation and strong hocks. Moves out with a hint of bravado, rear pads clearly visible and of course his presentation was flawless. Still in his puppy coat and I look forward to seeing him as an adult.
2ndChaela HeartbeatG/w so very forward in body and coat. Good breadth of skull which is gently arched, very well defined stop, ears a fair size and of good length, nose slightly tip tilted which added to the charm of his expression from well set, dark and so alive eyes. He hold his neck well giving good head carriage, ribs very well sprung and his bone is well weighted. In full coat he is already well schooled and moved around the ring with bags of sass.

Junior Dog
1stMinfaa Oh Shanandore With Sobrietysuch a charmer this parti whose non stop tail wagging appealed! He has a very good head shape, especially good eyes and nose with just about enough length in muzzle. He is so good in body development with well boned legs well padded feet. Side on he can motor with an almost jaunty and confident air. Just needs to firm up in front

Post Graduate Dog
1stKeytor The Jazz SingerI really liked this dog a lot and I’m sure his title will come along. Only 20 months old I think I gave his sire his first CC and this is another worthy example of the breed from this top class kennel. Bags of style, sheer breed type at it’s best in head, eyes and expression. He is handsomely endowed with good legs and feet, backline so level, tail high set and well carried and he has that hint of superiority in his gaze. On the move he holds himself so well, uses his hocks correctly and has that look of being something special.
2ndShiawase Look At Me at Linocowhat a handsome g/w this is. Has a delightful head and expression with especially good eyes and ears. He has just about enough neck, really well sprung ribs and good shoulder angles. His presentation was top notch and although he moves out well, he can tend to arch his back slightly over the loin when in repose.

Limit Dog
1stMiracey All You Need Is Love For Tilbe JW ShCMAnother r/w and again that degree of style and quality which will always draw the eye. Lovely size and substance, so balanced in length/height proportions, one of the best mouths of the day, ample breadth in muzzle and his skull is gently rounded & framed with long ears. Again a credit in coat presentation, not a hair out of place and on the stack his outline has such appeal. Moved around the ring with a degree of pizzazz and was very close up in the challenge.
2ndCarlita Reason To Dream JWThis g/w has a lovely headpiece with the most winning expression from super eyes and that lovely muzzle finish. He has a useful neck, back level and his hindquarters well angulated with firm, straight hocks. Tail high set and carried. Just a little over coated for my taste and he could be a tad shorter coupled. Nonetheless a charmer.

Open Dog
1stCh. Miracey Rebel RiderCC. Very much the eye-catcher with his quite stunning presentation and handled to make him look his very best. Loved his head proportions, enchanting expression, very good nose and muzzle, neck carriage exactly as one would wish to give his outline that magnetic draw. His coat was immaculate and he is really sound on the move. More than happy to add to his laurels.
2ndCh. Honeyshuchun God of ThunderI just loved the head, eyes and expression on this extremely high quality example of the breed. I liked everything about him, he is well ribbed and firmly muscled, carried his tail correctly and moves around the ring showing good hock action. I had to nit pick to split these two and I felt he just did not quite keep his backline as firmly as the winner as they went around together. But surely a real contender for top honours. 3

Veteran Dog
1stTameron Mr Givenchy12 years old and boy can he motor around the ring. Missing a few teeth now but still so bright and alive in expression, has been kept in fit body and whilst his hairdo is no longer as sleek as it once was, he was still a very worthy winner.

Minor Puppy Bitch
1stTameron Miss Parisgold and white parti which I just loved and like her young kennelmate, I think she is bound for the top. Here she never put a foot wrong. Arrogant in expression, beautiful headpiece, so well weighted bone and good feet, big ribs, strong loin, tail bang on top and she motored around the ring like there was no tomorrow. Her coat was flawless in presentation and she just gave me that look that told me I knew she was the best! In the challenge for BP, her owner handled the dog whilst Mrs Howard was given this bundle of joy who played up so joyfully with never a foot on the ground! So BP had to be to the boy!!
2ndBishbow Summer BreezeThis b/w is another lovely youngster and would have been a very worthy red card winner in her own right. Loved her head and expression, large, round eyes with a hint of mischief in them. She is nicely bodied, ample substance throughout, tail well set and carried and like the winner, spotless in jacket. Whilst sound and free moving, she was just a bit full of her own importance as she came towards me, giving that little bounce as she gazed up at her owner.

Puppy Bitch
1stRossvale Only In Dreams JWGold of quality with a very pleasing head with especially noteworthy eyes and expression. Nicely ribbed with strong fore limbs and good feet. Again her coat presentation was stunning and she does have the most engaging temperament evidence by her tail wagging as she approached me. Should do well.
2ndChanikos Galaxy of Dreams at LaurmerandThis s/w parti is carrying too much bodyweight for her age and needs to slim down. Pleasing head, very good mouth and eyes, big ribbed, enoughneck and smooth backline. However not the light free stride of the winner and she is too wide in front due to her weight.

Junior Bitch
1stCarlita Time to Samba JWR/w parti with blaze and tail tip. I did like her head, such a winning expression from those dark enough eyes, good neck and head carriage, level backed and really well boned. Shown in excellent bloom she moved around the ring with a deal of purpose and style.
2ndIsishouse Princess TiaaAnother parti and this one is quite a madam and proved quite a handful on the move. However, once settled she moved around the ring with good reach and drive. Pretty headed, dark well shaped eyes which are so expressive. She has a good spring of rib, her back is level and the tail well set. Again a credit in coat presentation.

Post Graduate Bitch
1stWarathwaite Pure As SnowAnother r/w of real quality and her presence enhanced the line up for best bitch. Beautifully headed and I loved her expression. She handles so well on the table, owns a good neck, well ribbed, not overlong in loin as some are, powerful hindquarters and a good tail set and carriage. She was a delight to watch circle the ring as she has balance and drive. Just needs to steady up when fore viewed.
2ndTameron Miss Daisy Blush at PortiakissThis is a pale fawn with a black mask and she owns a very good head. I would like her eye to be a shade larger to give thast more typical expression. However, she is well constructed, well weighted bone, was shown in full coat and has a rhythmic stride pattern as she goes around the ring.

Limit Bitch
1stAnyang Whispering BreezeAnother very smart r/w bitch of excellent make and shape. She has bags of substance, is well ribbed, lovely hindquarters with a well set and carried plume. Shown in good coat her side action shows balance but she is a shade close behind. However, I could not resist that head and especially her expression from quite beautiful eyes aided by that correct muzzle and open nostrils
2ndKengai KismetParti with a blaze and tail tip. Large well shaped head, very good eyes, ample squareness in foreface and long ears which frame her head so well. She has a good bodyshape, enough bend of stifle and was beautifully presented. Not quite the tail carriage of the winner.

Open Bitch
1stCh. Rossvale Secret ObsessionCC, BOB & Gp4 This ultra feminine gold package just captured me from the second she came into the ring, posed and gave me
2ndMiracey Fruitylicious at VirtulvilageThis handler certainly knows how to present her charges. Not a hair out of place and posed to make the most out her many virtues. Could easily gain her UK crown as she has style, shape, lovely size, so well boned and takes the eyes as she goes around the ring with that hint of arrogance. She is a little longer in loin than I like but other than that I thought she was a class act