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Full Critique for Three Counties 2018

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Judge : Mr Howard Ogden
This critique reflects the judge's opinion
based on what they saw on the day of the show.

Grateful to Three Counties for this first time CC opportunity. Fifty-four of the 63 entered were present. I judged my first breed classes at Prudhoe Open in 1983! I have attended 3 Breed Club Seminars since 2002 and finally obtained a JDP Credit in 2015 that allowed a hands-on discount to 55. I had 150. There was no shortage of quality exhibits right from the off making full use of the spacious freshly mown ring. Body proportions were challenging since there comes a time when body longer than height becomes too long, as it affects overall balance.

Minor Puppy Dog
1stDaltricia Arapaho8 mths, very classy, full of breed type, gorgeous face, breadth through skull and muzzle, big pad, large eye, neck length to give proud head carriage, correct in body length, well angled, high teapot tail, absolutely sound and stylish so as to be title bound.
2ndQuingshui The Legacy Begins6 mths, good type, short enough in muzzle, excellent eye, shorter in neck and steeper in angles, well bodied and coated, correct body proportions, excellent tail set, went well.

Puppy Dog
1stVirtulvilage Rebel Rising at Miracey10 mths, classic breed type, super head and eye, good neck with arch, firmest of backlines, high tail carriage to balance with back of skull, well ribbed back, good coat, sound and stylish on the move, showing a full pad, another of CC quality. BPD.
2ndDaltricia Arapaho8 mths, very classy, full of breed type, gorgeous face, breadth through skull and muzzle, big pad, large eye, neck length to give proud head carriage, correct in body length, well angled, high teapot tail, absolutely sound and stylish so as to be title bound.

Junior Dog
1stSistasu Silver Top JW ShCM15 mths, loved him, beautifully balanced without over exaggeration, great breadth through skull and muzzle, big open pad, excellent eye, so well constructed, good neck and angles, correctly short coupled so that his body length comes courtesy of his ribs, not his loin, ideal level teapot tail, dense coat, soundly arrogant with drive off a full pad, he took my eye and kept it through the challenge where he never faltered. DCC, his first with Junior Stakes later under breed specialist Vanessa. Well done.
2ndDebeaux Take Me to Tokyo14 mths, very good type, big open nosepad, large expressive eye, well built and balanced with good angles, another youngster with good angles, another youngster of exceptional promise, just not quite as finished.

Post Graduate Dog
1stJaquinta Lets Go Andy22 mths, what a super d, fabulous head features that is broad and round, large eye, breadth through muzzle, so expressive, scores in neck, angles, forehand, topline, tail set and carriage, dense coat, a solidly built classy chap who should rise right up through the rankings to the top.
2ndDaltricia Mondego JW ShCM. Two and a half yrs, striking bl, of superb construction, but not such striking head features and lacks a little in chin and muzzle to match his breadth in skull, excellent body proportions, good angles, well ribbed back, short loin, well rounded rump, teapot tail off a level back, moves as expected with reach and drive.

Limit Dog
1stMiracey All You Need Is Love For Tilbe JW ShCMTwo and a half yrs, oh so typy, super headed being round and broad with large, dark, round eyes, open nostrils, length of neck to free up his forehand, has depth and breadth through body, short loin, muscled rear, good tail set and carriage, showed a clean pair of pads as he flowed round, absolutely of CC standard.
2ndChellanda Take A Chance On Me ShCM6 yrs, handsome and masculine yet full of quality, very good skull and eye in a large, round head, bit strong in chin, really well bodied and muscled, correct length, best of toplines, absolutely sound and carried himself with an easy flowing movement.

Open Dog
1stCh. Miracey All Guns BlazinRising 5 yrs, a favourite of mine and many others with his superb breed type, has breadth and width through head and body, outstanding facial features that are well spaced, so well filled in front, a definite oblong shape, equal width through with strong loin, well angulated, scores in neck and backline, immaculate, dense coat, counter balance between head and tail, not co-operating today, shows a full pad and moves true but it was all in fits and starts to interrupt that arrogant flow. Res DCC.
2ndCh. Cremefern Sweet Talkin Guy JW ShCMRising 6 yrs, handsome headed with that super, expressive face to make you smile, good body proportions, another with correct ’lift’ to his tail, good neck and backline, went well, a quality exhibit as befits a deserved title holder.

Veteran Dog
1stSampa Abu Norbu10 yrs, super face and features, good overall conformation, if long enough, well ribbed, quality coat, so fit as to bely his years and went well with an arrogant carriage, credit both to his ’senior’ owner and her very young handler.

Minor Puppy Bitch
1stZeeva Reflections8 mths, quite amazing, so secure already, chrysanthemum-like face with well spaced features that makes you smile, arched neck of length to give excellent forehand, dead level, well coupled up, teapot tail carriage, immaculate coat and presentation, strutted her stuff on good bone and feet, title bound. BPIB and PG2.
2ndMarpalyn Super Star8 mths, correctly oblong with some width, excellent neck and backline, well angulated, good tail carriage, good skull and eye, just that bit narrower in face with less open features.

Puppy Bitch
1stChellanda Who’s That Girl9 mths, sister of LD, beautifully put together as well as typy, very good in head and eye, lengthy arched neck, excellent forehand, balanced angles, absolutely level, teapot tail, displayed an excellent profile with her flowing outline, very promising.
2ndPeekin Miss Jazz Ming-Tu9 mths, so pretty headed, good skull, expressive eye, very short in muzzle, good neck and angles, well proportioned outline, good tail carriage, went well, another real prospect.

Junior Bitch
1stTameron Miss Paris13 mths, cracking youngster, round, broad head, fabulous eye, open features, big nosepad, well ribbed back, counter balance of head and tail, correct body length, good coat, moved true with flow and drive, showing a full pad, maturity will see her challenging for a title.
2ndLyndatzu Enchantment at Tzusweet16 mths black, excellent eye, good neck, correct length, high set tail, a little weak in underjaw, less finished overall

Post Graduate Bitch
1stIsishouse Queen Meritaten for Chellanda22 mths, excellent breed type, fabulous head and eye, broad round skull, good neck and backline, well ribbed, albeit short enough, excellent mover fore and aft, showing full pad to demonstrate ’reach and drive’
2ndRossvale Pretty Amazing3 yr old, very typical, lighter eye, preferred her body length, carried herself really well with excellent tail set, a quality bitch who should readily win her way out of this level.

Limit Bitch
1stAnyang Whispering Breeze3 yr old, fabulous outline of beautifully oblong proportions, teapot tail, counter balances with head, correctly ribbed, deep, well coupled and sturdy, arch to neck, firm backline, good breadth through skull and muzzle, expressive face, well coated, surely of CC quality.
2ndRossvale Secret Affair is Yunqishing JW5 yrs old, very good type, wide, square muzzle to balance with width between eyes, breadth through skull, good overall structure, breadth through chest, correct length, good tail carriage, showed a full pad, just rises a little in backline to rear.

Open Bitch
1stCh. Miracey Disco InfernoCracking class. Wish the bitch standing third had not dug her toes in! Privilege to judge such quality and had the bitch placed third co-operated, then who knows?! 4 yrs, full sister to the Res DCC, such a class act, combines the very best of breed type and conformation, gorgeous chrysanthemum-like face with breadth and bold, well spaced features, low, sturdy with width throughout, well filled in front, arch to neck, firm backline, counter balance of head and teapot tail, soundly arrogant in an immaculate, long flowing coat. BCC and BOB.
2ndCh. Tameron Miss Black OpiumThree and a half yrs, glorious breed type, super structure, broad, round, expressive face, excellent eye, has body length yet well coupled, wide through, good neck and backline, excellent tail carriage, well rounded rear, secure mover showing full pad, coming back into form from a 3 mth old litter and will continue to take top awards. Res BCC.
3rdCh. Zeeva Love Unlimited for Maili JW Sh CMCracking class. Wish the bitch standing third had not dug her toes in! Privilege to judge such quality and had the bitch placed third co-operated, then who knows?!