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Full Critique for Three Counties 2019

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Judge : Mr Andreas Schemel
This critique reflects the judge's opinion
based on what they saw on the day of the show.

There was a time in my life when I was almost obsessed with this wonderful breed but sadly for various reasons my personal involvement was only short lived. However, I have followed the breed with interest ever since and I have been fortunate enough to judge them on many occasions in most countries in the world. Although the days of huge entries and domineering kennels are a thing of the past the quality of Shih Tzu’s in the UK is still high and the best could easily compete anywhere. In recent years the introduction of imported stock has been only too tempting and certainly can be beneficial providing the sole aim is to improve and preserve true classical breed-type.

Minor Puppy Dog
1stSherthian Trust In Me At CavateenaG/w scored on his balanced outline, wonderful open facial features, correct eye and nose-placement, sensible length of muzzle, excellent reach of neck, showed with confidence.
2ndCh. Mifcahs The King And I JW (Nor,Dk Int.)G/w instantly attracts for his mature appearance and classical features, scored on his head with wide skull, excellent stop, typical oriental expression, good in width of underjaw, sold body with excellent ribcage, regrettably showed rather reluctantly which at times affected his tail-carriage.
VHCShirkeira RazmatazzSolid-gold of smaller type, head in proportion to size, correct eye-placement, correct tail-set and carriage, coat coming nicely, just needs time, scored in facial features and shortness of loin over 3

Puppy Dog
1stHoneyshuchun The Star LordG/w scored on his large head with excellent width of skull, correct stop, a touch prominent in eye, solid well-boned front, firm straight topline, moved with drive and correct kick, scored in substance and maturity over 2.
2ndShirkeira RazmatazzSolid-gold of smaller type, head in proportion to size, correct eye-placement, correct tail-set and carriage, coat coming nicely, just needs time, scored in facial features and shortness of loin over 3

Junior Dog
1stDylan Blekitny Kanion (IMP POL)Very stylish b/w, on first impression appears a bit leggy but on close inspection there is a solid body with correct length of leg, decent bone and depth of body is coming nicely, large well-balanced head with attractive open facial features, decent stop and correct muzzle, elegant non-exaggerated neck, firm topline, excellent coat and beautifully presented, scored on the move and showmanship over 2.
2ndEmrose Guccy EnvyG/w of classical shape and excellent medium size, nicely balanced head, good width of skull, would not like his muzzle shorter but still balanced, excellent width of chin, good overall substance, well-kept coat, simply did not give his best on the move.

Post Graduate Dog
1stKeytor The Jazz Singernotoriously difficult class with all kinds of shapes and types, Truly masculine deep g/w , as expected from this kennel built on classical lines but not the slightest hint of coarseness, well-proportioned large head with excellent profile, ok in width of chin, excellent reach of neck, firm back, a touch longer in loin, correct tail-set and classical tail-carriage, excellent coat and presentation, moved with purpose.
2ndMiracey Son of A Preacher Man for MatshaB/w built on very different lines but equally attractive, substance and bone in harmony with size, nicely balanced head in proportion to size, very good reach of neck, ok in front, correct hind angulation, beautifully presented coat, excellent mover, not quite as masculine as 1 and certainly a very pretty boy.

Limit Dog
1stCh. Ashmakin Bodacious Smooth for JaxTzu JW ShCM ShCEXSolid-gold for me oozing classical breed type, large masculine head with open facial features. Well placed dark eyes, correct nose-placement and non-exaggerated length of fore-face, excellent width of underjaw, solid well-boned front, correct length of neck and firm back giving harmonious outline, correct tail-set and carriage, presented in pristine condition, moved with correct stride and drive and carried himself beautifully, simply looked right from all angles and in so many ways reminded me of many greats of the past CC
2ndCh. Jacquinta Lets Go Andy JWQuality g/w scored on his well-balanced head with equally masculine and typical facial features, well-placed dark eye of excellent shape, correct stop and nose-placement, decent underjaw, ok in neck and topline, correct double-coat, showed and moved well but not quite the glamour of 1.

Open Dog
1stCh. Carlita Reason To Dream JW ShCMG/w of classical overall breed-type, most appealing open face with equally masculine and soft distinctive oriental expression, wonderful eye, decent stop, solid body with excellent rib-cage, well-angulated front, firm topline, excellent tail-set and high carriage, well-presented coat of correct texture, moved with dignity, in the challenge showed with a bit of unnecessary modesty and not quite the look at me attitude, though very close decision Res. CC.
2ndDaltricia Mondego JW ShCMAttractive black with striking outline and carries himself beautifully, sufficiently large head, ok in eye and sufficiently distinctive underjaw, excellent neck and topline, well-set tail, beautifully presented coat, excellent side-gait with proud head carriage.

Veteran Dog
1stTsantha Happy As Larry With HajenzaG/w nicely balanced with large well-proportioned head, would not like eye larger, good width of underjaw giving well-pronounced chin, good reach of neck, touch longer in loin, well-presented coat of correct texture, moved and showed well.
2ndMojito On The Rocks Is YunqishingSeasoned up to size b/w, head goes with type, sufficiently distinct stop and foreface, certainly good substance, excellent coat, moved ok but carried a bit too much weight.

Minor Puppy Bitch
1stMifcahs A Star Is BornG/w solid in an attractive medium frame, large head with lovely open face, excellent eye, stop and length of muzzle, solid front, excellent reach of neck, firm topline, super tail, excellent coat for age, moved well and showed with correct attitude, very promising.
2ndDebeaux Heaven Scent Me To ZeevaG/w a true baby of excellent overall type, pleasing feminine head with well-placed expressive eye, correct nose-placement, good bone and correct length of leg, decent tailset, coat coming nicely, showed well, not quite as mature as 1 but time is on her side.

Puppy Bitch
1stCarlita Dedicate to BelieveG/w instantly scored for her shape, balance and excellent substance in a small frame, head in proportion to size, correct stop, decent length of foreface, expressive dark eye, decent neck enabling proud head-carriage, firm front, straight back, at times touch unsettled tail but makes up for it with her precise movement, a true puppy with everything in place at the right stage BP
2ndMatsonic Surprise Guest For QuingshuiAnother quality g/w built on slightly larger scale and a touch rangier but still balanced, balanced head with very pleasing expression, excellent profile correct stop, dark eye, good reach of neck, still needs to settle in top-line and a touch longer in loin, moved with confidence and good drive.

Junior Bitch
1stRagabbey Cherry OpalB/w of classical in the best way old-fashioned type, large head, ok in skull and eye, sufficient chin, solid body and quarters, excellent coat and super tail, really comes to her own on the move.
2ndPolmac Agent ProvocateurAnother quality b/w, scored on her head with excellent width of skull, nose-placement and dark expressive eye, a touch longer in cast, good bone honest coat, moved well.

Post Graduate Bitch
1stCarlita Time to Samba JWStood out in this class for overall breed type, balance and presentation. Classical outline, excellent neck and topline, equally feminine and oriental arrogant expression, correct stop and dark eye, correct coat texture, moved with decent drive and correct drive.
2ndPaliden Inca Gold for AnbareesSolid gold of ultra-feminine overall appearance and everything there in a smaller frame, very pleasing head with excellent underjaw, super profile, dark expressive eyes, good reach of neck, firm top-line, moved and showed well, rather out of coat at the moment.

Limit Bitch
1stCh. Zeeva Reflections JWA good class headed by 2 quality bitches, although rather different in type equally attractive, Ultra-feminine g/w of classical shape, certainly not in full coat but nothing to hide, very balanced head with open facial features, excellent nose-placement, super nostrils, excellent reach of neck and firm topline with short loin, scored on the move with excellent drive and showing pads.
2ndCh. Shorestar Hocus Pocus JWGlamorous black of excellent shape, feminine head with distinctive features, decent neck enables proud head carriage, a touch longer in cast, very good side-gait but not quite the drive of 1, close decision

Open Bitch
1stCh. Tameron Miss Black OpiumB/w instantly attracts for her balanced classical outline, pure type without any exaggeration, sturdy but at the same time feminine elegance, wonderful head-piece with broad skull, excellent well set dark eyes, perfect stop and turnup, decent width of underjaw all giving distinct arrogant oriental expression, firm top-line, correct tail-set and all important classical carriage, presented in pristine condition, moved like a Shih Tzu should move and paired with the extra star quality put her ahead strong competition CC & BOB
2ndCh. Miracey Fruity KissesG/w of exquisite type and full of feminine charm, most beautifully balanced head with expressive eye, excellent proportions, correct nose-placement, sufficient width of underjaw, firm straight topline, solid front, excellent hind angulation, presented to perfection and moved well, really unfortunate to meet 1st in such top form Res. CC

Veteran Bitch
1stPaliden Good As GoldSolid gold of very good overall type and presented in excellent condition, excellent head with typical expression, strong pigment, dark eyes of correct shape, excellent neck, top-line ok for age, excellent tailset and carriage, super coat and well presented, moved well.