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Full Critique for Leeds 2021

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Judge : Mr Mike Gilchrist
This critique reflects the judge's opinion
based on what they saw on the day of the show.

My thanks go to the Officers and Committee for putting on a lovely show, which must have been a very challenging task in these uncertain times, and to my steward, Bob, for his sterling work. I have purposely delayed submitting this critique as there were issues in the breed which I found to be very disconcerting and in the long run are detrimental to the health of the breed, and wander far from the breed standard as to change the breed significantly. I thought it best to give some time to mull the issues over in the hope they may be less critical in tone, but for me they have not changed in the time which elapsed. It is never pleasant for a judge to have to make some observations which some in the breed will feel to be harsh, but not to do so, in my humble opinion at least, is failing to be totally honest. If today’s entry was truly representative of the state of the breed as it stands, then I seriously wonder what its future is going to be. Starting with heads, the standard clearly states: “Head broad, round, wide between eyes�? yet I found several heads which wandered far away from that description. Some were little small, more apple shaped, certainly not broad, and therefore with no width between the eyes. The requirements for eyes to be ’large, dark and round’ was lost, and I was met with small, slightly almond shaped eyes, which gives a very untypical expression. In addition, toplines were very variable some with a slight slope rising, others with a very significant rise from the withers to shoulders. With regards to muzzles, some are far too short and can only but lead to health problems in the future. Unfortunately, as there was no undercover area, the younger males got the worst of the wet grass and drizzle, and I think anyone who knows the first thing about the breed will accept the combination of wet tummies and Shih Tzus, knows it’s not the ideal pairing. It was typical of English weather the by the time I was ready to award the DCC instead of giving permission for exhibitors to that shelter their charges from the drizzle, I was giving them the same, but this time to shelter from the heat of the sun. Overall temperaments were excellent even in the ’lockdown’ youngsters who must have found the experience challenging to that which they have known in their short lifetime. Generally, presentation and coat care was of a very high standard.

Minor Puppy Dog
1stCh. Cremefern Trigger A Storm At Symaraju JWAlthough not the world’s most confident little man, he was very nicely made. Very pleasing head, decent bite, good dark eye, well set shoulders. Soggy grass did not help his movement, showed his pads going away and has lots of drive. Carries his tail well, lovely presentation, and is a very promising youngster. BPD.

Puppy Dog
1stCarlita Remember To DreamG/w, has a lovely head which he carries well on the move, has a dark eye, pleasing shoulders and topline, with a nicely set on tail. Has decent muscle tone throughout. Topline good, shows drive as he is going away and a clear set of pads on the move, front still a bit loose at the moment.
2ndEmerson Alpiu Slenis Of Alchez JW ShCEx OSWPresents a decent outline but feel that his head is still in need of further development, but hopefully this will come with age. He has a decent set of ribs, with good depth to them, keeps his topline moving and standing and carries his tail well. Felt that he needs to turn some of the puppy fat into muscle. Beautifully presented.

Junior Dog
1stAlchez After The StormImpressive looking male possessing a good shape to skull and head, good dentition, and lovely expression, strong neck. I liked the set of his shoulders, but needs to turn the body he has over them into muscle to really hold and control them on the move. He has good drive at the rear but sadly the front lets him down at the moment. Resolve this issue and I think he has a bright future. Well coated and presented.
2ndSantosha The Winter Soldier At HoneyshuchunLiked his overall outline. He is a shade lacking in development so I am guessing he is a bit of a slow burner and he will blossom in time, basically everything is in the right place and just needs time. Good top line, decent shoulders and rear angles, shows a good action at the rear, but front is not currently his fortune, he need muscle to give him more control over it. Had to take his place on his good construction.
3rdBaccibo Truly Madley DeeplyWas third in Jun. He gave a lot away in that class because he is at a real in between stage and not helped but having, in my opinion, one of the hardest coat colours to get a full coat on. Deep dark old gold colour which personally I find very attractive but he lacked in undercoat. Head coming on and gave a good account of himself on the move.

Beginners Dog
1stBaccibo Truly Madley DeeplyWas third in Jun. He gave a lot away in that class because he is at a real in between stage and not helped but having, in my opinion, one of the hardest coat colours to get a full coat on. Deep dark old gold colour which personally I find very attractive but he lacked in undercoat. Head coming on and gave a good account of himself on the move.

Post Graduate Dog
1stCh. Senousi Dressed For It By FairmereClearly, he hid not enjoy the soggy conditions at all. Possesses a lovely head, good eye and lovely bite. Has a good outline, and strong neck a great pair of shoulders, lovely topline, well set on tail which he carries well. Would have preferred him to be a bit more active on the move but front and rear action are both sound which gave him the edge on his classmates.
2ndShanitaus ObsessionBigger boy than the winner but generally he is balanced and in proportion. Good head and typical expression, pleasing shoulders, wet conditions didn’t do his top line any good when stacked but it was ok on the move and on the table. Full coat which was well presented.

Limit Dog
1stRossvale Here Comes The Sun over FairmereLiked his head from the get go, nice and broad the top fits into the palm perfectly, broad without being apple domed and has the width between the eyes to give the true expression the breed. Chest deep and broad, short coupled, topline correct at all times and correct movement fore and aft. Lovely presentation. DCC.
2ndCh. Minfaa Sundance KidAlthough he is nicely constructed, he really didn’t look as if he was enjoying himself entirely, more a case of doing what was needed to please his handler. Leaving that aside he had to take his place on the overall construction. Nice head, expression made me smile because he conveyed his feelings so expressively, strong neck, good topline, rear and front action correct. Decent muscle tone throughout. Would love to see him on a day that better suits his mood.

Open Dog
1stCh. Daltricia Jamie Lee JW ShCEx OSWVery pleasing head and expression which he carries well on the move on a decent strong neck. Dark eyes and good pigmentation. Carries the correct balance of body and muscle good action fore and aft, ample amount of coat and gave a decent account of himself overall, feel he needs a shade more maturity to finish the overall picture.
2ndCh. Debeaux Having A BallHis head did not appeal to me; however, Shoulders and rear angulation were good, tail set correct and front and rear action were as they should be.

Veteran Dog
1stCh. Cremefern Sweet Talkin Guy JW ShCM VWDifficult decision with this one as he pushed the CC winner hard. The overall outline is lovely, correct height to length balance, pleasing balanced head, lovely eyes and expression. His condition belies his age, he has lovely body and muscle tome, well placed shoulders and matching angulation at the rear. A very worth Ch. RDCC and BV in Breed.

Minor Puppy Bitch
1stMinfaa Christmas CarolSweet little lady, pleasing head feminine expression, carries head well on the move, decent neck and well set shoulders, nice top line and well constructed rear. Good tail set and gave a good account of herself on the move.
2ndDebeaux Say What You SeeQuite raw compared to the winner but nonetheless well made. Liked her shoulders, ribbing and depth of chest. Nice topline, pleasing movement and hopefully will blossom with time.

Puppy Bitch
1stCh. Zeeva Mirror Image JWVery pretty bitch, possessing a lovely well balanced head which is carried on a neck which allows for the correct head carriage. Good shoulders and rear angulation which accounted for her lovely movement, very tidy in the front and clearly showing pads with every step at the rear. BPB & BPIB. Pushed the RCC winner hard. Surely must have a bright future.
2ndTansingh Dance Me On And OnLots to like about her construction and I can compare her in similar terms to the winner, however, nothing is quite as finished at the moment. She just need time to get it all together and as the framework is there, I see no reason why she equally shouldn’t have a bright future.

Junior Bitch
1stCh. Peekin Hoi-Tee-Toi-Tee-TuAlthough she is still in junior, she is quiet well advanced in her development. Her head serves her well and has a nice balance and feel to it, expressive eye and a very imperious expression, she knows she is worth a lot more than a passing look. Neck runs in to well-placed shoulders, possesses a lovely top line, nicely set on tail. Moves exactly as she should do, sure she too will have a bright future. RBCC.
2ndShorestar Red AdoreFeminine bitch, nice enough head, decent neck. Moved well, but not as well developed as the winner, she needs time to fill out in body and gain more muscle development.

Post Graduate Bitch
1stCh. Rossvale’s Finnish ModelHas a lovely head on her, something this kennel has managed to achieve with great consistency in their line, strong neck. Pleasing shoulders and rear angulation, decent spring of rib and depth of chest, correct topline. Moves so very well.
2ndDaltricia Lisa Marie at DelmarveyClose up to the winner in many respects, hence similar comments apply, but not as quite as mature in the body which was the deciding factor. Like the winner, I think she should have a bright future.

Limit Bitch
1stPaliden Golden Future at MayofoxLittle to choose between this girl and the second placed girl. Correct head, decent balance head to muzzle, nice dark eye, giving a very typical expression. Overall construction pretty much spot on, correct topline both moving and standing, not too long before she will be challenging for major honours.
2ndRossvale Forever DreamingNeat, sweet and petite was what came to mind with this one and despite her being so feminine, she still had the required head proportion on her. Nicely made all through, kept her topline at all times, was just a shade less animated on the move, but move she can. Like the winner she has qualities to go much further.

Open Bitch
1stCh. Tameron Miss Black OpiumI first saw this one back in 2016, when she was a very young Ch but didn’t think she was in her best form on the day, but thought her to be a star of the future, and she has fulfilled that now. Nothing to fault at all, she fits the breed standard perfectly, and I am very pleased her owner had the courage to bring her back a second time. On the day there was nothing to touch her at all. Pleased to award her the BCC and BOB, and delight to watch her take the Champions Stakes on the day, and overall winner on the last day.
2ndRossvales Latest ModelThis one has matured nicely but just a shade matronly in the body today. Yet another one from this kennel with a lovely head, well done on the consistency. She has a lovely expression, made correctly in all departments and moves as she should do. Very good example of the breed.

Veteran Bitch
1stShihmali Mums The Word VWStill moving well for her age, decent head and expression, coat in reasonable condition, enjoying her day out.