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Full Critique for Crufts 2019

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Judge : Mr Ken Sinclair
This critique reflects the judge's opinion
based on what they saw on the day of the show.

It is always a great honour to judge at this most prestigious show. The numbers and sheer quality of the dogs make this a most exciting and rememberable experience I will always cherish.

Minor Puppy Dog
1stDaltricia Nanga Parbat JWConfident baby who has a good headpiece with correct nose placement. Good ribbing and bone.
2ndDaltricia Manaslu At LinocoLitter brother to above. Not quite as confident as above. Pleasing overall shape and condition.

Puppy Dog
1stCh. Debeaux Having A BallThis solid black entered the ring with full on charisma. He loved every moment. Great outline, clean and correct. Most expressive headpiece. Shown in superb condition. A great future ahead.
2ndPrins Big Treasure Heniwo’s With Fairlou (ImpGold and white with a most promising shape. Good pigment and jaw width. Level topline and correct tailset. Well coupled and sturdy.
3rdElzu Piper ArrowA puppy who looks balanced. He lacks a bit of confidence but went well on the move.

Junior Dog
1stWarathwaite King Int North De JardhuGold and white. Darkest of pigment. Good nose placement. Arched neck, shoulders well laid back, firm topline, correct teapot tail. Strong rear.
2ndCh. Hin Chens Cool-Walker (DK,Hr Norsk, Svch,)Black and white who has a good balance to his overall shape. Needs to body up as yet, should come with maturity. Keeps topline on the move.
3rdEssvana Midnight ExpressThis dog appealed the moment he entered the showring. Classic headpiece. Just not behaving today, once more settled should do well. He was very well presented in good condition.

Yearling Dog
1stCh. Santosha DaybreakGold and white with superb head and expression. So typical of his breeding. Good arched neck to well laid shoulders. Moved soundly fore and aft. Shown in great condition and well presented coat.
2ndCh. Ta Maria All Eyz On Me (DK Fin Swed Norsk)Another gold and white, good headpiece but would prefer a darker eye colour. Sound. Well let down, broad chest. Strode out well with purpose.
3rdDaltricia Kwakwali JW ShCMA black and white who has the desired outline. Good headpiece and body. Just a bit finer built all through than winners. Well presented.

Post Graduate Dog
1stKeytor The Jazz SingerRed gold male of correct masculine size. Clean overall shape. Well defined headpiece, correct eye and nose. Arched neck, good firm topline and tailset.
2ndSantosha Sandy CoveA similar type to above. Good headpiece, correct eye and width to jaw. Sound front and good bone. Strong rear showing clean pads.
3rdYung Lo’s Who Needs A DressSmaller finer male with correct definition to headpiece. Liked his shoulders and topline. Sound on rear, in well presented coat.

Limit Dog
1stCh. Hearty Love Him If You Dare (Multi Best in Show Multi Best in Speciality Show Junior European Winner '17 Junior World Winner '17)This fantastic dog caught my eye immediately on entering the showring. His balance of confirmation, flowing smooth movement, shown in immaculate show coat. Superb headpiece, darkest of eyes, arched neck, level topline at all times. Well angulated quarters, good reach with legs well forward. Strong rear action showing full pads. Expertly handled. CC and BOB. Thrilled he went on to win the group today. Congratulations.
2ndCh. Santosha Cool Hand LukeThis superb gold and white dog just oozes breed type. Classic headpiece. Moved out well, but just not the complete freedom of movement of above. A quality dog that should please many judges.
3rdDaltricia Mondego JW ShCMBlack with many breed attributes. Like his size, balance, presented in immaculate condition and coat.

Open Dog
1stCh. Keytor All That JazzThis was an amazing class to judge with so many worthy champions present today. The first five were all champions so at times it was hair splitting decisions. . This red gold and white dog is a great ambassador for the breed. He has text book definition in his glorious headpiece with the darkest of eyes. Strong arrogant neck, well laid shoulders, correct front and good masculine bone. Good topline and correct high tailset. Shown in full coat of correct texture. Moved out well, just started to flag a little in the challenge. But then I did move them rather a lot for close decisions of dogs I really liked. Reserve CC.
2ndCh. Miracey Rebel Rider (UK, Ir)Another quality dog in this great class. Gold and white with the darkest of pigment, great expression, good balance to outline, good reach and drive fore and aft. Shown in great coat and top condition. Very close up on winner.
3rdPistol Pete of MondoshawanThis gold and white showed his socks off. Good headpiece, darkest of eye and correct nose placement. He had good masculine appeal and bone. Free mover, showing pads on the rear. Well presented.
ResCh. Sistasu Silver Lining JW ShCMBlack and white who was fourth in the amazing Open Dog Class. He is a good shape and most pleasing type. Liked his quality. He moved out better in this class than he did in the Open Dog. Well handled.

Veteran Dog
1stCh. Miracey Hotter Than Hell at Meilijo JWThis red gold boy had a classic headpiece, good clean outline, moved with style and confidence.
2ndCh. Jardhu Like Arte Made JW Sh.CMAnother dog who belied his age. Clean outline, keeping topline at all times. Strong rear, in good coat and condition.
3rdCh. Shanitaus Mane Attraction JWAnother champion. This just shows the top quality in this class. Larger framed than the two above. Gold and white, dark eyes, clean outline again and had style about him.

Good Citizen Scheme Dogs
1stCh. Sistasu Silver Lining JW ShCMBlack and white who was fourth in the amazing Open Dog Class. He is a good shape and most pleasing type. Liked his quality. He moved out better in this class than he did in the Open Dog. Well handled.
2ndSistasu Silver Top JW ShCMMost pleasing gold and white with excellent pigment. Good clean neck set into well laid shoulders. Good topline and tailset. Just wish he had moved out with more verve.
3rdMojito On The Rocks Is YunqishingBlack and white of good type, pleasing head and jaw strength. He was shown rather overweight which spoilt his neckline flow. In good coat of correct texture.

Minor Puppy Bitch
1stCarlita Dedicate to BelieveThis most promising baby stood alone in this class. A gold and white full of confidence and a great free mover who was enjoying every moment. Good head and good outline. Quite a character.

Puppy Bitch
1stDebeaux Perpetual BlissAlways enjoyable judging the baby class. Sometimes full of future stars. Today I found one. She is everything a quality Shih Tzu should be. In the challenge for the CC, this bitch still pleased me immensely. I had no hesitation awarding her the Reserve CC, and in this great entry and company, I shall follow her career with great interest. Black and white who has the most balance of correct shape. Superb expression, darkest of eyes, arched neck into well laid shoulders. Level topline. Moves with great reach and drive, showing pads behind. In great coat and condition. Just loved her!!
2ndAmore Mio Satinel Reheto at Mapimakastar(ImpPol)This gold and white has good substance and bone, but still feminine. Good head and width to jaw with good strong dentition. Good spring of rib and sound front. Strong rear movement.
3rdCh. Corrlough Ice MaidenGold and white with most pleasing shape and conformation. She has style and soundness on the move. Just needs to body up as yet.

Junior Bitch
1stCh. Zeeva Reflections JWAnother who caught my eye immediately she entered the showring. Red gold and white who is a perfect size for a bitch. Full of style. Great headpiece, neck into shoulders, level topline, strong quarters. A future champion and I thought maybe my CC winner today. She just lacked enthusiasm in the challenge. A great pity as she is totally exquisite.
2ndEssvana MatildaA stylish black and white with the correct headpiece. Balance to outline giving a good shape. Correct tail. Strong rear. Played her owner up on the move most of the time but settled enough to earn this placing. Well presented.
3rdCh. Paliden Bucks Fizz To Ekland JWSolid gold with good pigment and dark expressive eye. Sound in front with correct bone and feet. Keeps a tidy shape on the move with that added style.

Yearling Bitch
1stCh. Bishbow Summer BreezeThis black and white is a sassy madam, full of confidence. Entered the ring in full sail and style. Superb head expression and width to underjaw. Good sound front. Well laid shoulder placement. Best of toplines at all times. Shown in full jacket. Pulled out all the stops in the challenge to be awarded the CC. Her second, I was told. Her title must be very soon on this young precocious bitch.
2ndPeekin Miss Jive-Bunny-TuSmaller bitch who has a classic feminine headpiece. Very neat overall shape and well constructed. She is very sound and arrogant. Well presented.
3rdMiracey Secret KissesSolid gold with pleasing head and expression. Correct balance to shape. Moved soundly fore and aft. Well presented.

Post Graduate Bitch
1stCarlita Time to Samba JWGold and white who won this class on her correct, beautiful headpiece with strong chin. Pleasing make and shape giving her a most dignified look. She moved very soundly with drive.
2ndPeekin Miss Jazz Ming-TuThis bitch is so very similar to winner in size and clean outline and correct structure. Was splitting hairs between the two. Well Presented.
3rdZeeva ZafirahThis bitch completed a trio of quality. All quite similar in type and structure. She could just lose a little weight to advantage, although her topline etc looked good on the move.

Limit Bitch
1stTameron Miss Daisy Blush at PortiakissA lighter golden cream self-masked. At first impression she may look a bit plainer, but the more I looked at her, she did have a superb head expression with the darkest of eyes. Good flow of structure and most pleasing body shape. She was shown in superb coat and won this class on her captivating style.
2ndThaisu Vampire Kisses for MarboBlack masked gold who was very close up to winner for size, balance and free mover. Not quite the tail of winner. Shown in good coat.
3rdCh. Paliden Star DelightA completely different type to the above, being smaller and cobby type girl. But she also had loads of appeal about her. Good topline and strong powerful movement.

Open Bitch
1stQanukakira OopzadayzyAs you can imagine, this was a quality class with some nice bitches not making the cut.A real wee live wire this one. A solid gold who is quite petit. Full of quality. Great headpiece, good ribbing and shape. Very strong, arrogant, assertive mover. Well-handled and presented another very close contender for the CC today.
2ndCh. Tameron Miss Black OpiumBlack and white with one of the best heads here today. Good arch to neck, sound front. She is a bit longer cast than the winner. Great topline and well angulated, strong rear. Shown in superb coat and condition.
3rdCh. Ziams Mary-Lou JW (imp)This is a very feminine bitch of much finer type. Not quite the strength in chin of above. Good arrogant stance and clean shape who also has good sound reach and drive on the move.

Veteran Bitch
1stCh. Thaisu She RocksThis quality bitch did not show her age. She has a good expression and dark eyes. Good pigment. She kept her neat shape on the move which was happy and free striding in full show coat.
2ndHappy Noise Last Kis NullahGood moving black and white who was quite a bit older than above. Pleasing headpiece. Not quite the neck of above. Good topline for age. Strong rear, moved well.

Good Citizen Scheme Bitches
1stRossvale Secret Affair is Yunqishing JWGold and white with pleasing head and expression. Good front. Kept her topline at all times. Moved soundly. Well presented. Easy winner of this class.
2ndJimsamroblee Miss HonaluluThis solid gold is of a pleasing type. Sound front. Keeps topline both stacked and on the move. In fair coat. Well handled.
3rdRossvale Xclusive Model at YunquishingGold and white with pleasing head. Sound front. Tends to roach in topline when she is feeling a bit tense. In well presented coat and condition