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Full Critique for Welsh KC 2018

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Judge : Mr Frank Kane
This critique reflects the judge's opinion
based on what they saw on the day of the show.

As always, it was a pleasure to judge the breed. We had an outside ring and the wind seemed to upset some, and this affected their carriage on the move. Toplines, front assembly and rear angulation and front movement were the areas which needed improvement in some. Many thanks to my stewards, Alexandra and Barry Cole.

Minor Puppy Dog
1stQuingshui The Legacy BeginsAlmost 9 mths, b/white, excellent head and very good jaw and dentition, good topline, tail a little tight, moved well, strong rear pads. I liked him a lot and he should do well.
2ndEssvana Midnight Express9 mths black with good head and excellent eyes. I liked his size and bone, not as strong in quarters or topline as the winner yet.

Puppy Dog
1stVirtulvilage Rebel Rising at MiraceyAlmost 12 mths red/white, excellent outline held on the move, good skull and dark eye, very good front and bone and ribbed well back with good tail carriage. I’d prefer a little more under jaw to finish his head, but full of quality. Won Best PD on tail carriage.

Junior Dog
1stRossvale Fun In The Sun at Kimevan16 mths gold dog, good for size and bone, big nostrils, could have a little more rise of skull, good ribbing, needs to let down in stifle and this shows in his topline, good coat texture.
2ndTameron Mr Aramis at Portiakiss15 mth old gold/white who was very good to go over on the table but not happy on the floor and not lifting his tail. I liked his head and eye, ribcage and he has excellent stifle and quarters. I hope he will get the confidence to show off his qualities.

Novice Dog
1stTameron Mr Aramis at Portiakiss15 mth old gold/white who was very good to go over on the table but not happy on the floor and not lifting his tail. I liked his head and eye, ribcage and he has excellent stifle and quarters. I hope he will get the confidence to show off his qualities.

Post Graduate Dog
1stRossvale Here Comes The Sun over Fairmere17 mths gold/white of good size and substance with a good rise of skull and good eyes. Has very good quarters but he could drive a little more from rear, good coat, tail a little tight.

Limit Dog
1stRossvale All About The Boy3 yrs, gold/white, lovely size and proportions and excellent tail carriage, good head but eyes could be larger, very good rear movement, could be better in front action, won the place on size and proportions.
2ndChellanda Take A Chance On Me ShCM6 yrs black/white, bigger dog who is a little higher on the leg than the winner, excellent head and eyes and very good bone and tail carriage, good mover, excellent coat, carries himself well.

Open Dog
1stBattery Included at MaitreyaVery good class of quality dogs,.5 yrs, excellent red and white with perfect carriage and tail, very good head and eye, excellent bone and a good ribcage, topline never faltered. His front action was the best of the class and he shows his pads going away. I hope his owner won’t mind me suggesting a little more finish to his presentation. He is a lovely dog and deserves to do well. CC.
2ndCh. Weatsom Margarets Legacy for Quingshui JW ShCM5 yrs, appealed for his size and proportions and good headpiece and tail, not as firm in front as winner, very good ribcage and sound at both ends. Res CC.

Veteran Dog
1stCh. Shanitaus Mane Attraction JW8 yrs, red/white in excellent form with perfect topline and tail carriage. Has a lovely head and eyes and good chest and ribcage, very good movement. Pressed hard for Res CC. BV and Vet Group 3.

Minor Puppy Bitch
1stLyndatzu Que Sah Rah8 mths gold/white, excellent proportions, ribbing and tail carriage, good skull, scoring in finish of muzzle and underjaw, very good carriage, lovely temperament.
2ndEssvana Matilda8 mths black/white. I liked her body shape and topline and carriage, her head needs time to develop especially in muzzle and jaw, full of self importance in her carriage.

Puppy Bitch
1stPeekin Miss Jive-Bunny-TuSmaller type but well boned and excellent body and topline held on the move, excellent movement at both ends, tail is a little tight but she is full of type with excellent skull, eye and muzzle, scored in topline to win this and later BP.
2ndMarpalyn Super Star1 mths gold/white with lovely head and a better tail than the winner but running up behind on the day and not going quite as well.

Junior Bitch
1stKatonier Ride On A Star at Miracey14 mths black/white, lovely type and excellent proportions and tail carriage, lovely head and large dark eyes, showed full pads going away, full of type, not quite as settled in the challenge but made the last four in the challenge.

Novice Bitch
1stPeekin Miss Jazz Ming-Tu11 mths, lovely type, sturdy and with very good head and eye and good tail carriage, full of confidence in this class but not as co-ordinated in the challenge for Best PB where the confidence and carriage of her litter sister won the day.

Post Graduate Bitch
1stCarlita Time to Samba JW0 mths, good winner of this class, full of type with excellent head, eye and a good mouth, carries her tail well. Enough bone, moved really well with excellent carriage. Should have a good future.
2ndSampa Kaja Dolma Mo2 yrs gold with a very good head, eyes could be a little larger, not the topline or tailset of the winner, sturdy body and good bone.

Limit Bitch
1stCarlita Reason To Love ShCMExcellent class throughout. I had to leave out bitches I really liked my winner, yrs gold/white, beautiful type, substance and proportions and good tail carriage, excellent headpiece, carrying maximum body, moved really well to win this good class.
2ndShorestar Hocus Pocus JWTop quality, 21 mths old, black of lovely proportions and very good neck and carriage, I’d prefer her eyes a little rounder, she moves well, not quite as finished in coat texture as the winner but pressed hard.

Open Bitch
1stCh. Rossvale Secret Obsession4 yrs gold/white, lovely size, proportions and balance and she moved very well with good tail carriage. Good head with eyes of good size and appropriate colour, sturdy and well ribbed, carriage and topline won this class.
2ndCh. Tameron Miss Black Opium3 yr old black/white, beautiful breed type with a wonderful head and eyes, good to go over on the table, she went half heartedly with a handler who was new to her in the class but did enough to merit this place on topline and proportions. In the challenge with her usual handler she went beautifully and won Res CC.