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Full Critique for Scottish KC (August) 2021

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Judge : Mr D G Roberts
This critique reflects the judge's opinion
based on what they saw on the day of the show.

Minor Puppy Dog
1stCh. Tameron Mr Black Is BackBlack and white boy with attitude plus, walked in like he owned the place. classic outline, developing well in body, correct bone, beautiful head and express.moved effortlessly to win this class, pleased to award him BP, I’m sure he has a bright future ahead.
2ndMifcahs The Young PretenderAnother quality puppy, mature in body for age, excellent head and expression, covered the ground well on the move, would like more lift to tail to complete the overall breed picture.

Puppy Dog
1stCh. Virtulvilage Fred A Stare (UK, Ir)Presentation first class, head and expression excellent, correct bone and body proportions, typical top line and tail set, moved ok, but would prefer more reach and drive.
2ndCh. Cremefern Trigger A Storm At Symaraju JWMasculine puppy, which displays a more upstanding shape. Presented in first class condition, preferred the head and expression of my winner today.

Junior Dog
1stAlchez After The StormBlack and white which present a classic outline. Beautiful head and expression, lovely head carriage standing and on the move, correct body, top line and tail set. On the move covered the ground well and impressed in profile. Presented in superb coat and condition handled to perfection, pushed hard for top honours.
2ndSantosha Dark Secret With CoursaniBlack male built on smaller lines, however full of breed type, lovely head and expression, ample body and bone, felt one out moved him today. presentation and handling first class.

Novice Dog
1stYazhi Rocket ManGold and white male, classic in head and expression, felt he needed more width of body and substance all the way through. Lovely temperament, handled to advantage.

Post Graduate Dog
1stMarbo Whatever You WantBeautifully presented gold and white boy, classic in outline and breed type, head and expression pleasing, would benefit I felt from more body, covered the ground well to win this class, handled well.
2ndIsishouse Lord Grantham JWTypical in head and expression, correct bone, tailset, a little straight in angulation, in front and rear which showed on the moved. Presented to advantage.

Limit Dog
1stChaela RalphishBlack & white male whom is textbook in outline and shape, masculine in head with an excellent expression, he is a dog that needs to be gone over to truly appreciate his, correct angulation well developed chest and perfectly conditioned body, moved well all ways holding his shape at all times. Handled well to get the best out of him, Pleased to award him the RCC, I’m sure his time will come.
2ndCh. Shalehan YasheronAnother masculine male that excelled in head and expression. Ample bone and body, not quite the overall balance of one stood, moved out well in all directions to justify this place. .

Open Dog
1stCh. Daltricia Jamie Lee JW ShCEx OSWDemands attention as soon as he entered the ring, exactly what I was looking for in head and expression, beautiful large round melting eyes that draws you in, stood is a complete picture, on the table did not disappoint, in perfect body condition, well off for bone, with correctly set out angulation. Perfect top line tail set and immaculate coat condition and presentation completes the picture. On the move I could not fault him. Pleased to award him the CC.
2ndCh. Miracey Zero HourAnother male that is hard to fault, perfect for breed type, his balance is there for everyone to see and his head, expression and carriage is exceptional,today I felt he was not as settled on the move as my CC & RCC, a more than worthy champion from a kennel I admire and have done well for in the past, just not his day today.

Minor Puppy Bitch
1stCh. Tameron Miss Black OrchidYoung baby who is ultra feminine, the prettiest of heads and expression, ample bone, chest developing well, angulation textbook, today I felt she need a bit more body condition, comes alive on the move hard to fault in any direction. BPB.
2ndThaisu Every Witch Way to MarboAnother promising baby, not quite the overall balance of one today, head and expression typical, bone and body excellent, in excellent coat, handled to advantage..

Junior Bitch
1stCh. Zeeva Mirror Image JWBeautiful rich gold and white young lady, beautifully balanced with the most expressive of heads. Correct bone, plenty of depth of chest, correct angulation front and rear which showed on the move. presented in first class condition.
2ndYazhi Jean GenieAnother ultra feminine girl that appealed greatly in head. Well balanced with an excellent top line and tailset. Not quite as free on the move as the winner today.

Beginners Bitch
1stElzu Ebony And IvoryBlack and white bitch with the sweetest of temperaments, nice bone and body, not quite the balance I was looking for today, presented in good coat and condition.

Graduate Bitch
1stCorrlough Standing OvationTypical in outline and pleasing in head proportions, felt she needs more body today, also needs more depth of chest. Excellent in rear movement, presented to advantage.
2ndAshmakin Red Is The Rose At Jaxtzu (IKC) JWFeminine in outlook but not the balance I was looking for today, needs better front angulation to present a more typical outline. Coat presented well, lovely attitude in the ring.

Post Graduate Bitch
1stSantosha Ice Queen of CoursaniGold and white with the most appealing balance head, very expressive and extremely typical, excellent for size shape and in outline, well boned with an excellent depth of chest and body. Moved out well to win this class, presented and handled well.
2ndCh. Rossvale’s Finnish ModelAnother very typical bitch with excellent head proportions, Outline and body proportions, just lost out to one on the move today another in beautiful coat and condition.

Limit Bitch
1stMiracey Sand Dancer At KatonierClassic for type, ultra feminine and correct for size. Head is textbook, presents a beautiful outline stood and on the move. Presented to get the best out of her.
2ndChaela Wild LoveBuilt on a bigger mould but remains feminine, not quite the balanced outline of the winner, typical in head and expression, ample bone and depth of body, handled well.

Open Bitch
1stCh. Tameron Miss Black OpiumOozes quality from everywhere from her nose to her tail, presents the most typical outline, on the table does no disappoint, Her head is just so expressive with an air of arrogance! She knows how beautiful she is . She is in first class body condition and coat. on the ground her movement just shows how well she is constructed ,effortlessly illustrating reach and drive .absolutely no hesitation on awarding her the CC & BOB
2ndCh. Corrlough Ice MaidenA bitch that was just unfortunate to meet the first, a beautiful bitch which is very typical in breed type, so much to admire. Felt the CC winner had the edge on the move and in maturity of body, having said that pleased to award her the RCC, I’m sure she will have a bright future.