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Full Critique for Belfast 2018

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Judge : Mr Steve Hall
This critique reflects the judge's opinion
based on what they saw on the day of the show.

As always I always do a preamble if I feel there is any problems in a breed, but this is only my opinion, the problems I had today some exhibits are too long cast which spoils the overall balance in profile, tails I think are the biggest problem as there are too many flat tails and now some which are quite high when carried tend to move slightly to the rear rather than over the loin area which in turn extends the length of back on view. The breed is nearly extinct of the typical “distinctly arrogant carriage” they once had. But on a brighter note I did not come across over large heads today as in the passed there have been a few that were too large.

Puppy Dog
1stLexus Sweet AddictCame it to the ring with much confidence then started to put the brakes on like a typical puppy, however he recover, well up to size for age, masculine head piece, ample neck, good body with a level topline, good jacket for age, firm going away with a good forward reach. Presented in very good clean order.

Junior Dog
1stMifcahs Final FantasyNice dog to view not too long cast with a nice broad back and firm topline, nicely head without being overdone, good bone, tail carriage was a problem today as at time he kept dropping it however he did eventually recover and redeem himself, good mover in both directions but the tail carriage could be higher to give the impression of better balance, prepared and presented in very good order.
2ndVirtulvilage Rebel Rising at Miraceyanother nice dog very calm disposition, longer cast than winner and level topline which he kept on the move, pleased in head properties and giving a good expression, moved out well but his tail carriage was a slight problem as it tended to settle more to the rear rather than over the loin, sporting a very good jacket both in colour and texture it was prepared and presented in pristine condition.

Post Graduate Dog
1stRossvale Here Comes The Sun over FairmereQuite a nice balanced dog with a good coat covering of the correct texture, good male skull with a pleasing expression, good forehand with plenty of bone, good deep ribbing and broad backed, moved out well but rather flat tail carriage which at time can spoil the outline, prepared and presented in very good order.
2ndAshmakin Bodacious Smooth for JaxTzu JW ShCM ShCEXAnother nice dog with the blackest of eyes giving the warmest of expressions, good front assembly that produced a good forward reach, stood over too much ground, needs to settle more on the table, sporting the best of jackets which was lovely to the touch and prepared and presented in very good order.

Limit Dog
1stShalehan YasheronThis dog was without doubt has the best distinctive arrogant carriage of the day as he came in with such confidence, very well balanced bodily with good ribbing and broad back although he was a touch bum high on the table today, he had excellent carriage when gaiting around the ring, seriously considered him for the Res cc but lack the finish of second in Open.
2ndRossvale All About The Boyanother nice dog with lots to like a touch longer cast than winner, pleasing head piece with a good eye giving him a warm expression, good front assembly which he used well, deep ribbing with a firm backline. Good rear quarters, moved well but could use his tail more to better effect in profile, covered in a good quality jacket which was deep in colour. Presented in very good order.

Open Dog
1stCh. Miracey All Guns Blazincomplete package or one might say the finished article, all male as there was no mistaking his gender, very well balanced skull that left nothing to the imagination. Good forehand plenty of bone , good ribbing with quite a broads back which was firm to the touch, good mover in both directions and used his tail carriage to his advantage, prepared and presented in pristine condition.
2ndCh. Miracey Rebel RiderObviously very similar to winner and the same applies but to split the difference he did not quite have to topline of winner and not quite as broad over the back, but that was it. Prepared and presented in the same order as winner.

Puppy Bitch
1stLyndatzu Que Sah RahI see this young bitch has inherited the swagger of her father whom I saw earlier and can’t you tell, really good attitude to the job in hand, very feminine to view with a lovely feminine expression, good neck and front, pleasing body for one so young but needs to be more confident on the table, very good proportions throughout, very positive in her action.
2ndCentastage Imagineanother nice bitch which was a touch longer cast than winner, very feminine head piece lovely eye, pleasing bone. Enough neck in to good shoulders, ribbing coming on nicely for age, good positive mover. Presented in good order.

Junior Bitch
1stMiracey Secret Kissesat first looks with being a solid she looked a plain jane, but on inspection this was now dashed as she was a very honest bitch that was nice to go over from top to bottom. Very pleasing head piece with the softest of expressions, quite compact in body, good carriage with a good tail set. Prepared and presented in very good order.

Post Graduate Bitch
1stCarlita Time to Samba JWNice type with lots to like and very well prepared and presented, delightful skull with a soft expression, ample neck with a good front assembly, good bodily parts but needs to mature more and fill out, good coat covering but would have prefer it to be a touch thicker but this will only come with maturity. I thought she moved out well.
2ndRossvale Sunshine Dreamer AVEC LearmountA nice solid bitch which was slightly smaller framed than winner, please in head properties, well-constructed bodily, good coat covering. Moved with purpose. Presented in very good order.

Limit Bitch
1stKatonier Secrets And DreamsSmart Black & White parti colour, quite compact to view, nothing dressed up with this bitch what you see is what you get, extremely good balance throughout, feminine head with a delightful expression, crisp clean cut outline with a level topline and lovely tail set, firm rear quarters and good forward reach, prepared and presented in very good order.

Open Bitch
1stCh. Shalehan Yarina For Mifcah JW ShCMI did like the quality of this bitch overall, she was not too long or too lean, I thought she was just right and very feminine, when you look at the abundance of coat she carries and strip this back you will find that she may be the ideal size !! As she was in full jacket of a quality coat this gave the impression of style and quality that made her the winner today
2ndMiracey Fruitylicious at VirtulvilageAnother really nice bitch particularly in head which I thought was so beautiful to view, unlucky to meet winner today, good bodily parts a touch long cast to view, good movement throughout her performance and she was prepared and presented in pristine condition.