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Full Critique for Belfast 2019

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This critique reflects the judge's opinion
based on what they saw on the day of the show.

Minor Puppy Dog
1stTameron Mr Pure Xcessvery smart gold/white, well presented 6 mths old and full of confidence; Lovely shape standing, good mouth, correct full dark eye, well proportioned chrysanthemum head, with good muzzle, black nose and open nostrils; pleasing neck and topline. Well set on tail carried high on the move. Nice bone and feet with good angles front and rear and good straight front. He moved soundly around the ring with lots of drive showing plenty of pad. A very promising baby with good expression and attitude, he fully deserved the Reserve CC

Limit Dog
1stNorbhoo Baccarat For CrannuselPale gold/white, 2 years old masculine dog with good enough head and neck. Good mouth, full, dark eye but would prefer deeper set. Well coated and bodied, with good bone. OK topline and tail-set, but over-handling rather detracted from his performance. Sound both ways.
2ndRossvale Magic All Around with Learmount3 ¾ yrs old well made gold/white. Well bodied and with good bone, his coat is correct and well presented. Ok head and nice full dark eye, would prefer much tighter mouth. Good neck and topline, ok tailset and front & rear angles, he movement sound both ways.

Open Dog
1stCh. Miracey Rebel Rider (UK, Ir)5 years old, gold/white sturdy boy who is the finished article. Typey with nice outline, he has a good mouth, strong muzzle with dark, well filled, expressive eyes, good skull and head shape which, with good fall, gave the correct chrysanthemum impression. Arched neck into good shoulders, straight front with pleasing topline and high set tail, carried well over his back. Good bone and feet. Reachy front movement with drive from his muscular rear, showing good pad. Very well presented with full coat. Stylish winner of CC & BOB.
2ndCh. Miracey Zero Hour2 yrs old masculine dog with quality gold/white well presented coat of correct texture. Sturdy and of lovely type, he has a good mouth, nice head with black nose and wide nostrils, dark, full eye with soft expression. Good skull and head with arched neck into good shoulders, straight front and good bone and feet. Good topline and tailset. Sound on the move both ways with good drive and showing pad.

Minor Puppy Bitch
1stMiracey Sand Dancer At KatonierJust 6 months old sweet little lady in quality g/w jacket. Excellent mouth, nose with wide nostrils, dark full eye, good stop, skull & ear set making for pretty chrysanthemum ’bud’ head carried well. Nice arch to neck and good shoulders with straight front and good bone and feet; her topline was straight and tail well set on high. Very positive young lady who knows where she is going and was sound both ways with drive and showing good pad.

Limit Bitch
1stCh. Centastage Just ImagineAnother standing alone, but no less deserving of a first place. Rich G/W nice sized bitch of nice type. Well balanced with a good head; correct length of muzzle, good bite, wide nostrils, dark full eye and overall arrogant expression. Well made with good body and condition, quality coat. She has good bone and neat feet on short strong legs; level topline with tail well set on and carried high on the move. Sound and positive both ways, she drives well from the rear showing good pad.

Open Bitch
1stCh. Miracey Fruity KissesHooray, a class of 6....8 years old and in great form, her appearance and attitude belied her age. Quality, typey, bitch who is beautifully balanced with lots of style and in super coat and condition. So much to like about her, from her well proportioned head, good mouth, dark nose with open nostrils, darkest of round, full eye, lovely arrogant expression. Very good shoulders, short straight front legs and neat feet. Well angulated front and rear with good topline. She carried her well plumed tail gaily and high to match her chrysanthemum head, set on well arched neck. Well muscled quarters which allowed her to drive soundly around the ring with plenty of pad on show. Real Shih Tzu character. My C.C. Winner.
2ndCh. Miracey Fruitylicious at Virtulvilage (Ir)I see she is a daughter of my CC winner above and was also my Best Puppy in Breed when I last judged the breed in early 2017. She has matured well and is now a very pretty G/W parti, full coated, and very well presented 3 year old. Well balanced and a picture standing. Well constructed overall, she has good body and bone with straight front legs and neat, round feet. Like her dam, she has an excellent chrysanthemum head with good mouth, open nostrils, strong muzzle, lovely full, dark eye, and good skull. Arched neck into pleasing neck and shoulders. Good front & rear angles with strong topline, excellent tail set. She carries herself so well around the ring with a sound, jaunty gait, showing lots of pad. Just unlucky to have a family reunion on the day, nevertheless took home the RESERVE CC.