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Full Critique for Belfast 2021

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Judge : Margarette Mullholland
This critique reflects the judge's opinion
based on what they saw on the day of the show.

Minor Puppy Dog
1stCh. Tameron Mr Black Is BackWhat can I say about this black and white 6 month old puppy, outstanding, mouth watering, eyecatching, superb, yes all of those, although he stood alone in this class it wouldn’t have mattered if there had been another ten puppies, he just commands your attention. Bred in the purple from this well known kennel this must surely be the most exciting dog puppy to have hit the breed for many years. He is all Quality and substance, sturdy and with such a good body, well coupled, broad chest, well laid back shoulders, good bone and feet, nicely rounded thighs, great tail placement and carriage. His head is broad, round and wide between the eyes which are large, dark and round, placed well apart. Muzzle square and short. Really good bite and underjaw. He moves with arrogance and reach and drive, so smooth and fluid, joy to watch. What a real belter this pup is and with his personality and presence will make a mark on the breed in the future. DCC, BOB, BPIB. Was later selected in the first cut for the Utility Group. Not at all bad for his first show. Judge Mrs Margarette Mulholland.

Junior Dog
1stCarlita Remember To DreamGold and white, nice quality dog, good for size and substance. Liked his head shape, eye and expression, nicely arched neck, good in front, level back and well carried tail, moved very soundly and is a really lovely dog. Judge Mrs Margarette Mulholland.

Limit Dog
1stCh. Virtulvilage Fred A Stare (UK, Ir)Gold and white with a lovely head shape, good broad skull, darke eye, correct in bite and width, sturdy body with strong legs and moved soundly and stylishly. Judge Mrs Margarette Mulholland.

Open Dog
1stCh. Carlita Reason To Dream JW ShCMGold and white, liked his size and general shape, well arched neck and well placed shoulders, good rib and topline, nicely carried tail and very sound on the move. Judge Margarette Mulholland.
2ndBruler Emperor Ming For CrannuselGold, mature and overall very nicely proportioned, good solid, sturdy body, well made rib and muscled rear, balanced tail. Handsome dog and sound on the move. Judge Mrs Margarette Mulholland.

Minor Puppy Bitch
1stCh. Tameron Miss Black OrchidLitter sister to the winning puppy dog, all the same comments also apply to her, she oozes quality and breed type. Both of them were a delight to go over and she is so feminine, Where he is masculine, such a precocious baby, won’t forget her in a hurry. So sound and stylish, same arrogance and attitude as her brother, body sturdy and balanced, chest broad and deep, strong legs, level back and balanced tail. Her head is just so correct to handle, broad skull, width between eyes, such a good bite and underjaw. Strong rear and she is just so sound and lovely to watch Ms Howard has produced a pair of puppies that will, in my opinion, take the breed by storm in the not too distant future. Res Bitch CC. Judge Mrs Margarette Mulholland.
2ndStargazers Raising Standards With AshmakinGold and white, 6 months, lovely bitch, very pretty head and eye, correct in shoulder, strong level back and balanced tail, carried well. she is very promising and I am sure will do well. Judge Mrs Margarette Mulholland.

Limit Bitch
1stAshmakin Match Made In HeavenGold and white, attractive in outline and good for size, liked her square muzzle and good pigment, in good coat and moved stylishly. Judge Mrs Margarette Mulholland.

Open Bitch
1stCh. Miracey Fruitylicious at Virtulvilage (Ir)Gold and white, correct for size and substance, very feminine and in excellent coat. Really liked her head shape and eye and expression, good square short muzzle, good width in jaw, nicely arched neck into well laid shoulders. She is very sound and sylish on the move, mature and with good breed type. Bitch CC. Judge Mrs Margarette Mulholland.
2ndRossvale Sunshine Dreamer AVEC LearmountSolid gold, mature and with strong body, good legs and feet, nicely balanced in tail, lovely eye shape and expression. She is very sound, but for me seemed overcoated. Judge Mrs Margarette Mulholland.