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Full Critique for Driffield 2013

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Judge : Mr Richard Owen
This critique reflects the judge's opinion
based on what they saw on the day of the show.

Puppy Dog
1stKimevan Man In BlackWhat an outstanding little boy solid black head and expression to die for nice barrel chest level topline on the move good back action BPD did not perform as well in puppy challenge owing to tiredness.
2ndAmbergate FirestarNice gold and white mature for his age at 11 months lovely head level topline nice back action.

Junior Dog
1stJardhu Yenroc William of OrangeGold and white nice movement good tail position nice expression correct jaw and stop on a lovely head
2ndCedarhythe Devilish DarlinVery similar to first in color head and expression but seems not to like the grass on movement which swayed me on my placings.

Yearling Dog
1stTsantha Barley Sugar at SazkeySolid gold nice rounded chest correct jaw lovely head low to ground good movement with good action back and front.
2ndRossvale Sealed With A Kiss to KimevanNice pale gold good nose placement giving a good stop lovely expression and level topline

Post Graduate Dog
1stDebeaux My BeauA gold and white dog nice head sound rounded body good mover excellent mouth with a strong jaw
2ndTsantha Happy As Larry With HajenzaAnother gold and white very similar to my first but lost out on one or two points.

Limit Dog
1stSantabella Cheeki BuddaVery deep gold and white nice strong head lovely outline showing level topline good mouth with strong jaw
2ndThaisu Follow The Sun to Rossvalesolid gold level topline nice expression strong head moved well around the ring

Open Dog
1stCh. Thaisu Morning GloryA very sound dog with body to die for nice outline on table correct stop a strong jaw very good action back and front level topline on the move stood out in very good class DCC and BOB.
2ndCh. Zamadar Majic Potion for CedarhytheA beautiful gold and white lovely expression sound body nice action sound movement became a very strong contender for first place.

Minor Puppy Bitch
1stCh. Rossvale Secret ObsessionVery feminine 6 month old little girl sweet expression correct stop well formed sound movement with good outline and tail carriage on the move
2ndDiamond Diva at PalidenA lovely solid gold baby nice head good sound body nice action around the ring

Puppy Bitch
1stShirmins Brown Sugar ZuthisAnother solid gold little girl level topline on table and kept this on the move nice stop with correct jaw giving a very sweet girly expression on a nice skull BP.
2ndPopeye’s Creme De La Creme (JW) (Imp Swe)Solid black sound body nice mouth lovely head moved well around the ring pushed hard for first a difficult choice.
ResDiamond Diva at PalidenA lovely solid gold baby nice head good sound body nice action around the ring

Junior Bitch
1stPeekin Peek-A-Boo-TuA feminine dark gold and white nice outline on the table good tail carriage on the move sound movement very lively
2ndBellwaycharm Could Be Magic at CaljentaPale gold and white nice expression sound jaw good dentition moved sondly

Yearling Bitch
1stMifcahs Asha At KadazOn its own but it showed it could have been placed in a bigger class solid black girl sound body nice head nice outline on the move.

Post Graduate Bitch
1stJardhu Aint Miss Bee HavnPale gold and white correct mouth and stop level topline on the move nice back action
2ndThaisu Whats New Pussycat at MarboGold and white feminine bitch correct mouth nice stop strong jaw good movement

Limit Bitch
1stCh. Rossvales Next Top Model JWA very nice well formed little girl gand white a body with lovely barrel nice head beautiful face strong jaw correct teeth moved with style with a level topline BCC.
2ndTsantha SunkissedSound pale gold strong body nice topline good head with nice eye placement good movement

Open Bitch
1stCh. Miracey Fruity KissesBeautifully constructed gold and white nice outline on table strong mover lovely head in excellent condition BRCC.
2ndCh. Thaisu She RocksWhat i said about my first place i could well repeat on this girl very similar in style and movement condition and quality, split hairs on this choice.