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Full Critique for Driffield 2023

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Judge : Ms Kirsty Tod
This critique reflects the judge's opinion
based on what they saw on the day of the show.

Thanks so much to the Society for the invitation to judge this wonderful breed. Big thanks also to my stewards who ran the ring efficiently, and of course those who entered under me, and appreciated my placings with good grace. I had some lovely dogs to go over: all exhibits had great temperaments, were well presented and some could have swopped places on another day. There are some great puppies coming through which hopefully will stand the breed in good stead. I found there were a few exhibits out at the elbow which does have an impact on front movement. I was glad to see many dogs with the correct head to tail balance, something which for me is just as important as movement, and sets our breed apart from other Tibetan examples. Please never let us lose this breed-specific point!

Puppy Dog
1stThaisu Morningstar Avec Kimevan JWSolid Gold with black mask. 11month old, with bags of attitude! Lovely outline, dark round eye, good outline. Well laid back shoulder and powered round the ring like a seasoned professional. Profuse in coat, well presented. BP, and pushed really hard for BPIB.
2ndHoneyshuchun Soldier Boy At Bornred7 month old solid gold baby, happy with himself, and handled well. Nice round head, deep chested, well boned. Moved really well, good back movement. Just preferred the outline of 1.

Junior Dog
1stEthelsmead True GritBeautiful round head, with dark round eyes, great mouth and nice reach of neck into well laid back shoulders. Deep forechest, and sturdy rib, strong hocks and turn of stifle which allowed him to move round the ring well. Works well with his handler. Just needs finishing to perfect a lovely picture.
2ndDaltricia Jack Higgins JWPale Gold/White. Good outline, with balanced tail. Tip tilted nose, good head, wide jaw with correct bite. Very well constructed and moved around the ring well.

Beginners Dog
1stMapimakastar Jason MioSlightly higher on the leg, but allowed him to power through the longer grass showing full pad. Sound, well bodied dog, with nice balance and outline. Good mouth, with dark eyes set into nicely rounded head.

Yearling Dog
1stPeekin Reggie Rebel-TuSuch a sweet expression, with darkest of eyes, great mouth and wide jaw set into a well developed round head. Well laid back shoulder, level topline, correctly constructed which allowed him to move through the long grass with ease. Would prefer a little more body on him. Pushed really hard for RCC.
2ndPaliden Magic StarRed Gold/White. Took a while to settle, but moved correctly when he did. Nice head, dark eyes and round head. Level topline, with good front and rear movement. Just preferred expression of 1.

Post Graduate Dog
1stThaisu’s Blinding LightAttitude in abundance! This solid gold with black mask dog had everything going for him, and pushed hard for the CC. In excellent coat and excels in head. Beautifully soft, melting expression, with the right amount of masculinity. Large dark eye, correct length of stop, with strong jaw. Well placed shoulders, level topline and strong rear end with great rear drive. Fabulous coat, presented very well.
2ndTameron Mr Gold XcessSlightly finer gold/white with good head, round dark eyes, well ribbed, level topline, and well set tail. Just preferred the outline of 1.

Limit Dog
1stMarhilway Driving Edge At Jacquinta JWRed/Gold & White. Beautifully round head, largest of round, dark eyes, excellent width to jaw with correct dentition and gives a gentle, melting expression. A strong neck into well laid back shoulders, with deep chest, well ribbed, heavily boned and well-muscled which means he covered the ground with ease (although it took him a while to settle!). Gassy and exuberant on the move, showing full pad and attitude. DCC and BOS.
2ndMarbo Whatever You WantGold/White. Slightly longer in leg than 1, well presented, demonstrates typical breed type, good outline. Excellent topline, and lovely balanced movement. Just preferred the softer expression of 1.
VHCMapimakastar Jason MioSlightly higher on the leg, but allowed him to power through the longer grass showing full pad. Sound, well bodied dog, with nice balance and outline. Good mouth, with dark eyes set into nicely rounded head.

Open Dog
1stCh. Senousi Dressed For It By FairmereSolid Gold with lovely outline. Nice dark eye, good head and expression, well bodied and heavily boned. Great topline with correct tailset. Moved well, but would just prefer an extra
2ndCh. Daltricia Jamie Lee JW ShCEx OSWBlack/White. Presented to perfect as expected from this kennel. Masculine head, strong neck into level topline. Well balanced outline on the stand, but drops his head as he moves which gives him a slightly longer outline as he moves with drive and ease around the ring.

Veteran Dog
1stCh. Jacquinta Lets Go Andy JWGold & White with round head, dark eyes well spaced, and good width of jaw. Deep chest, with well sprung rib. Well balanced, good tail set. As was expected from his construction, he moved well with drive.
2ndCh. Art Made Gene Kelly (Imp Swe)Gold/White/ Shame to meet No 1. So much to like, warm expression, darkest of eyes set into round head, well coated and presented to perfection. Excellent neck, well laid back shoulders, perfectly flat topline, and correct tail set. Moved round the ring well.

Puppy Bitch
1stCh. Tameron Miss I Want ChooGold/white - naughty puppy, just what I love! Such a pretty expression, with a lovely round head, good mouth, well set dark eyes. Shoulders well tucked in to a solid, deep ribcage. Nice outline which she carried well on the move. Gave her handler a hard time. I’m sure she will have a bright future. BPIB.
2ndThaisu Fallen Angel Among KimevanGold/White, slightly bigger than 1, but lots to like. Very pretty expression, well ribbed, well boned with a great topline. Very confident mover, well presented. Just preferred the outline of 1.

Junior Bitch
1stRossvale Dreaming AgainSolid Gold. What a beautiful head! Very pretty with an oriental expression. Lovely dark eye, roundest of heads, strong neck and shoulders. Level topline with correct tailset giving a good overall outline. Strong bodied, heavy boned, Moved with power around the ring.
2ndDaltricia Jane Austen JWBrindle/White. Deep chest, with good rib and well bodied. Dark eye, and nice round head. No problem moving around the ring, and expertly handled and presented. Just preferred expression of 1.

Beginners Bitch
1stMapimakastar Suzie HugoPale gold/white. Very pretty with such a feminine expression. Good head, dark expressive eye, strong jaw. Well laid shoulders, and nicely bodied. Strong hocks allowed her to move well around the ring. Exceptional presentation. BSpB and Sp Beg G2.

Yearling Bitch
1stHoneyshuchun Sand GoddessGold/white. Lovely expression, dark round eye, nicely tip tilted nose. Nice length of neck, with correct shoulder placement. Nice outline which held well as she moved around the ring. Coat is coming on really well.
2ndShihzarbruno Hope N Dreamz Of CimonaGold/white. Very feminine little girl, with similar qualities of 1, good head with lovely dark eye. Well laid back shoulders, nicely bodied and moved well around the ring. Just preferred the tailset of 1.
3rdDaltricia Jane Austen JWBrindle/White. Deep chest, with good rib and well bodied. Dark eye, and nice round head. No problem moving around the ring, and expertly handled and presented. Just preferred expression of 1.

Post Graduate Bitch
1stThaisu The CraftyBeautiful head with feminine, melting expression. Balanced outline, with a strong neck, and high tail set. Well bodied. Moved with purpose around the ring. Had the arrogance I love to see with this breed. Haven’t seen this girl out often, but she has everything going for her.
2ndMapimakastar Delilah HugoPale gold/white. Lovely outline with pretty expression. Well bodied, and presented in excellent condition. Tail needs to settle.

Limit Bitch
1stCh. Peekin Hoi-Tee-Toi-Tee-TuThe best class of the day, with some stunning bitches in this class. 1st, BCC, BOB and shortlisted in the group. Gold/White. The minute this girl walked into the ring she caught my eye. Everything a Shih Tzu should be for me: exceptionally well made from her tip tilted nose, to the rear drive showing full pad, and everything in between. Excellent broad round head, the darkest of round eyes, a tip tilted nose, with a lovely strong jaw, correct dentition, and padded muzzle. Her strong neck settles into well tucked in elbows, a round deep chest topped with a level topline, well coupled into a back end with well padded thighs, strong hocks and finally a tail which almost matched the top of her head. Well coated, presented to perfection and she sailed around the ring showing herself to full advantage. This little lady couldn’t be denied top honours and reminded me very much of my first shih tzu.
2ndCh. Santosha SilhouetteDarker gold/white with a lot to like, unlucky to meet 1 on the day. Feminine expression, good round head, well bodied and presented. Just preferred the powerful movement of 1.

Open Bitch
1stTejayse Beautiful TraumaA gold/white bitch who I have watched ringside as she’s grown into the beautiful girl she is today. A beautifully expressive face, with the darkest of eyes, round head, strong neck into well placed shoulders. Great body, well muscled, with a table top topline, strong rear end and a perfectly balanced tail, which gives her a lovely outline. She moves happily around the ring and is handled at just the right speed which means she shows full pad with a strong rear drive. Her owners have worked hard with her, and thats paid off: beautifully coated, presented to perfection. I was absolutely delighted to give her a first RCC, and hope that many more awards will come her way.
2ndCh. Rossvale Little Black DressSmall but perfectly formed black/white. Arrogant yet melting expression, dares you not to look at her. Great body with everything to like. Well let down chest which is broad and deep, totally level topline, well angulated rear and boy can she power round a ring! Just a tad too small to win the class today, but couldn’t be denied 2nd in a great class.

Veteran Bitch
1stThaisu Desperate Housewife for KimevanGold/White. Ultra feminine, with the arrogance expected of this lovely breed. Broad round head, dark eyes correctly set apart. Nicely arched neck, well bodied and broad, deep chest. Lovely overall balance, great tailset giving a good outline. Moved around the ring really well. BVIB.
2ndCharmant Charlotte Enigmatyczny Zakatek MapimakastBlack/White, well built, with a good outline and moved well. Just preferred expression and movement of 1.