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Full Critique for Midland Counties 2019

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Judge : Mr Jeff Luscott
This critique reflects the judge's opinion
based on what they saw on the day of the show.

Thank you to the Exhibitors for a great entry, the enthusiasm and sporting atmosphere around the ring, I enjoyed the dogs and the quality brought for me to judge-it was a pleasure and also, thanks to my Stewards who worked hard to keep the flow to the ring.

Minor Puppy Dog
1stTameron Mr Pure XcessSmart sturdy youngster, with the head type, skull, muzzle and outline, growing well at this stage, best shape and mover in the class, lots of promise for the future.
2ndMatsha JambalayaSolid and sturdy with the appeal in head, eye and expression, liked the flow through neck, topline and tail has rear action, front to improve as he fills in chest, nice boy.

Puppy Dog
1stShanitaus ObsessionSolid and sturdy, this boy has the head type with good muzzle, width of jaw and strong teeth, carries the neck, front and strong rear, building in body, has the quality, great on the move.
2ndShirkeira Ragamuffin At MiddletuneLovely type and balance, good over the head, eye, skull and topline, front developing with body and Nice rear quarters, going well in movement.

Junior Dog
1stCh. Daltricia Jamie Lee JW ShCEx OSWImpressive B/W with the quality in overall shape and build, he is balanced with head type and a good front, sturdy bone and well built chest and body, lovely action on the move, pushed hard in the challenge taking the Res DCC today.
2ndCh. Mifcahs The King And I JW (Nor,Dk Int.)Strong well boned sturdy boy, he is good Through body chest and rib length, he is well muscled in the rear, caries good condition and coat and moves to cover the ground.
3rdTameron Mr Ralph Lauren At Portiakiss3rd in the good Junior class. He is well made in body and has the type through head and neck, he is sturdy in body and bone, goes with a good action making for his class win here.

Yearling Dog
1stTameron Mr Ralph Lauren At Portiakiss3rd in the good Junior class. He is well made in body and has the type through head and neck, he is sturdy in body and bone, goes with a good action making for his class win here.
2ndMapimakastar AlbertB/W parti, a strong boy with bone and front, well filled body, chest and good muscle tone, he attracts in head, carrying a little too much weight over the loin and top today to go higher.

Post Graduate Dog
1stKezang Golden IdolGood pleasing head on this lad, has a great outline and balance with the shape, carries a good skull with the strength and width of jaw, goes well a positive action on the move.
2ndRossvale Here Comes The Sun over FairmereGood solid dog with balance and shape in outline, good type in head, neck and tail set, moving easily with purpose and drive.

Limit Dog
1stMiddletune Wildest CharmerLoved the outline and balance to his shape, this well presented lad had the head type, width of jaw, eye and expression, he has the flow through neck and topline and well set tail, he has the body and good rear action, going well to take the class and considered in the challenge.
2ndChaela RalphishB/W parti with appealing head type, good jaw and has the front and chest, well filled body and muscle tone, good in profile and rear action with drive in the real, close up.

Open Dog
1stCh. Jacquinta Lets Go Andy JWImpressive class won by a quality dog, loved his head and muzzle, good size and balance, he has the outline standing and, on the move, sturdy throughout front and body with a good tailset and muscular condition, he moved with purpose and style to take the class and the Dog CC taking BOB in the challenge.
2ndCh. Miracey Zero HourAnother of good quality, stronger in head with the shape and balance, sturdy bone and substance, he has a firm topline and loin, good rear end and moved with style and

Veteran Dog
1stCh. Cremefern Sweet Talkin Guy JW ShCM VWGreat to go over this G/W veteran is of good type, a lovely head and muzzle strength, good front and rear, excellent on the move with a good action, he deserves is CH status.
2ndLyndatzu ChaloneTidy lad with arrogance of look, good through head and neck, not quite the tailset today or action on the move but loves his food and enjoying his day out.

Minor Puppy Bitch
1stMiracey Sand Dancer At KatonierLoved the attitude, outline and shape on this beautiful puppy, carries a good head and eye, developing well at this stage of build, strong rear end and drive on the move, she has the promise and took Best Puppy in Breed excellent overall action.
2ndCarlita Promise To LoveSmart with lots of promise, she has the overall in outline and balance, growing well in the right shape, has a good action when she wants, appeals in head and should have a good future.

Puppy Bitch
1stAshmakin Red Is The Rose At Jaxtzu (IKC) JWPleasing outlook on this youngster with the head, eye and jaw, good skull and muzzle, she is building well over the body and tail set, strong rear action and moves easily with drive.
2ndCh. Warathwaite Royal DivaGold of good balance and shape, nice quarters and muscled strong body, she has a good front and rear and is growing well at this stage, appeals in head and expression.

Junior Bitch
1stMifcahs A Star Is BornImpressive youngster of good type, with a balance throughout hear, neck, topline and rear end, she is built on strong rear quarters and moves with the rear drive required, works well with her handler, considered in the challenge.
2ndCh. Corrlough Ice MaidenLovely for type, balance shape, she is typical through head, skull, muzzle and front, has a firm topline and carries the tail, muscled rear quarters with good overall outlook, goes well on the move, close up here.

Yearling Bitch
1stMatsha That’s Amore At SnugglebrookPeases in her lovely style and balance, she has the type in head with the skull and broad width of jaw, she has a sturdy body, good bone and structure, moving with a positive action front and rear end has a good coat to finish the picture.
2ndCh. Middletune Flame Of GoldQuality girl close up in the decision with typical head, good neck, topline and rear muscle tone, she is building in body and chest, is sturdy in bone and good rear drive, just needs to tighten in front action on the move.

Post Graduate Bitch
1stIsishouse Queen Meritaten for ChellandaSmart, Lovely gold parti, carries a good head held high with the expression and jaw, she is built on strong quarters and angles, she has the balance and overall outline, going with the style in the move
2ndMatsonic Surprise Guest For QuingshuiStrong bone on this sturdy girl with the head type, muzzle and topline, she is good on the move with drive from the hind quarters and rear end.

Limit Bitch
1stLyndatzu Que Sah Rah JWImpressive for type balance and outline, good shape throughout body, topline and tail set, she has the expression and eye, good style and balance on the move with drive, showing full pad. In great condition and coat, considered in the challenge.
2ndCarlita Time to Samba JWGood overall type in head, skull and expression, I liked the shape and balance, she is built well in body, chest and rib, she is a good mover, going well with purpose and style to cover the ground.

Open Bitch
1stCarlita Reason To Love ShCMBeautiful quality girl of type and Balance, she is sturdy with angles and overall shape, she has the front, depth of chest and body, Rib and strong loin, she carries herself and a good tailset easily around the ring, with a smooth Flowing front action and drive from the rear, she has the coat and condition, was well handled to the Bitch CC.
2ndDolha’s Step Out in StyleImpressive for type and size, she has the look and arrogance of expression, she is well built in body and has the topline and tailset, she was moving with the drive required and shown in lovely condition and muscle tone, to take the RES Bitch CC.

Veteran Bitch
1stShihmali Mums The Word VWLovely girl of typical make up and shape, she has the front, bone and balance, carries a pleasing attractive head, good neck and is good through body, can move on the right angles and carries a well-groomed coat.