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Full Critique for Shih Tzu Club of Wales & West 2021

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Judge : Mrs Vanessa Williams-Wegmann
This critique reflects the judge's opinion
based on what they saw on the day of the show.

Thank you to the Officers and Committee of The Shih Tzu Club of South Wales & Western Counties for giving me the honour to be invited to judge at our Club Championship Show today. Especially to the Secretary Mrs Tracey Hitt, Show Manager Mr Michael Hitt and to my Steward Mr Shaun Matthews who both worked tirelessly throughout the show. I found that eyes and noses on the whole were improved with adherence to the breed standard, lovely to see many slightly undershot jaws which give that breedy Shih Tzu foreface, so many well placed ears and level toplines. Not much variance in size either, the majority of exhibits and all of my 1st placings were of the correct size for their age. There were a few flattish tails but on the whole more were high set t/pot style. None of my 1st placed dogs were over weight but there were a few dogs carrying more width of girth than necessary. Presentation of coats has stepped up a lot. Note to handlers of heavily coated dogs please be aware that heavy coats impede movement and impede the judges vision, I want to see rear pads clearly. Sensible trimming to keep dogs free flowing is advised. The vast majority of dogs were immaculate, clean and knot free. No sign of ulcers or slipping patella in any dog today. Pleased to report all exhibits in good health and more importantly much loved by their handlers.

Minor Puppy Dog
1stMifcahs The Young Pretender6 mths sweet gold/white with attractive dark sable tips, a confident jaunty mover with alert lively expression in large dark eye. He’s well proportioned being slightly longer than high with sturdy frame, moves freely each way.
2ndMarhilway Driving Edge At Jacquinta JWJust 6 mths eye catching deep gold/white, happy baby with lovely foreface eyes correctly meeting tip of nose, moving well, he has more to come.

Puppy Dog
1stCh. Cremefern Trigger A Storm At Symaraju JW9 mths gold white with attractive black tips, very well presented and confident. Has good breedy outline liked his round large dark eyes, masculine foreface, plenty of substance and bone. Moving well showing plenty of rear pad, has plenty of pazazz and character. Best Puppy Dog and Best Puppy In show.
2ndBright Moon At Matsonic6 mths sweet baby boy with striking deep gold/white well presented coat, loved his developing foreface and round ark alert eye, moving with swagger, plenty more to come.

Junior Dog
1stBaccibo Truly Madley Deeply14 mths, eye catching deep red solid with white whiskers and chest. Lovely high tail giving a breedy outline. Has firm jaw correctly slightly undershot and large dark round expressive eye. Body is slightly longer than high all adding to his appeal. Moves well and I could see he was enjoying his day. Yearling Dog

Yearling Dog
1stGladmin Soweto Star Over Mattiana23 mths elegant pale gold/white with black whiskers, has a big well kept coat. Masculine honest head, strong jaw just slightly undershot, eyes large dark round alert. Sturdy and substantial frame, moves well each way. Unplaced in a very strong PGD Class.

Post Graduate Dog
1stMiracey Sand Warrior For Tilbe2 yrs striking gold white dog, has masculine head, aloof expressive large dark round eye, masculine foreface, excellent nostril, slightly undershot jaw clean dentition, plenty of substance with body being slightly longer than high assisted by high tail set giving a breedy outline, he shows himself off and pays attention to his handler watching her every move, moves freely fore and aft, retaining level topline on the go, body in fit condition, a sound prospect.
2ndShanitaus Obsession3 yrs beautifully presented red/white with fab high tail giving breedy outline, he too has lots of breed attributes, large dark twinkling eye, masculine foreface, ample bone and substance, just pipped to the post by 1 who was on fire today.
3rdStardante Han Sum Model with Simbalove3yrs, Gold/white with lovely breedy outline which was complimented by high tail set. Held his own in good company.

Limit Dog
1stCh. Mifcahs The King And I JW (Nor,Dk Int.)2 yrs elegant thickly coated pale/gold/white dog with honest head and masculine foreface, adored his large round dark expressive eyes following his handlers every move, strong jaw is slightly undershot, has good body proportions with nice arch in neck and his high tail gives him a desirable breedy outline. He is sturdy with plenty of substance, showing himself off well today, moving soundly fore and aft. Pleased to award him RDCC.
2ndCh. Minfaa Sundance Kid2 yrs deep gold/white with a masculine expression in his lovely round dark eyes, liked his large long ear leathers and his well laid back shoulder. Slightly longer than high, short strong legs giving a desirable package. Very unlucky to meet 1 today who was on fire.
3rdStardante Han Sum Model with Simbalove3yrs, Gold/white with lovely breedy outline which was complimented by high tail set. Held his own in good company.

Open Dog
1stCh. Daltricia Jamie Lee JW ShCEx OSW2 yrs stunning black/white parti, I stood back to admire his breedy silhouette, body is slightly longer than high with t/pot tail, level topline giving an amazing breedy outline. Head is masculine with good nose leathers, ears are long and set just below crown/skull, eyes are large dark alert well set in masculine foreface, jaws are strong and slightly undershot giving that typical aloof look. Beautifully prepared double coat of correct texture draping itself over his well proportioned frame. Attentive to his handler following her every move, showing himself off, he is bold and confident, king of all he surveyed today, movement has good reach and drive, sound each way, excellent presentation. Delighted to award him DCC & BIS.
2ndCh. Jacquinta Lets Go Andy JW5 yrs striking gold/white honest typical head with gorgeous round dark alert eye, perfect ear placement, firm jaw, nicely proportioned body and has breedy outline, movement is sound each way, so much to like here and he was pushing at 1. Dog RCC 2019 Joint Shih Tzu Clubs

Veteran Dog
1stCh. Cremefern Sweet Talkin Guy JW ShCM VWAlthough stood alone an exhibit of good quality and breed type. 9 years red/gold/white impressive dog in full flowing well prepared coat, liked his shape and high tail set, adored his aloof, intelligent expression, he’s well coupled and sturdy, moves soundly fore and aft. Pleased to award him Best Veteran Dog and Best Veteran In Show.

Minor Puppy Bitch
1stMinfaa Christmas Carol8 mths deep red/white femme girl with such pretty foreface, slightly undershot jaw, round dark twinkling eye, well proportioned being slightly longer than high with nice arch of neck and well laid shoulder, level topline, high tail, moving with sound sassy style each way, adorable, good quality. Pleased to award her Best Minor Puppy In Show. She has a lot more to give us, remember I said it first. Exciting pup.
2ndDensown Oreo8 mths striking black/white parti girl with the makings of a correct coat, well presented and has sweet honest head, level topline and high tail. When moving she is sound each way. Very well presented I liked her a lot. Expect more to come. There is a breedy aloof elegance about her which is really quite lovely. Just unlucky to meet 1 today who was on fire.

Puppy Bitch
1stCh. Zeeva Mirror Image JW11 mths beautifully presented deep gold/white with picture perfect markings, shes sturdy throughout with plenty of substance and bone, excellent dentition in her firm jaw, pretty round dark large alert eyes, gorgeous dark pigments on eye rims, nose & flews, femme foreface gives honest expression, broad in chest, short muscular legs, nicely rounded feet. Groomed to perfection, a keen and energetic mover who retains her level topline. Best Puppy Bitch.
2ndCremefern Pretty Gorgeous9 mths attractive black/white parti with a very pretty head, firm slightly undershot jaw, sweet large dark round eyes, has a thick coat and nice high tail, good proportions, liked her a lot, just unlucky to meet 1 today.
3rdDensown Black OpiumBeautifully presented. Sweet black baby girl, just 7 mths, developing well, just needs more confidence to shine.

Junior Bitch
1stDaltricia Vivienne Leigh12 mths old fashioned gold/white flashy girl, beautifully prepared thick correct texture coat, lovely femme foreface and sweetly expressive large dark round eyes, large long ear leathers set just below crown of skull, a well proportioned neck and level topline, high set tail, she’s sturdy with plenty of bone, a gorgeous high set tail. Fluent sound mover each way. She pushed hard for the R.BCC challenge.

Post Graduate Bitch
1stMarhilway Spirited Edge22 mths gorgeous red/white sweet faced femme girl who commanded the ring on entry. She is slightly longer than high with t/pot tail and a nicely arched neck giving that breedy silhouette, adorable large round dark eyes which have an intelligent look is uber attentive to handler, legs are correctly short and muscular and she has rounded feet, her jaw is firm and slightly undershot giving that desirable tip tilted look, she is of good quality and has a lot of desirable breed attributes, when she is more finished she will give the girls a run for their money. She’s not over coated which gave me perfect view of her strong reach and drive plus sight of her rear pads on moving away. Delighted to award her R.BCC.
2ndRossvale Xclusive Model at Yunquishing6 yrs a mature and lovely gold/white lady with sleek well prepared double coat, body slightly longer than high giving breedy proportions along with her t/pot tail. Such a sweet face her large dark round eyes always on her handler. Very well presented and unlucky to meet 1 today who was on fire.

Limit Bitch
1stCh. Centastage Just Imagine3 yrs gold/white, stately elegant aloof, thick fabulous long double coat that fits neatly and correctly over body without flying away or sticking out, great body proportions being slightly longer than high complimented by t/pot tail giving a beautiful breedy outline. Plenty of substance and bone here with short strong legs. She has femme head with firm jaw slightly undershot and bottom of large dark round eye is level with tip of nose giving that typical aloof expression. Movement is sound each way. She pushed hard in challenge for R.BCC.
2ndCh. Corrlough Ice Maiden3 years, beautiful top coat finish, immaculate deep gold/white furnishings, dark round eye, slightly undershot jaw, nice arch of neck, good lay of shoulder and correct short legs and muscular thigh. A lovely little package moving and showing well. Excellent presentation.
3rdRossvale Xclusive Model at Yunquishing6 yrs a mature and lovely gold/white lady with sleek well prepared double coat, body slightly longer than high giving breedy proportions along with her t/pot tail. Such a sweet face her large dark round eyes always on her handler. Very well presented and unlucky to meet 1 today who was on fire.

Open Bitch
1stCh. Miracey Fruitylicious at Virtulvilage (Ir)Quality 5 yrs, breedy and elegant pale gold/white with wide femme head giving a clear femme expression, good nose leathers, large dark round eyes with a warm friendly look following her handler, aloof on the table she deigned to show me her super breed attributes her slightly undershot jaw, level teeth, long large ear leathers that start just below crown of head, lovely arch of neck just right to her well laid back shoulder, sturdy body level topline and high t/pot tail. Moving soundly fore and aft with plenty of reach and drive. Pleased to award her BCC and BOS. Judge :

Veteran Bitch
1stRossvale Secret Affair is Yunqishing JW8 yrs attractive deep gold/white so pretty with typical body proportions complimented by high tail. Round dark eyes, nose slightly tip tilted giving breedy expression, firm slightly undershot jaw, well laid back shoulder, has plenty of substance and bone, short strong legs liked her round feet. Moves soundly with purpose each way, attentive to handler, well presented. A very sweet girl. Pleased to award her Best Veteran Bitch.
2ndTansingh Color Me Beautiful For Mirazian JW11 yrs endearingly sweet girl pale elegant gold/white, honest head, nicely arched neck, she’s sturdy with a big mature coat, moving well, enjoying her day. So sweet natured.