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Full Critique for Boston & District CS 2018

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Judge : Mrs Yvonne Forbes
This critique reflects the judge's opinion
based on what they saw on the day of the show.

Minor Puppy Dog
1stGladmin Soweto Storm JWB/W baby, excellent head, and expression, dark eye, level Top Line, well-set Tail, good body and Bone, sound movement went with drive.
2ndSantosha Daybreak6 months old G/W, sweet head for age, dark eyes, good dentition, well bodied, sound on the Move, should have a bright future.

Puppy Dog
1stTameron Mr Guilty BlackB/W with impressive head, good dentition, dark eyes, lovely shoulder placement, well bodied, teapot tail, lovely on the move around the ring, with drive, well presented. (RCC)
2ndRossvale Fun In The Sun at KimevanS/Gold, Lovely headed boy, well-constructed, good neck leading onto Good shoulders, nice size, went well, happy dog.

Junior Dog
1stJaquinta Lets Go AndyG/W another well-made boy, lovely Head, good eye and nose placement, broad jaw, good dentition, well balanced, carried a lovely coat, went well.
2ndSantosha Dark Spice for NorbooGood expression, well constructed, nice bone, looks like a character to handle, went well.

Yearling Dog
1stKeytor The Jazz SingerG/W young man, fabulous expression, good size, good dentition and body, nice shoulder placement, presented well, powered around the ring.
2ndCh. Art Made Gene Kelly (Imp Swe)Fantastic head and eye, good jaw and nose placement, nice laid back of shoulders, lovely body, well presented.

Post Graduate Dog
1stMinfaa Take Me To the Limit at MiddletuneNice size, good jaw, and eye, good body, went well

Limit Dog
1stCh. Honeyshuchun God of ThunderEye-catching young man, lovely expression, and dentition, dark eyes, good tail set, well bodied, showed himself well.
2ndGladmin Transkei Teddy JWNice sized boy, excellent head and expression, dark eye, well constructed, good bone, topLine and tail, good jacket, went well.

Open Dog
1stCh. Miracey All Guns BlazinG/W boy with an impressive head, dark eyes, good reach of neck, excellent top line, well bodied and amazing high tail, supersound on the move, carrying a fabulous jacket, well presented by this kennel as always, pleasing to award the dog CC.
2ndDaltricia Wilbur Smith JW ShCMPushed number one dog hard, nice quality boy, nice size, good dentition, nice head and expression, fabulous body, well coated, nice on the move.

Veteran Dog
1stPeekin Tsemo-TuG/W elegant boy, sweet expression, lovely shape, and outline, nice top line and tail set, well bodied, moved well, nicely coated, best veteran.

Minor Puppy Bitch
1stTameron Miss ParisOne of two ladies I would like to own, elegant G/W has plenty of substance and Bone, lovely arched neck, nice lay back of shoulder, high tail giving a lovely outline, powered around the ring.
2ndSannivek Art Of Glory For ThaisuS/G baby of quality and type, lovely expression, dark eye, good dentition, topLine and well bodied.
3rdWharfeview Kissy SusukiS/G sweet head, good dark eye, nice shoulder placement, happy baby.

Puppy Bitch
1stRossvale Only In Dreams JWStriking baby, full of promise, loved her shape and balance, lovely Head, dark eyes, nice neck, good lay back and shoulders, good body, well set tell, good front for her age, should have a bright future. Best puppy and RCC
2ndThaisu Baby Can Dance to MarboG/W young lady with very glamorous appearance, appealing in head, good expression, dark eyes, firm body, good tail, moved well.

Junior Bitch
1stMinfaa PocahontasNice type G/W Lovely Head, nice expression, dark eye, arched neck, level top line and good rib cage, well coated, move well, well presented.
2ndCh. Shalehan Yarina For Mifcah JW ShCMAnother striking bitch, nice type, lovely Head, eye and outline, level TopLine, high tail set, ample bone, well coated, covered the floor well both coming and going. Can change places any time.

Special Yearling Bitch
1stEthelsmead Looking for LowriLady of good type, nice shape and size, well-proportioned head, good Dark eye, lay back of shoulders, level TopLine, good hindquarters, moved out well.
2ndPeekin Miss Souza-TuA bit smaller than my first, but well in proportion, nice and feminine in head, good eye and dentition, well bodied, went well.

Post Graduate Bitch
1stPaliden Golden Future at MayofoxS/G lady, nice head, good eye and nose placement, ample neck and shoulders, good bone, went well on the move.
2ndShanjora’s Golden SunsetG/W nice type, feminine head, good expression, broad chest, level topline, sound mover, well coated.
3rdPeekin Miss Souza-TuA bit smaller than my first, but well in proportion, nice and feminine in head, good eye and dentition, well bodied, went well.

Limit Bitch
1stGladmin InalaLady of good type, scorred in the head and expression, good mouth, broad chest, good lay shoulders, level TopLine, good teapot tail, well coated, went well on the move.
2ndThaisu Vampire Kisses for MarboBitch with much to admire, feminine head, good nose placement, well bodied, in good coat, went with ease around the ring.

Open Bitch
1stCh. Taydale Dancin In The Stars with CedarhytheThis is the other bitch I would take home, absolutely fabulous B/W of good style, feminine in head, lovely snooty expression, good dentition, arched neck, level top line, fabulous ribcage and tale set, well balanced lovely on the move, well coated and well presented as usual from this kennel. Bitch CC and BOB
2ndCh. Miracey Fruity KissesBitch of great quality, nice size, lovely expression, dark eye, arched neck leading onto well-set shoulders, well bodied, in full Bloom, lovely on the move, four lovely bitches here.