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Full Critique for Manchu Shih Tzu Society 2019

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Judges : Mrs Stephanie Walsh and Mrs Stephanie Walsh
This critique reflects the judge's opinion
based on what they saw on the day of the show.

When I first got the invitation to judge at this show, a number of years ago, I was so delighted, honoured and thrilled – to be asked to judge Shih Tzus in England – the country that ’minds’ the breed standard – it was a day I had been looking forward to for so long!! The day itself did not disappoint, lovely venue with either in or outside rings, beautiful weather – even if it got a little hot for some dogs (and me!!), very organised and helpful committee and stewards, lots of prizes for exhibitors in the ring, friendly, sporting and cheerful exhibitors, and a really lovely number of Shih Tzus entered. My involvement with this wonderful breed started over 30 years ago, and I was indeed lucky to have some truly knowledgeable people to encourage my interest, to pass on their views of breed type and ’correct’ type. Those great ladies and mentors who were travelling the world judging Shih Tzus 30 years ago also instilled in me their passion for judging for breed type in our breed, or what I consider to be breed type, and for looking for those essential breed specific points that make our breed what it should be – longer than tall (measured from withers to root of tail) , sturdy, tea-pot tail, good bone, and of course a large round head with large round dark eyes and a broad slightly tilted underjaw which gives that so desired ‘oriental’ expression. So, what did I find? Only one dog that I would consider to be untypical in the extreme, and most of the lovely entry were indeed typical in outline – at least when standing. I am always aware of the large weight allowance in this breed and I found some of the lighter dogs – bitches especially to be almost frail under my hands – certainly not with the sturdy body required. Some heads while being attractive pretty and round were not large and round. As is often the case with many breeds some ribcages were short – which in turn lacks forechest – and lengthens loin, again taking away from a sturdy body. Some dogs moved well in front but were narrow behind moving, the full pads showing behind when moving should come from strong rear action. Some flat tails spoiled otherwise nice outlines, and a big concern was the lack of broad, wide underjaws, and the typical tilt to the jaw in so many exhibits – this is a trait which seems to be vanishing around the world in Shih Tzus. Having said all that there was so much to be positive about!! We had some wonderful displays of the typical Shih tzu temperament during the day, temperaments overall were superb, coat textures excellent, as I said above so many beautifully balanced outlines, many of the dogs placed had sturdy well sprung and long rib cages, good bone, no exaggerated movement anywhere – while some might need a bit more reach in front (better construction) it was indeed gratifying to see so many have typical movement and to be moved at a speed that can display their arrogant carriage . The puppy classes were a joy, the future is certainly looking bright!!! The veterans – ranging from 8 to 13.5 all in superb condition. I enjoyed every moment of this wonderful show and am truly grateful for those people who proposed me and for all the exhibitors for entering and making the day as special as it was. And I must just add to date I have never had so many solids in line-ups!!!

Minor Puppy Dog
1stRossvale Eclipse Of The SunSeven months old black masked gold – well developed large round head for his age, correct expression, good length of body, excellent length of rib and depth of chest, good bone, moved well when settled with good drive.
2ndDebeaux Obsession8mths b/w, another sturdy well developed puppy, pleasing expression, head still need to develop further but large and round at the moment, well developed ribcage, good topline held on the move, lovely tailset and carriage.
VHCStardante Han Sum Model with Simbalove5th in minor puppy ; 7mths g/w, Nice overall body, head could be more typical in expression and underjaw and bite needs to improve.

Puppy Dog
1stCh. Debeaux Having A Ball10 mths black, Lovely puppy – correct outline held on the move, sturdy body and good bone, excellent ribcage and angulation front and back, tail a little short, head needs to finish still but large and round with good underjaw .
2ndDaltricia Nanga Parbat JW9 mths g/w, another lovely sturdy well boned puppy, large strong head, expression could be sweeter, good spring of rib but ribcage could be longer, nice angulation front and back, tail carriage correct.
ResCharonnis Vegas High Roller4th in Puppy class, 9mths gold, Nice head and expression, body needs to develop still, needs more substance throughout, long in loin, movement could be more positive,

Junior Dog
1stCentastage Image MakerB/w 17 months, stood alone, overall masculine type, head needs to develop further in size and skull, good bone and in nice body condition, good drive behind but lacking reach in front, today coat is changing and a little soft.

Novice Dog
1stCharonnis Vegas High Roller4th in Puppy class, 9mths gold, Nice head and expression, body needs to develop still, needs more substance throughout, long in loin, movement could be more positive,
2ndStardante Han Sum Model with Simbalove5th in minor puppy ; 7mths g/w, Nice overall body, head could be more typical in expression and underjaw and bite needs to improve.

Yearling Dog
1stTa Maria Black Edition at Matsuba (Fin Imp)21 months b/w, beautiful type overall, large round head, soft dark eyes and a lovely tilt to his broad underjaw. Sturdy body of correct length with spring of rib and strong loin. Holds outline and high tailset when moving, good reach in front, would like a little stronger movement behind, but an excellent type overall – strongly considered in the CC challenge
2ndGladmin Soweto Storm JW23 months B/W, nice masculine type, pleasing head and expression, sturdy, good topline held on the move, lacks reach in front but nice drive behind.

Post Graduate Dog
1stIsishouse Son And Heir2yo g/w, overall nice type, good overall balance, head is balanced but would like it more masculine, holds topline on the move.
2ndHin Chen’s Askar At Centastage (ImpNor)3yo b/w masculine head and expression, good length of rib and sturdy throughout. Tail is somewhat flat and loses topline on the move.

Minor Limit Dog
1stCh. Ashmakin Bodacious Smooth for JaxTzu JW ShCM ShCEX2.5 yr old Gold, excellent overall balance, large round head with large soft dark eye, oriental expression, broad underjaw, nice length of neck , long well sprung ribcage and strong loin, well angulated front and back and moves with typical reach and drive, covering the ground well, with lovely high tail carriage. Excellent coat texture. Very glad to award him RCC t the end of a tough dog challenge, and while he may have had an advantage slightly with a rest before RBIS compared to the BCC – he kept moving at the correct pace for him into RBIS.
2ndKeytor The Jazz Singer2yo red/white – very striking colour, another male in excellent coat. Overall a very nice type, balanced head with good expression, would like a slightly stronger head, good bone and length of rib, excellent topline and tailset kept on the move. Would like front movement a little more positive

Limit Dog
1stMiddletune Wildest Charmer2yo g/w, very nice overall balance, well balanced head and expression with lovely tilt to underjaw, large head, good length of neck, sturdy body, good length and depth of rib, lovely angulation front and back and moved with excellent topline. Tail set is lovely, could be a little higher moving but excellent type overall.
2ndCh. Shalehan Yasheron2yo g/w Another sturdy strong well boned male – head could be a little larger but is round and well developed, would like a little more length in body overall - good spring of rib but could be longer, holds topline moving, tailset could be a better but still carried off his back.

Open Dog
1stCh. Thaisu Zero To Hero at MiraceyLovely class to judge!! 1. CC and BIS,4yo solid gold – caught my eye straight away – excellent large round head, large dark eye giving a soft expression, strong broad underjaw, excellent depth and width of chest and length of ribcage, strong loin, broad strong hindquarters with excellent tailset. I love the overall balance he has – the length between shoulder and tail – moves with correct reach in front and powers from behind, wonderful temperament. Wouldn’t change a thing about him, loved him.
2ndQanukakira Whizz Bang Pop with Debeaux2.5yo g/w, another typical excellent type, large masculine head, expression could be a little softer, good length of neck, strong sturdy well boned body, well angulated front and back so moves with good topline and tailset. Very outgoing – just preferred overall balance of winner.

Veteran Dog
1stChellanda Take A Chance On Me ShCM7yo b/w, very nice overall type, large head with good nose placement, soft expression, good bone, very nice topline and tailset which he holds moving, in lovely condition.

Minor Puppy Bitch
1stRossvale Forever Dreaming7mths gold, beautiful type! Very feminine head and sweet expression, large dark eye, broad up tilted underjaw, excellent bone, long rib, good width &depth of chest for her age, excellent topline and tailset when she felt like moving !! wonderful character
2ndIsishouse Miss Moneypenny For Chellanda7mths g/w, another very promising puppy – very feminine, pretty well-developed head, very good body, excellent topline and tailset moving, compared to many on the day she excelled in front movement.

Puppy Bitch
1stCh. Marpalyn Phab Gold9mths gold, another very promising puppy, slightly smaller type but still has good bone and sturdy body. Very typical oriental soft expression, lovely balance throughout, well angulated front and back so moves with correct topline and tailset, excellent textured coat, so aloof!! 2
2ndMinfaa Jitterbug Stroll11mths G/W, larger type to the winner but still has good overall balance – feminine head and expression, nice length of neck, good length of rib, strong loin, good angulation front and back, tail set is lovely but at the moment flattens slightly moving.

Junior Bitch
1stCh. Middletune Flame Of Gold13 mths b/m gold, beautiful head and expression with lovely wide tilted underjaw, sturdy body, good bone, long well-developed ribcage. Excellent in front, close behind today but she is a little heavy. Tail set is good but carried a little flat today.
2ndLyndatzu Que Sah Rah JW17 mths g/w, very feminine head and sweet expression, good ribcage and length of body, excellent topline and tailset moving, coat not as finished as the winner today.
ResMiddletune Eternal Flame At Shirkeira JW13 mths gold, again a nice overall type but narrow through at the moment, correct typical expression, winner moves in a more positive fashion

Novice Bitch
1stCremefern Dancing On A Dream10 months b/w, pretty head with excellent eye shape, nice overall balance, a bit narrow throughout at the moment,
2ndMiddletune Eternal Flame At Shirkeira JW13 mths gold, again a nice overall type but narrow through at the moment, correct typical expression, winner moves in a more positive fashion

Yearling Bitch
1stCh. Zeeva Reflections JW18 mths Red/white, maturing very well, excellent large round head with feminine expression, topline excellent and held well on the move, well angulated front and back, good tailset and carriage, coat excellent texture, a lot to like about her!!
2ndTa Maria Royal Fantasy At Matsuba (Fin Imp)21-month gold/white, very nice typical head and expression, excellent underjaw and width, good front with good rib, a little shorter in body overall than the class winner, tail was a little flat today moving
ResMiddletune Eternal Flame At Shirkeira JW13 mths gold, again a nice overall type but narrow through at the moment, correct typical expression, winner moves in a more positive fashion

Post Graduate Bitch
1stShanjora’s Golden SunsetGrey brindle, excellent type and balance, small and feminine with excellent body, large round head with very haughty oriental expression , well angulated, moves with good tailset and carriage.
2ndSnoops Golden Lady4yo gold, larger type overall but still has nice balance, good topline and tailset, well angulated, longer and narrower in loin than the winner.

Minor Limit Bitch
1stCh. Rossvale Only In Dreams JW2yo gold, lovely size with typical balance overall. Sturdy body, good topline and tailset, front needs to tighten up but drives well behind.
2ndIsishouse Queen Meritaten for Chellanda2.5yo g/w, excellent type, very feminine head and expression, excellent spring and length of rib, would like more angulation front and rear but moves holding a good shape.

Limit Bitch
1stCh. Shorestar Hocus Pocus JWBCC and BOS,What a beautiful black bitch – everything I would look for in a female – Large round head, large soft eyes, broad up tilted underjaw, wide nose, excellent sturdy body with long rib, excellent angulation front and back which lets her move soundly and typically with high tail carriage, so sound coming and going, loved everything about her and was delighted (and somewhat surprised ) to learn she became a very well deserved champion on the day. By the end of the day with the heat and all the challenges she was understandably flagging slightly, delighted to see she has continued her winning ways too.
2ndTameron Miss Daisy Blush at Portiakiss3yo pale gold, another extremely nice bitch, so feminine, beautiful head with the largest soft eyes, excellent underjaw, well angulated front and back and moves with drive and correct topline and tail carriage. Excellent type overall, well deserved placing in a very nice class.

Open Bitch
1stCh. Tameron Miss Black OpiumRCC,4yo b/w, excellent type, large round head with good expression, eyes are dark and could be slightly larger, excellent front with broad deep chest, sturdy and well boned , good length of rib and strong loin, moves with great drive from behind holding the correct topline and tailset.
2ndQanukakira Oopzadayzy3.5 y gold, comes into her own on the ground as she stood with a rising topline on the table, excellent type overall, large round head, muzzle a little long , wide set eyes, strong sturdy body , excellent tailset and tail carriage, confident and free movement. Preferred the overall balance of the winner.

Veteran Bitch
1stCh. Miracey Fruity KissesThis class was a joy to judge – all in such wonderful condition and all so typical!, 8yo g/w, excellent type, such a sweet feminine head and expression, long sturdy body, well angulated front and back, excellent topline and tail carriage, wonderful personality who decided when she should move !! Considered for RCC at the end of the day.
2ndTansingh Angel and Demon10.5 yo g/w, in super condition, very nice overall type, large round head, typical expression, excellent ribcage and length of body, holds a lovely shape moving.