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Full Critique for WELKS 2019

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Judge : Mrs Susanne Crossley
This critique reflects the judge's opinion
based on what they saw on the day of the show.

I would like to thank the committee of WELKS for the invitation to judge Shih-Tzu and my first appointment to award CCs. Overall I was very pleased with my top awards, however, there were a few faults that appeared to be trending in the breed. Noses are becoming too long losing that typical Shih-Tzu expression. There were also a lot of upright shoulders, poor tailsets and most worryingly too high in the leg. Please have a look at the dogs who I gave top awards to; this is what I believe we need to be working towards to protect our beautiful breed.

Minor Puppy Dog
1stRossvale Eclipse Of The Sun7 month old solid gold with the most beautiful head and true expression, of good size and moved well, in good coat.
2ndSherthian Trust In Me At CavateenaG/W dog, balanced well and moved with enthusiasm, I preferred the head and expression on 1.

Puppy Dog
1stHoneyshuchun The Star LordPale G/W dog, good width throughout. Really liked the head and eye on this dog, he moved with such enthusiasm and was presented well.
2ndCharonnis Vegas High RollerSolid gold dog, lovely dark eye and well placed nose. Nicely bodied carrying his tail on high, I just preferred the overall balance of one.

Junior Dog
1stRossvale Dress For SuccessThis was a solidly constructed dog, well balanced and low to the ground. He moved round the ring like a ship in full sail. I was pleased to award him 1st place.
2ndMapimakastar AlbertWell presented, well bodied black and white dog. Lovely dark eye and moved with drive, Slightly higher on the leg than 1 which is why I preferred the overall balance of 1.

Yearling Dog
1stTa Maria Black Edition at Matsuba (Fin Imp)I liked this heavily coated little dog, he had a lovely expression with good nose placement. I was pleased to see good width throughout and he moved with lots of drive.
2ndTiziano SerenissimaGold and white dog in good coat. He had good width throughout and was presented well. I just preferred the overall balance and head of 1.

Post Graduate Dog
1stKimevan Cast A SpellI liked this dog a lot. He excels in head and expression. He had plenty of bone and substance with good width throughout, low to ground but was a little reluctant on the move.
2ndYung Lo’s Who Needs A DressNicely balanced gold and white dog with typical head and expression which was very pleasing to see. He moved well.

Limit Dog
1stCh. Miracey Zero HourGold and white dog who was a pleasure to judge. I really liked everything about him, his head, expression, body, width and tail carriage giving a beautifully balanced picture, especially when on the move.
2ndCh. Jacquinta Lets Go Andy JWG/W dog of pleasing type. He had a strong head, with dark eye and good width of muzzle. His balance was good, I just preferred the movement on 1.

Open Dog
1stCh. Art Made Gene Kelly (Imp Swe)What a beautiful breed specimen, true to type and a pleasure to watch on the move. I liked everything about this dog, his attitude and ring presence demanded my attention and I was delighted to award him the CC.
2ndCh. Zamadar Majic Potion for CedarhytheAnother quality dog, head and expression was true to type, well bodied and low to the ground. He moved round the ring with drive. I was pleased to be able to award him the Res CC.

Veteran Dog
1stCh. Miracey Hotter Than Hell at Meilijo JWA good quality solid gold dog. Pleasing head and eye and well bodied. Moved with enthusiasm.
2ndMojito On The Rocks Is YunqishingB/W Dog larger type than 1, large head with dark eye, I preferred the overall balance of 1.

Minor Puppy Bitch
1stRossvale Forever Dreaminganother quality puppy from this kennel. She was beautifully balanced and presented, her strongest point was her head, lovely dark eye with a tip tilted nose giving that true Shih Tzu expression.
2ndMatsonic Surprise Guest For QuingshuiSlightly bigger type than 1 however well balanced and bodied with a pleasing head and good width throughout.

Puppy Bitch
1stCh. Marpalyn Phab GoldA beautiful gold puppy bitch who I liked very much. Lovely to see a beautiful head and expression with a lovely dark eye. She excelled in movement with good balance, this girl definitely has a bright future. Delighted to award her best puppy in breed.
2ndMinfaa Jitterbug StrollAnother puppy with lots of character. She moved round the ring with drive and was presented well. I just preferred the head of 1.

Junior Bitch
1stCh. Paliden Bucks Fizz To Ekland JWWhat a personality in this little girl! I just loved her attitude! She had a very pretty head with a pleasing expression. Lovely reach of neck into well placed shoulders. A pleasure to watch on the move.
2ndCh. Corrlough Ice MaidenVery similar to 1, good reach of neck and level topline, I just preferred the balance of 1.

Beginners Bitch
1stTameron Miss Daisy Blush at PortiakissPale solid gold bitch with the prettiest of dark round eyes. She was well balanced in good condition and moved well – Best Special Beginners Award
2ndRossvale Secret Affair is Yunqishing JWgold and white bitch, good head and expression, moved with purpose around the ring, I just preferred the head of 1.

Yearling Bitch
1stCh. Paliden Bucks Fizz To Ekland JWWhat a personality in this little girl! I just loved her attitude! She had a very pretty head with a pleasing expression. Lovely reach of neck into well placed shoulders. A pleasure to watch on the move.
2ndPaliden Inca Gold for AnbareesThis bitch had a pretty head on well placed shoulders. Her topline was good and overall was balanced.

Post Graduate Bitch
1stIsishouse Queen Meritaten for ChellandaThis pretty gold and white bitch had a lovely head and expression with good nose placement, her expression was very pleasing. She was in good coat and condition and well bodied.
2ndPeekin Miss Jazz Ming-Tua proportionately balanced bitch with good reach of neck and tail carriage and moved well. I just preferred the expression of 1.

Limit Bitch
1stCh. Tsantha AdornmentWhat an absolutely delightful Shih-Tzu, she ticked every box for me. Her head and expression were exactly as it should be with the most melting of expressions, I couldn’t take my eyes off her. She was beautifully bodied, well boned with lovely lay of shoulder and level topline into a perfect set on of tail. I was honoured to award her the CC and BOB and I would hope her other two tickets will not be far away.
2ndCh. Rossvale Only In Dreams JWThis bitch was very unlucky to come up against 1. She again had a beautiful typical Shih Tzu expression and the most beautiful dark eye. She was in excellent condition and moved well.

Open Bitch
1stCh. Tameron Miss Black OpiumB/W bitch in the most fabulous condition. She had a good head and eye with excellent reach of neck. Lovely depth of chest with level topline and good angulation, was very pleased to award her the Res CC.
2ndTameron Miss ParisThere was a lot to like about this bitch. She had a good head with width to the muzzle giving a sweet expression with a round dark eye. Her overall bone and construction was true to type and she moved well around the ring.

Veteran Bitch
1stCh. Thaisu She RocksI have admired this bitch from the ring side throughout her show career. I couldn’t quite believe she was 10 years old! She was a pleasure to judge, fabulous condition, the most melting of expressions and so well boned and bodied. A quality bitch.
2ndCh. Miracey Fruity Kisses8 year old bitch again in great condition. She had a good head and eye and lovely to see the width throughout. She moved with such attitude around the ring, in good coat.