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Full Critique for WELKS 2023

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Judge : Mrs Emma Becquet-Hill
This critique reflects the judge's opinion
based on what they saw on the day of the show.

I would like to thank everyone who entered under me and the committee of WELKS. Since I last judged in 2019, I feel the overall quality and type has not gone in the right direction. We seem to have lost some of the true breed requirements, heads have lost the broadness that help give the true shape, expression that we should see, and movement is also a concern. On the day I was pleased that there were some truly lovely examples of the breed, stronger correct type seen more in the bitch classes and some very promising youngsters.

Minor Puppy Dog
1stKeola Driving Force JWLovely temperament displayed, while on the table and on the move. Black and white who for his age had a good body on him. Nice head and expression, nice eye. Correct top line and tail set. Overall good construction and good type.
2ndCarlita’s Star Of DreamsThis little chap was slightly more unsettled on the day. Nice head and balance. Pleasing expression, with correct eye. Did find him a little finer than I would like.

Puppy Dog
1stLyndatzu Love StoryNice sized boy, in good coat. Has a good head, dark eye and expression. Nicely balanced with correct top line and tail set. Moved steadily and well on the day.
2ndLyndatzu Love BugLitter brother of one, and there is not much between them. He moved well, nice head, top line and balance, just found him slightly finer than his brother.

Junior Dog
1stCedarhythe Dark DestinyLovely black and white boy. Really nice balance and outline which then did not disappoint when I went over him and watched him move. Good head, with large dark eye, correct stop, padded muzzle, giving him the overall correct type of head. Well-muscled, sprung rib, good laid-back shoulders. Moved well in front and the rear. Presented in excellent condition. I am sure will have a promising future.
2ndRossvale Wildest Dream JWAnother boy of good type. Lovely size, construction and balance. Good bone, neck and laid-back shoulders. Beautiful expression created by correct eye, domed head, and correct stop. Like one, beautifully presented and again feel this boy will have a promising future.

Yearling Dog
1stMifcah’s By Royal Command To JaverdaGold and white boy, shown is good condition. Correct top line and tail set. Moved out well in front, handled and presented well.
2ndSantosha ExcaliburNice head and eye. Moved well, just needs to mature a little to have challenged for the class.

Post Graduate Dog
1stMarhilway Driving Edge At Jacquinta JWLovely boy, good head and eye. Deep chest and good bone, well arched neck. Correct top line and tail set. Good reach in front and showing pads at the rear. Liked him when he came in the ring, and he did not disappoint to go over. Will have a promising future, I am sure.
2ndEmerson Alpiu Slenis Of Alchez JW ShCEx OSWBalanced boy, moved ok with good tail carriage. Slightly narrow in head for my preference.

Limit Dog
1stQuingshui Gingers NinjaGood overall type. Nice head and expression. Well boned. Good shoulder, deep broad and good top line. Moved steady and well in both directions.

Open Dog
1stCh. Senousi Dressed For It By FairmereWhat can say about this dog, he captured my eye the moment he came in the ring. A true representation of the breed. When I went over him, I found him to have, correct shoulder, deep chest and level top line. Perfect angulation and construction. Wonderful expression created by, large dark eye, correct muzzle, nose and stop. When he moved, he moved with correct reach and drive and at the right pace, he was shown and presented excellently. This was an easy choice to award him the CC and BOB.
2ndCh. Tameron Mr Black Is BackBlack and white boy of good correct type. Lovely masculine head, with good expression. Good neck and shoulders, level top line and correct tail set which he kept while on the move. He moved with correct reach and drive. RCC

Veteran Dog
1stCh. Artelino Moomins Adventure7-year-old boy who was shown and presented beautifully. Good size, correct head and lovely expression Deep chest, good bone with correct top line and tail set. Moved well.

Minor Puppy Bitch
1stGladmin Capetown CandyWhat a wonderful class of promising young bitches. What a super little girl. Feminine head, with good expression, dark eye. Correct shoulders, level top line and good tail carriage. Well balanced overall and moved with drive, enthusiasm and character, which she kept up each time she moved. Pleasure to award her BP on the day and look forward to seeing how she progresses.
2ndKonatian Turn On The MagicNicely balanced girl, good head and expression. Well balanced, moved well with correct top line and tail carriage.

Puppy Bitch
1stLyndatzu Truly ScrumptiousLovely head and sweet expression. Nice size and balance and outline. Good neck and shoulders and moved well with such happiness.
2ndKonatian Turn On The MagicNicely balanced girl, good head and expression. Well balanced, moved well with correct top line and tail carriage.

Junior Bitch
1stRossvale Dreaming Again1 and 2 in the class were both of good type which this kennel continues to produce. Lovely feminine gold with black mask. Head of true type, dark eye, good stop and muzzle. She moves correctly with lovely tail set. I am sure will continue to do well.
2ndRossvale Beautiful Dreamer At CarlitaIf this little lady had been more settled on the day this would have been a difficult choice to make between 1 & 2. Like 1, she is of lovely type. That true expression, lovely eye. Beautifully balanced. Moved out well in front and behind.

Yearling Bitch
1stCh. Rossvale Little Black DressBlack and white bitch who is smaller in size but still has all the right qualities. Feminine expression, and lovely overall balance. Dark eye, good muzzle and stop. Moves beautifully with drive and reach.

Post Graduate Bitch
1stHoneyshuchun Star GoddessFeminine young bitch with a lovely head and expression. Nice dark eye and pigment. Correct laid shoulders, deep chest and sprung rib. Nicely balanced. Moved very soundly. I would expect to see her do well when she matures a bit more.
2ndMapimakastar Delilah HugoNice head and expression. Taller in leg than one, and not as balanced as shorter in body. Nice temperament clearly enjoys the show ring. Moved well.

Limit Bitch
1stCh. Santosha SilhouetteYet again what another true representation of the breed from this kennel. Correct in size and construction. Beautiful head and expression. She did not disappoint to go over, she is well bodied, lovely neck into well laid shoulders. Level top line and correct tail set. Moved at the right pace, with right enthusiasm, correct reach in front and lovely drive from behind. She was an easy choice to award her the CC, I am sure she will have many more to follow.
2ndSenousi Love The DressAnother great example of breed type. Lovely arrogant expression, which catches your eye. Good size, balance and construction. Moved steadily and well with correct reach in front and drive from behind.

Open Bitch
1stSenousi Caress In A DressBeautiful bitch so nicely balanced and true to type. Lovely head with arrogant expression. Dark well shaped eye. Correct depth of chest and well sprung rib. Good angulation, well balanced. Correct top line and tail set. Moved well in front and behind. Happy to award her the RCC on the day. I am sure she will go on to win many other awards.
2ndCh. Rossvale’s Finnish ModelAnother lovely feminine bitch. On the day was not quite so settled on the move as 1, but she will easily win classes in the future, I am sure. Pretty head, with lovely expression. Good size and balance, correct movement in front and rear.

Veteran Bitch
1stDaltricia Thana at Shanuleas ShCM VW8 year old who was shown in such an abundance of coat for her age. Well balanced, nice head and eye moved soundly.
2ndCharmant Charlotte Enigmatyczny Zakatek MapimakastSmaller and narrower than 1 but outline and balance was good. Moved ok.