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Full Critique for Birmingham 2014

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Judge : Mrs Jean Lanning
This critique reflects the judge's opinion
based on what they saw on the day of the show.

A pleasant time judging a number of good dogs. Always a challenge in this breed to get the absolute correct mouth, as required by the standard. Whilst not accepting wry mouths, i was a little forgiving at times to those who were a little more undershot than required. The body should be well coupled, this makes for a well collected dog. Over long dogs quite often weak in front and behind. There was quite a lot of weaving in front. The head piece, will always be important in this breed, also the abundant coat and characteristic movement which is also special to this unique breed. I was able to find all these requirements in my main winners. Some lovely puppies out today.

Minor Puppy Dog
1stDebeaux Top Hat And TailsGrand jacket, firm front, moving with stye, showing the pads.
2ndChesvet Line Irbis Delaman Vintage for Suzitzu (ImSmaller edition, perfect mouth. My notes say one to watch. Lovely.

Puppy Dog
1stBlackgangshi Father To SonSolid front, Extending with drive with strong quarters.
2ndCarlita Dare To WinGood jacket, excellent front, just needs to extend more on the move. Plenty of time here.

Junior Dog
1stCh. Keytor All That JazzHas the stamp of elegance with substance, well balanced, excellent front.
2ndWarathwaite Prince VegasHas time to mmature. In good coat, appeared over long in body and close behind.

Yearling Dog
1stCh. Cremefern Sweet Talkin Guy JW ShCMA shade full in eye, but a classy dog, has style and well coupled body.
2ndCedarhythe Devilish DarlinLovely size, all class, not showing quite with the style. Lot going for this one.

Post Graduate Dog
1stSaffron Sherhy I Walk n Talk with Debeaux (IMP RUSSmart dog, good eye, moving out well, just needs to firm in front.
2ndDebeaux My BeauSimiliar type and quality, but topline not so good.

Limit Dog
1stCh. Debeaux Coopersrain Mr Marvellous (Int)Filled the bill today. Grand example, could win anywhere. So well balanced, strong mover, excellent front, moving with style and arrogance. Shortlisted in the group.
2ndPeekin Tsemo-TuA smaller edition, but i really loved this dog, well presented but could carry more coat to be ideal.

Open Dog
1stCh. Zamadar Majic Potion for CedarhytheWorthy champion. Not given to any exageration. Neat dog, excellent coat and good eye, moving well, with style.
2ndCwmaur Dance With Givenchy ShCMtypical example, grand coat, just lacked the sparkle of the winner.

Veteran Dog
1stCh. Brownhills My ChoiceIn good coat for 0 years, moving well.
2ndMingshu Ready Teddy GlowAlso in good form but not carrying the best of coats.

Minor Puppy Bitch
1stMarpalyn Gold SpiceReal raw baby, good head and eye.

Puppy Bitch
1stZeeva Hot AttractionStood out in this lovely class. Must be a bright future for this one. So well balanced. Delighted to see her placed 4th in the puppy utility group.
2ndMiracey Twist And Shout at MinfaaAnother top class puppy, lovely to see such promising puppies.

Junior Bitch
1stMatsha Que Sera Sera ShCMAnother top class one. Proud mover , good front.
2ndPolmac Balthasars GiftClose up. Moving well for and aft, excellent coat.

Yearling Bitch
1stMinfaa Gypsy Queen At MiddletuneGood head and eye. Excellent coat, moving soundly with style.
2ndCh. Taydale Dancin In The Stars with CedarhytheStrong firm mover, close up in this quality class.
3rdPolmac Balthasars GiftClose up. Moving well for and aft, excellent coat.

Post Graduate Bitch
1stPeekin Peek-A-Boo-TuCoat, head and eye all pleased. Little close behind.

Limit Bitch
1stMiracey Star Dancer For Carlita JW ShCMHeaded a good class. Lovely head, sound characterisitic mover.
2ndCh. Cloughlea One Step Beyond DolhaClose up here, same qualiy and style. Can change.

Open Bitch
1stCh. Chanikos Hopes and Dreams for EthelsmeadThe right pattern, excellent head and eye. Another which fills the eye with her many essential qualities.
2ndJimsamroblee Miss HonaluluCame from the very good limit class. Good head, moving well.

Veteran Bitch
1stCh. Chelhama Leading Light JWBoth lovely examples of their breed Still moving with stye and in the best of coats.
2ndGladmin ShakiaBoth lovely examples of their breed Still moving with stye and in the best of coats.