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Popeye’s Creme De La Creme (JW) (Imp Swe)

Show Result History

2nd Open Bitch2018Scottish KC (August)Miss H HowardVery unfortunate to meet winner. Lovely head and expression with dark eyes and good pigmentation, Lovely shape and size, really well bodied and moved well in profile. In excellent coat and groomed to perfection.
3rd Open Bitch2018Welsh KCMr F Kane
VHC Open Bitch2018East of EnglandMr R Oldham
2nd Open Bitch2018WindsorMr T PaczowskiSolid black with the exquisite head and expression. Deep chest and round ribcage and short loin Moved freely with good reach and drive. Lovely picture on the move. Excellent presentation.
3rd Open Bitch2018BirminghamMr T Wareing
3rd Open Bitch2018Shih Tzu Club of Wales & WestMr M Russell
VHC Open Bitch2018CruftsMr N Stevens
3rd Open Bitch2017DriffieldMrs H ChadwickAttractive solid black who has lots to like about her. Shown in lovely coat and condition. Moved well.
3rd Open Bitch2017DarlingtonMr I Millar
Res Open Bitch2017City of BirminghamMr A Easdon
2nd Open Bitch2017Border UnionMrs J McIntyreCompact bitch classic outline lovely head & expression in excellent coat of correct texture moved well.
2nd Open Bitch2017Boston & District CSMrs J Bowns2) Casentieri – Popeyes De La Crème JW (imp SWE) Solid black who is presented to perfection and a truly lovely bitch, I have done her well in the past and still like her very much
Res Open Bitch2016Joint Shih Tzu ClubsMiss M Persson
VHC Open Bitch2016DriffieldMr P Seier-Sorenson
Res Open Bitch2016BelfastMrs J Peak
2nd Open Bitch2016DarlingtonMrs L FarnworthBrindle 3 year old bitch. Low to the ground. Expression pleasing. Fabulous dark eye and pigmentation. Skull proportions excellent. Good length of neck. Fore chest wide and deep, reflected in the rib cage. Correct loin. Rear angulation good. Ample bone. Moved with rear end propulsion.
VHC Open Bitch2016RichmondDr A Paloheimo
VHC Open Bitch2016BournemouthMr P Jolley
2nd Open Bitch2016STC Summer Open ShowMr G Davies
3rd Open Bitch2016WindsorMr D G Roberts
Res Open Bitch2016Border UnionMiss D Howland
Res Open Bitch2016Three CountiesMr J Grugan
2nd Open Bitch2016BathMrs A PickburnSolid grey who has matured a lot in the last few months. Sound bitch with good head, nice body shape and well bodied. Good tailset. Moves and shows well.
VHC Open Bitch2016Scottish KC (May)Mr A Wight
VHC Open Bitch2016BirminghamMrs R Morgan
1st Open Bitch2016WELKSMr D Iley
3rd Open Bitch2016Manchu Shih Tzu SocietyMrs E McDonald
Bitch RCC, 1st OB2016Northern Counties Shih Tzu ClubMrs Y Cannon3-year-old of excellent type. Excellent head and expression with ex bite. Well bodied, with good angulations with excellent front, excellent ribcage and well ribbed back holding good top line standing and on the move. Moved soundly in all aspects, could just do with a little more oomph on the day. Shown in excellent coat. RCC.
Res Open Bitch2016CruftsMrs P Gregory
Bitch RCC, 1st OB2016ManchesterMiss H HowardI judged this young lady at her first show and she still does not disappoint me. Beautiful feminine head with the darkest of eyes. Excellent mouth, good body and substance. Moved well in front and rear. Excellent coat and condition. Res CC.
Res Open Bitch2015LKAMr N Barker
Bitch CC, 1st OB2015BUBAMrs C Murrell
Bitch RCC, 1st OB2015Joint Shih Tzu ClubsMr T MoranDark grey with a very attractive head and expression, excellent bright, well shaped eyes, good broad skull, excellent nose placement. I love her size and typical outline with excellent top-line and tail set, excellent fore-chest & excellent body proportions. Front could be a little tighter but excellent rear angulation. Moved well and in exquisite over all condition. (RES CC)
3rd Limit Bitch2015Shih Tzu ClubMr D Ellis
2nd Limit Bitch2015South WalesMr F Kane
Bitch RCC, 1st OB2015BelfastMrs J BownsA solid Brindle lady which has a lovely expression, good dark eyes, she has good shoulders and has a very good ribcage. She holds her top line well on the move and is shown in excellent coat and handled well. Pleased to award her the RES CC
Res Limit Bitch2015DarlingtonMr P Harding
2nd Limit Bitch2015STC Summer Open ShowMrs J QuickBlack/Grey 2yrs old love her head and expression ample bone with deep chest, and good rib level top line, moved well.
Res Limit Bitch2015BlackpoolMr M James
2nd Limit Bitch2015Border UnionMrs Y Forbes
3rd Limit Bitch2014LKAMrs J Meyer
1st Limit Bitch2014BUBAMr L Forster
1st Mid Limit Bitch2014Shih Tzu ClubMrs D Skok LamutBeautiful grayish/brindle, excellent size, type & balance. Superb head, round dark eyes, correct lenght of nose, good stop. Strong, stocky body, compact, with good proportions. Good lay of shoulders, deep chest, level and muscular back. High tail set and carriage. Movement smooth and flowing with strong drive and good reach. Lovely mature coat. Beautifully presented.
2nd Junior Bitch2014Joint Shih Tzu ClubsMrs S Cooke
3rd Yearling Bitch2014DriffieldMiss D Howland
1st Yearling Bitch2014DarlingtonMr D Iley
1st Post Graduate Bitch2014Scottish KC (August)Mrs H ChadwickA very nice solid black/silver girl. Lovely size and well balanced very pretty head and expression, good spring of rib and well angulated fore and aft. Moved well.
3rd Post Graduate Bitch2014BournemouthMr J Luscott
Bitch RCC, 1st LB2014LeedsMr S BrownSolid Grey/black girl with a beautiful head . Very fem with large dark eye . Good reach of neck and teapot tail presenting a balanced outline . Moving soundly in front with good drive behind. Res CC
Res Yearling Bitch2014BlackpoolMr R Oliveira
1st Post Graduate Bitch2014Border UnionMrs P GregorySolid grey, ideal size, pretty feminine head and expression, excellent shape that was kept on the move, beautifully presented.
2nd Yearling Bitch2014Southern CountiesMr P BuremaVery good type. Beautiful head with excellent expression for a solid colourer. Excellent coat. Good tail carriage
Bitch RCC, 1st PGB2014Scottish KC (May)Mrs L FarnworthSmaller in type but had everything in proportion. Excellent domed skull. Correct stop and nose placement. Jaw wide, correct dentition. Stong dark pigmentation. Broad throughout. Shoulder placement correct. Topline level. Substance as required. Movement strong, sailed around holding lovely balance. Displayed the arrogance of the breed. Beautifully presented RCC.
2nd Post Graduate Bitch2014Shih Tzu Club of ScotlandMrs J W Wood-JonesSolid black bitch of good proportions. Sturdy body with the good head and beautiful expression.
VHC Junior Bitch2014Manchu Shih Tzu SocietyMr R Gregory
1st Junior Bitch2014Northern Counties Shih Tzu ClubMrs G M GilkesPleasing grey/brindle who was lovely to go over. She was well bodied, had good angultion and balance. Moved with drive and is in good coat, which was well presented.
3rd Special Junior Bitch2014CruftsMrs E StephensonSolid steel grey. My ideal size. Very pretty, feminine head. Good stop and nice expression. Nicely balanced. Good, well presented coat. Moved and showed well
Res Junior Bitch2014ManchesterMr A Wight
Best Puppy
1st Puppy Bitch
2013Shih Tzu ClubMr P StantonA grey black beauty who is very elegant and showed with great style really beautiful expression excellent neck and good strong topline although just a little high at the back lovely tail set and carriage very well developed body excellent coat moved soundly. BEST PUPPY.
1st Minor Puppy Bitch2013Joint Shih Tzu ClubsMrs P Lord
Best Puppy
1st Puppy Bitch
2013South WalesMr K NathanLovely black 10 month old beautiful feminine head correct eye good neck nicely balanced with tail height she is well made throughout with excellent rib and topline sound and stylish in good coat BP.
2nd Puppy Bitch2013DriffieldMr R OwenSolid black sound body nice mouth lovely head moved well around the ring pushed hard for first a difficult choice.
VHC Puppy Bitch2013City of BirminghamMrs B Banbury
Res Puppy Bitch2013Scottish KC (August)Mrs L Stannard
2nd Puppy Bitch2013LeedsMr P Seier-Sorenson
1st Minor Puppy Bitch2013East of EnglandMr A EasdonGold and white super head with oriental expression well balanced high tail set level topline correct body open nostrils the best of movers.
Res Minor Puppy Bitch2013BlackpoolMrs D Williams
1st Minor Puppy Bitch2013Scottish KC (May)Mr E Paterson
Best Puppy
1st Minor Puppy Bitch
2013Shih Tzu Club of ScotlandMiss H Howard


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