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Ch. Rossvale Secret Obsession

Show Result History

Best Veteran
1st Veteran Bitch
2021Extra Champ Show NCSTCPretty gold and white bitch who certainly didn’t look her age! Lovely head and sweet expression with a good neck & lay of shoulder, level topline, good tail set and well angled rear. She motored eagerly around the ring with a good flowing action & I was pleased to award her B.V.I.S
Best Veteran
1st Veteran Bitch
2021BlackpoolMiss A IngramReally feminine bitch with really nice carriage on the move. Wide muzzle with good round eyes, crested neck, good bone and body. Strong hindquarters which she uses well on the move. Best Veteran
Best of Breed, BCC, BCC, BV, 1st VB2021BirminghamMrs S CrossleyShe is absolutely lovely, so correct to the standard, gorgeous head, big dark eyes, her expression is beautiful, she is a lovely shape, balanced perfectly, excellent tail and very sound on the move. Bitch CC + BOB. Very well deserved
2nd Veteran Bitch2021Shih Tzu Club of Scotlandanother lovely veteran bitch nice head good balance moved well.
Best Veteran
1st Veteran Bitch
2021Northern Counties Shih Tzu ClubMs J Sullivan9 years a beautiful g/w bitch, very feminine, lovely head with big dark eyes, well bodied, good tailset, in lovely coat, Flew around the ring (a little pocket rocket). BVIS.
Res Open Bitch2020Boston & District CS
Res Open Bitch2019CruftsMr K Sinclair
1st Open Bitch2018BUBAMrs E Becquet-HillThis bitch did not disappoint to go over. Feminine bitch true to type. Good substance. Correct size in head, dark eye and correct nose placement. Lovely neck which flowed into well laid-back shoulders. Good shaped ribbed cage. Lovely angulation. Moved well in front and behind.
Reserve BIS2018Shih Tzu ClubMrs G TownsinNo wonder she is a Champion. Lovely Oriental Expression which is hard to pin-point and even harder to find. Good dentition, pigmentation, eye, nose breadth of skull, nice neckline flowing into shoulders. Lovely depth of body, balance and level top-line which she held on the move and Oh can she move!! Good forward reach and strong hind action. Wonderful to have had the opportunity to judge such a girl and add to her illustrious show career. Well deserving of her awards.
Reserve BIS2018Joint Shih Tzu ClubsMr R OwenBeautiful breed type, worthy Champion, perfect movement, tail carriage excellent, outline on the move. BCC
Bitch CC2018Shih Tzu ClubMrs G TownsinNo wonder she is a Champion. Lovely Oriental Expression which is hard to pin-point and even harder to find. Good dentition, pigmentation, eye, nose breadth of skull, nice neckline flowing into shoulders. Lovely depth of body, balance and level top-line which she held on the move and Oh can she move!! Good forward reach and strong hind action. Wonderful to have had the opportunity to judge such a girl and add to her illustrious show career. Well deserving of her awards.
Bitch CC2018Joint Shih Tzu ClubsMr R OwenBeautiful breed type, worthy Champion, perfect movement, tail carriage excellent, outline on the move. BCC
1st Open Bitch2018Shih Tzu ClubMrs G TownsinNo wonder she is a Champion. Lovely Oriental Expression which is hard to pin-point and even harder to find. Good dentition, pigmentation, eye, nose breadth of skull, nice neckline flowing into shoulders. Lovely depth of body, balance and level top-line which she held on the move and Oh can she move!! Good forward reach and strong hind action. Wonderful to have had the opportunity to judge such a girl and add to her illustrious show career. Well deserving of her awards.
1st Open Bitch2018Joint Shih Tzu ClubsMr R OwenBeautiful breed type, worthy Champion, perfect movement, tail carriage excellent, outline on the move. BCC
Bitch RCC, 1st OB2018South WalesMrs P Gregorythis stylish bitch is a worthy champion, she excels in breed type lovely head & melting expression, dark round eyes, correct mouth, moved with drive pleased to award her RBCC
Best of Breed, BCC, 1st OB2018DriffieldMr E PatersonUltra feminine but not quite the balance of winner, lovely eyes and expression, good angulation fore and aft, showed herself to advantage on the move.
3rd Open Bitch2018BelfastMr S Hall
2nd Open Bitch2018DarlingtonMr B MedforthAnother beautiful girl and a worthy champion. Having many of the same attributes as my winner, beautiful head and eyes, lovely nose placement, good reach of neck, good length to rib lovely tail set and carriage. Sadly she met the winner today on another day both these quality bitches could change places I am sure. Both of these worthy champions are a credit to the breed
2nd Open Bitch2018City of BirminghamMrs B RobertsAnother gold/white excelling in breed type, lovely head with soft expression, dark eyes good mouth, firm well-made body. Moved well a worthy champion.
Best of Breed, BCC, 1st OB2018Scottish KC (August)Miss H HowardYou can definitely understand why she has won so much, she is a show girl through and through always giving her owner a hundred and ten percent! Lovely arrogant expression with melting large dark eyes, excellent construction front and rear allowing her to motor around the ring. Nice width of chest carrying enough body and holding a level topline at all times. Well balanced beautifully presented. Was pleased to award her the CC & BOB and later watched her get shortlisted in a strong Utility Group.
3rd in Group
Best of Breed
Bitch CC
1st Open Bitch
2018Welsh KCMr F Kane4 yrs gold/white, lovely size, proportions and balance and she moved very well with good tail carriage. Good head with eyes of good size and appropriate colour, sturdy and well ribbed, carriage and topline won this class.
Best of Breed, BCC, 1st OB2018BournemouthMrs G M GilkesBCC & BOB It is easy to see why this girl has won so well. She is an ideal size, and has lovely balance. Melting expression, well arched neck leading to a good shoulder, well sprung ribs and lovely rear angulation. She powered round the ring and defied me to ignore her! She gave another excellent performance in the group, where she was shortlisted.
Bitch RCC, 1st OB2018East of EnglandMr R OldhamG&W feminine and of handy size, particularly scores for eyes and expression, broad skull, well placed nose and finish to underjaw, decent front assembly, liked her neck and head carriage, scored in topline and reach, high tailset and carriage, RCC.
Bitch CC, 1st OB2018WindsorMr T PaczowskiG&W of a lovely size and shape. Feminine head with a dark eye and good nose placement. Deep chest and well ribbed with a strong neck and level topline. So well made which shows in her free-flowing movement. Well presented. BCC
Res Open Bitch2018BlackpoolMrs V Goodwin
Bitch RCC, 2nd OB2018Border UnionMrs G DolphinDeep gold and white. Well known champion who pressed the winner hard. Very feminine. Pleasing balance sturdily constructed mature body. Good neck and lay of shoulder. Level topline strong back end. Beautiful head and expression, large dark eyes, good mouth. Lovely tail carriage. Moved soundly and with arrogance. Shown in beautiful coat a worthy champion. Res CC.
2nd Open Bitch2018Scottish KC (May)Ms J Sullivanlovely head dark eyes, wonderful Expression, good body moved well just preferred winner on the day.
Bitch CC, 1st OB2018BirminghamMr T WareingThis girl entered the ring showing off and defied anyone to take their eyes off her as she put on yet another masterclass of showmanship. Correct feminine head with dark round eyes, good nose placement and wide mouth rounded off the sweetest, warm expression. Good front and rear with a well proportioned body throughout. I awarded this girl BoB in a Club Open show before many of her major wins and she has gone from strength to strength. I gather she has now been awarded 9 CCs [including Crufts], it’s surely only a matter of time before she makes her landmark ’double figures’. Awarded a worthy BCC.
3rd Open Bitch2018Shih Tzu Club of ScotlandMrs L Reinelt-Gebauer
3rd Open Bitch2018Manchu Shih Tzu SocietyMr J Carter
2nd Open Bitch2018Shih Tzu Club of Wales & WestMr M RussellAnother beautiful gold and white bitch of the correct, classical shape. Beautiful head and expression, strong arched neck with well laid shoulders. Very good ribcage, strong topline and lovely tailset. Well angulated rear which showed in her strong rear movement balancing with the front to produce a lovely picture on the move. So deserving of her title, a real beauty.
Bitch CC, 1st OB2018CruftsMr N StevensThis is another dog I have admired for a while, it was a pleasure to assess for myself her qualities. Gold/white with beautiful expressive wide eyes, inch perfect stop, wide jaw with good dentition, a deep wide front with good angulation, excellent reach of neck, well sprung ribcage, level topline, short coupled, good stifle, well muscled, heavy boned construction giving excellent reach & drive, I was pleased to award her the bitch CC.& Res BOB.
Best of Breed, BCC, 1st OB2018ManchesterMr A WightCC, BOB & Gp4 This ultra feminine gold package just captured me from the second she came into the ring, posed and gave me
3rd Open Bitch2018Boston & District CSMrs Y Forbes
Bitch CC, 1st OB2017LKAMrs S PointonQuality class of beautiful ladies. Loved everything about this typy feminine g/w, lovely head and expression, broad round skull, lovely dark well-placed eyes, sweet yet arrogant expression, nicely arched neck well set on, sound firm frame of ideal proportions, well set tail, comes alive on the move, her carriage and movement took my breath away, which won her the class and the BCC.
VHC Open Bitch2017BUBAMr K Chedzoy
Bitch RCC, 2nd OB2017Joint Shih Tzu ClubsMr S WilbergHere is another fabulous bitch which is ticking all the right boxes. I loved everything about this outstand lady. She pushed Miss Black all the way, but in the end I preferred the expression on the winner so Secret Obsession got the RCC.
VHC Open Bitch2017Midland CountiesMr L Cox
Bitch RCC, 2nd OB2017South WalesMr N BarkerLovely feminine girl, super head and dark eye, has the right nose placemnt and ear set, well furnished and in good coat, lovely fore and aft movement, beautifully presented and handled by her owner, ran very close to first, RBCC.
2nd Open Bitch2017DriffieldMrs H ChadwickDeep gold and white, another lovely bitch so well deserving of her title, very attractive head and expression, moved very well.
Best of Breed, BCC, 1st OB2017DarlingtonMr I MillarA g/w bitch in full coat. I loved her head and expression, although if I was being hyper-critical, perhaps her eye could be a smidgen darker but I am being finicky. Her expression is pure Shih Tzu and the proportions of her head, its complete balance and her tip-tilted nose convey much of what says Shih Tzu to me. She is correctly put together, presents a typical outline of the breed and is sturdy while still retaining femininity. I thought she was a lovely specimen who moved smoothly and easily demonstrating controlled power and efficiency. CC and BOB, her fifth in the last two months or so, I believe.
Bitch CC, 1st OB2017City of BirminghamMr A EasdonGold and white, moves all in one piece, correct double coat, high tail carriage, level topline, low to ground, straight front, open nostrils, completely feminine, compact body. CC.
Best of Breed, BCC, 1st OB2017Scottish KC (August)Mrs Y RawleyBeautiful gold and white bitch, moved so beautifully, low to the ground with a great rib cage. She has a stunning head and eye and finish to her face. She moved perfectly and had a great tail set. Her expression just melted me and I was thrilled to give her the CC and BOB which made her into the Champion she so deserves to be
Bitch CC, 1st LB2017Welsh KCMr E EnghWow what a cracking bitch! She has it all; ideal type, proportions, quality, soundness and balance. She is powerful, still not at all big and very feminine. Ideal low to the ground. Beautiful head, well rounded and with a wide muzzle which I would not want any shorter than this. Lovely expression from round, dark eyes. Well set neck into shoulder. Firm topline. Well set and carried tail. Correct coat quality and not over-coated. An exceptional mover, at all times keeping her lovely balance and outline. She is just beautiful, I am surprised that a bitch as outstanding as this is not a champion, but made a contribution towards her title by awarding her what I was told was her second CC.
3rd Limit Bitch2017BournemouthMs K Tod
3rd Limit Bitch2017PaigntonMiss S Johnson
1st Limit Bitch2017WindsorMrs J CliffordTwo lovely bitches of a different type. 4 years gold/white. A lovely bitch that one has to judge to fully appreciate. Nothing over flashy or over the top about her bute tonnes of quality. Gorgeous head piece, best of expressions, vey kind eyes, lovely type and size. Good neck, shoulders, good spring of rib and level top line. Extremely well balanced. Covers the ground in such a positive stylish manner. Shown in full coat of correct texture. Well handled and presented.
Bitch RCC, 1st LB2017BlackpoolMr D RobbinsG/w eye catching bitch with lovely head of correct proportions in relation to the rest of her. Lovely expression set off by dark round eye and on nice arch of neck into level topline and good tail set. Moved very well for RCC. I just wish there was a little more of her for me but made a lovely picture.
Res in Group
Best of Breed
Bitch CC
1st Limit Bitch
2017Border UnionMrs J McIntyreThis bitch typifies Breed type correct size and balance lovely head & expression well constructed moves with reach & drive showing full pads covering the ground with ease .BCC & BOB
1st Limit Bitch2017Scottish KC (May)Mr K Sinclair
1st Limit Bitch2017Shih Tzu Club of ScotlandMrs C Murrell4 year old g/w. Beautiful head, wide open face, large dark eye, good jaw and correct dentition. Sound construction. Level topline. Arched neck. Lovely outline. Correct reach in front, driving well from behind showing full pad. Good coat and condition. Well presented.
3rd Limit Bitch2017WELKSMrs C E Cartledge
Bitch RCC, 1st LB2017Northern Counties Shih Tzu ClubMiss A Spoonerg/w. Very feminine expression, correct throughout, well laid shoulders level topline, in full coat, excellent movement. RCC
1st Limit Bitch2017CruftsMrs P Maule1st - 4 years gold and white, lovely mature bitch, full of attitude, soft, sweet expression, carries her head with pride, on nicely arched neck, giving the desired balance with high set tail, well made all through, broad chest, level topline, looks just right from all angles, in hard muscular condition. In lovely coat, moves with style showing full pads. Has the look straight through you, I am superior attitude that is such an important attribute of a Shih Tzu.
2nd Limit Bitch2017ManchesterMrs L StannardGood shape and size with firm solid body, deep chest, well laid shoulders. In good coat. Balanced head not the expression of winner.
1st Post Graduate Bitch2016Shih Tzu ClubMrs H DysonBrowns Rossvale Secret Obsession. Gold and White of correct size, feminine typical head, lovely outline, moved well.
VHC Post Graduate Bitch2016Joint Shih Tzu ClubsMiss M Persson
1st Post Graduate Bitch2016Midland CountiesMr S MallardShapely lady, stocky and loyal to her gender, she carries a large head with defined stop and muzzle in proportion to skull, inviting large round dark eye, clean neck, ample bone, ribcage well sprung, level topline with tailset and carriage to suit, moved stylishly.
1st Post Graduate Bitch2016RichmondDr A PaloheimoExcellent size, very feminine, excellent eyes and neck, very low to ground, excellent tail and coat, front could be a bit wider, good drive.
Bitch RCC, 1st PGB2016Scottish KC (August)Mr M GilchristMy first view of this one didn’t really do much to impress me, however, the hands on and watching her up her game did, she simply got more confidents and drew herself up to make me take notice. Truly she is going to be an excellent showgirl as she knows when to switch it on when it matters. She has a lovely head piece on her, it is so nicely balanced, good eye and expression, and carries it well on a good neck. She moves like a dream as her construction is there to allow this to happen. Whilst by no means do I think she is finished I was happy to award her the RCC. Also unsurprised to find she is the mother of the BP the qualities are all there too.
1st Post Graduate Bitch2016WindsorMr D G Roberts
1st Post Graduate Bitch2016BlackpoolMr H Van Den BergExcellent bone and substance, like her movement very much, very nice head, eye a bit dominant, level topline, excellent coat.
2nd Post Graduate Bitch2015Joint Shih Tzu ClubsMr T MoranI see from the catalogue that she is full litter sister to the winner and a lot of the same comments apply – excellent body shape with good bone, well laid out head but would prefer a slightly darker eye. In lovely coat and moved well. Excellent temperament.
Res Post Graduate Bitch2015Manchu Shih Tzu SocietyMr I Millar
3rd Graduate Bitch2015Northern Counties Shih Tzu ClubMrs L Howard
2nd Yearling Bitch2015CruftsMrs V Grugan
3rd Post Graduate Bitch2015ManchesterMr E Paterson
2nd Junior Bitch2014Border UnionMrs P GregoryAnother gold and white of good size and type, sweet expression and nice dark eye, well balanced with a good tailset, moved well around the ring.
2nd Under Graduate Bitch2014Shih Tzu Club of ScotlandMrs J W Wood-JonesA well presented bitch of a smaller type. Good head with sweet expression and good tail placement.
Res Junior Bitch2014Manchu Shih Tzu SocietyMr R Gregory
2nd Junior Bitch2014Northern Counties Shih Tzu ClubMrs G M GilkesGood head with heart-melting expression. Nicely boned, firm body, well balanced. Coming into coat a nice coat.
3rd Special Puppy Bitch2014CruftsMrs E StephensonG/w. The prettiest of heads with beautiful, dark expressive eyes. Very feminine. Beautifully balanced. Correct textured coat. Moved well. Just need a little more confidence
1st Puppy Bitch2014ManchesterMr A WightI see they are litter sisters and they are almost twins! Gold and white and they are so full of quality in head. Good broad skulls, deep stop, amply weight in muzzle with jet black pigmentation and good mouths. Nice neck, well laid shoulders and already quite firm in backline. Their tails are correctly set and carried and they could not of been better presented in jacket. When i sent them around the ring they were hard to separate but i finally opted for obsession as she came towards me that little bit steadier. But what a delightful pair.
1st Minor Puppy Bitch2013BUBAMr D Crossley8.5 months, excellent head and expression, excellent mouth, good balance and tail set, moved very well, surely one to watch
1st Minor Puppy Bitch2013Shih Tzu ClubMr P StantonBeautiful, her expression goes straight into my heart beautiful eyes and pigment a very stylish and sound mover strong topline and well developed body.
2nd Minor Puppy Bitch2013Midland CountiesMr R OldhamGold and white with beautiful head and expression liked her large dark eye and melting expression super neck and carriage ribbing good for age prefer looser tail tidy hindquarters very good in action.
1st Minor Puppy Bitch2013DriffieldMr R OwenVery feminine 6 month old little girl sweet expression correct stop well formed sound movement with good outline and tail carriage on the move


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