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Rossvale Xclusive Model at Yunquishing

Show Result History

Res Good Citizen Scheme Bitches2020CruftsMrs G M Gilkes
1st Good Citizen Scheme Bitches2019South WalesFeminine gold with lots to like, appealed in head properties with round broad head, dark round well placed eyes, good width to jaw, slight arch to neck, firm in topline, balanced front and rear, has an abundance of coat which makes her look taller than she is, moved out steadily but can firm up in rear.
1st Post Graduate Bitch2019RichmondGood type with lovely head and expression. Good pigmentation. Correct topline, tail set and body. Very good mover.
Res Open Bitch2019Welsh KCMr K Roberts
3rd Post Graduate Bitch
VHC Limit Bitch
VHC Open Bitch
2019PaigntonMrs Y Cannon
Res Open Bitch2019Bath
VHC Open Bitch2019BirminghamMr G Robertson
VHC Post Graduate Bitch2019WELKSMrs S A Crossley
3rd Good Citizen Scheme Bitches2019CruftsMr K SinclairGold and white with pleasing head. Sound front. Tends to roach in topline when she is feeling a bit tense. In well presented coat and condition
2nd Post Graduate Bitch2018Shih Tzu ClubMrs G TownsinGold and white bitch that has matured nicely. Sweet head attributes, good depth and spring of rib. Level topline. Moved well.
VHC Post Graduate Bitch
VHC Open Bitch
2018Three CountiesMr H Ogden
2nd Good Citizen Scheme Dogs2018Southern CountiesMrs C Harwoodanother pretty bitch, solid body but was not settled due to handler keep changing and she was roaching her back on the table, she has good feet, but was not as settled on the move as winner.
2nd Post Graduate Bitch
3rd Open Bitch
Res Limit Bitch
2018BathMr D CavillA real snooty expression which is wonderfully typical, lovely outline and moved very well too.
Res Post Graduate Bitch2018WELKSMrs B Williams
2nd Good Citizen Scheme Bitches2018CruftsMr N StevensGold/White with a good head, dark eyes, wide front, good reach of neck, level topline moved out well round the ring.
3rd Maiden Bitch2017Shih Tzu ClubMrs R Lysgaard
Res Limit Bitch
VHC Post Graduate Bitch
2017Welsh KCMr E Engh
2nd Post Graduate Bitch
Res Open Bitch
2017BournemouthMs K TodGold and white bitch who is well constructed, and is handled well. Lacks a little drive, needs to body up and develop coat.
VHC Limit Bitch
VHC Open Bitch
2017PaigntonMiss S Johnson
VHC Good Citizen Scheme Bitches2017CruftsMrs P Maule
3rd Post Graduate Bitch2016South WalesMrs J Howells
VHC Post Graduate Bitch
VHC Open Bitch
2016Welsh KCMrs B Croucher
2nd Yearling Bitch
VHC Post Graduate Bitch
2016BournemouthMr P JolleySuch a pleasing head with a very nice face, excellent front assembly, moves well.
Res Junior Bitch
Res Yearling Bitch
VHC Post Graduate Bitch
2016PaigntonMrs B Roberts
VHC Yearling Bitch2016WindsorMr D G Roberts
VHC Post Graduate Bitch2016BirminghamMrs R Morgan
2nd Novice Bitch
3rd Junior Bitch
3rd Beginners Bitch
2016STC Spring Open ShowMrs S A Crossley
3rd Novice Bitch2016Shih Tzu Club of Wales & WestMs L Young
VHC Puppy Bitch2015LKAMr N Barker
VHC Novice Bitch2015BUBAMrs C Murrell
3rd Beginners Bitch
VHC Maiden Bitch
2015Shih Tzu ClubMr D Ellis
1st Puppy Bitch
3rd Minor Puppy Bitch
2015DriffieldMr K Robertspretty girl ,moved better in this class ,good head eye and expression ,needs time to finish.
2nd Minor Puppy Bitch
3rd Puppy Bitch
2015RichmondMrs J Lilley
VHC Minor Puppy Bitch
VHC Novice Bitch
2015Welsh KCMrs S Jakeman


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