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Tsantha Adoration of Hajenza

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VHC Junior Dog2017LeedsMr M James
VHC Junior Dog2017Border UnionMrs J McIntyre
3rd Junior Dog2017Southern CountiesMr U Timonen
3rd Puppy Dog2017Shih Tzu Club of ScotlandMrs C Murrell
2nd Puppy Dog2017WELKSMrs C E Cartledge11 mths, surefooted, gold/w, held his topline on the move, attractive head, good body, showy and confident
Res Minor Puppy Dog2017Boston & District CSMrs J Bowns
2nd Minor Puppy Dog2016BUBAMrs S CookeTsantha Adoration of Hajenza. G/W 6 months. little higher on the leg with nice high tail but narrower behind, preferred eye of 1


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