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Yung Lo’s Who Needs A Dress

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Res Limit Dog2020CruftsMrs G M Gilkes
1st Minor Limit Dog2019Joint Shih Tzu ClubsLovely well balanced male of excellent type and overall impression. Lovely rounded head with excellent underjaw. Well placed nose with open nostrils. Lovely well placed eyes. Excellent neck and topline and well set and carried tail. Excellent body and bone. Very nice depth and broadness in chest. Moves very soundly and freely, shows pads well, ok topline on the move. Lovely coat and presentation. Lovely temperament.
Dog RCC, 2nd LD2019PaigntonMrs Y CannonAnother wonderful type and a dog of correct balance and sturdy. Lovely head with soft expression with great width to underjaw. Ribcage good, well ribbed back. Good topline with excellent tail set and carriage. Angulations good front and rear and moved soundly but would benefit at being moved with a shade more pace. Awarded the Res CC on his type and balance.
2nd Post Graduate Dog2019WindsorMrs J McIntyre3yr old of lovely type maturing nicely. Masculine head, dark expressive eyes, good nose placement with excellent pigment. Deep broad chest, well ribbed and level topline. Good coat texture, moved out well.
2nd Limit Dog2019Shih Tzu Club of ScotlandLovely head with nice round dark eyes, good body and well ribbed back, in very good coat, correct tailset and good movement.
2nd Post Graduate Dog2019WELKSMrs S A CrossleyNicely balanced gold and white dog with typical head and expression which was very pleasing to see. He moved well.
3rd Post Graduate Dog2019CruftsMr K SinclairSmaller finer male with correct definition to headpiece. Liked his shoulders and topline. Sound on rear, in well presented coat.
3rd Post Graduate Dog2018BlackpoolMrs V Goodwin
2nd Post Graduate Dog2018Border UnionMrs G DolphinGold and white with lovely balance.Very good construction. Low to the ground with ample bone. Attractive head and expression with lovely large dark eye and good nose placement.Very sound mover, level top line with good tail carriage. Just needs his well textured coat to grow to full maturity.
2nd Post Graduate Dog2018Scottish KC (May)Ms J SullivanGold and white Good head dark eyes Correct mouth. Well bodied, correct shape preferred the movement of the 1st on the day, but I think this dog Will improve more and more as he matures!
2nd Post Graduate Dog2018Manchu Shih Tzu SocietyMr J CarterG/w. Different type of dog, head could be a bit more masculine. Good dark eye, good body, coat is coming, level topline gait is good, front action could be firmer.
1st Post Graduate Dog2018Northern Counties Shih Tzu ClubMr S BrownDark G/Wt. He has a lovely head and expression with upturned nose. Dark eye and ex mouth. Well bodied and with good bone. Nicely balanced with a high set tail. Moved soundly both ways. Body coat of good texture but just needing to finish in furnishings.
1st Post Graduate Dog2018Shih Tzu Club of Wales & WestMr M RussellLovely deep gold and white male of good size and substance. Lovely head and expression, and such a lovely wide jaw. Good neck and shoulders, and very good ribcage. Well angulated rear which showed in his movement. Very good tailset which completed his lovely shape of no exaggerations. Just needs to mature in coat to finish the picture.
1st Post Graduate Dog2018CruftsMr N StevensGold/White Large broad head with good nose placement large dark eyes, wide jaw giving a pleasing expression, good wide front, correct shoulder placement good spring of rib, level topline, high tailset giving good balance on the move.
3rd Junior Dog2017South WalesMr N Barker
Res Junior Dog2017DriffieldMrs H Chadwick
VHC Junior Dog2017DarlingtonMr I Millar
Res Junior Dog2017Welsh KCMr E Engh
1st Junior Dog2017BournemouthMs K TodGood things do come in small packages! One of the smallest in the class but still top quality. G/w with a soft yet arrogant expression, lovely round head with darkest eyes, strong chin and padded muzzle. Elbows well tucked into a round ribcage just the right length, ending with nice strong hocks and great turn of stifle. Moved round the ring well.
3rd Junior Dog2017PaigntonMiss S Johnson
3rd Junior Dog2017LeedsMr M James
1st Junior Dog2017BlackpoolMr D RobbinsHead of correct shape, dark round eye, good tilt of nose, good ears, lovely rib and bone, excellent tail set, very good on the move with true topline. Best Junior In Breed
1st Puppy Dog2017Border UnionMrs J McIntyre11mths Well balanced broad skull dark round expressive eye good width of jaw deep well sprung rib level topline held on the move good bone& substance moved well.BPD
Best Puppy
1st Puppy Dog
2017Scottish KC (May)Mr K Sinclair
Best Puppy
1st Puppy Dog
2017Shih Tzu Club of ScotlandMrs C MurrellG/w. Well balanced, correct size and shape for age. Wide skull, dark eye and arrogant expression. Good width and depth in chest and rib. Level topline. Sound construction. Moved well fore and aft. BPD and BPIS.
2nd Minor Puppy Dog2017ManchesterMrs L StannardWho Needs A Dress. Similar to winner, just needs to tighten in front. Well carried head, good nose placement. Coat of good texture, sound with good rear drive.
2nd Minor Puppy Dog2017Boston & District CSMrs J Bowns2) Iley - Yung Los Who Needs a Dress A well put together young man, which shows in his movement, he just needs time but has it all where is should be.


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