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Shihmali Victorious

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3rd Open Dog2019LKAMr J Carter
VHC Limit Dog2019Midland CountiesMr J Luscott
1st Post Graduate Dog
Res Open Dog
2019Driffield3 year old gold and white with a lovely head, good neck and moderate lay of shoulder. Good bone and construction strong rear angulation. He scores well on topline and tailset giving overall good balance standing and on the move showing a good driving action.
2nd Post Graduate Dog
2nd Limit Dog
2019DarlingtonMiss A SpoonerG/W nice head shape with dark eyes and correct nose and jaw good neck round rib level topline High tail set movement good.
Res Post Graduate Dog
Res Limit Dog
2019Scottish KC (August)Mrs J Meyer
2nd Limit Dog
3rd Post Graduate Dog
2019LeedsGold and white, not a big one but sturdy and substantial, lovely head shape and good foreface, well muscled rear and stylish mover.
1st Post Graduate Dog
2nd Limit Dog
2019BlackpoolMrs J ParadiseEach aspect of this dog pleases greatly when you get your hands on him, coming together to produce a top notch exhibit heading this class and was certainly victorious today. Sturdily built, so well balanced with head and tea pot tail, giving the correct outline. Moves out with drive showing full pad.
1st Novice Dog
Res Post Graduate Dog
2019Border UnionMrs A PickburnGold and white has a pleasing head and expression, well bodied and balanced, good tailset and moved out well. Shown in good coat which was well presented. Maturing nicely.
1st Beginners Dog2019Scottish KC (May)Mr T MoranRed & white with a typey head and nice expression. Good skull, well-shaped eye and good nose placement. Would prefer a little longer in outline and a little more rear angulation. Excellent bone and good attitude.
3rd Open Dog
VHC Limit Dog
2019Shih Tzu Club of Scotland
2nd Beginners Dog2019Northern Counties Shih Tzu ClubMrs J QuickG/W Good head and expression, deep chest, good body, carried tail well over his back, moved well, showing strong rear action.
VHC Post Graduate Dog2018Midland CountiesMr T Mather
2nd Post Graduate Dog
2nd Beginners Dog
2018DriffieldMr E PatersonVery good free moving male, appealed in head and eye, strong well made body used well on the move, just a little loose in topline
1st Novice Dog
2nd Post Graduate Dog
VHC Open Dog
2018Shih Tzu Club of ScotlandMrs L Reinelt-GebauerGold and white, excellent masculine Type and Head with a good Stop, dark Eyes. Good nose placement with open nostrils, good bite and chin. Tight elbows, good body and bones. Good angulation of the back legs. Excellent coat with good texture. Moved well with a good drive and flick.
2nd Beginners Dog
Res Novice Dog
Res Yearling Dog
2018Northern Counties Shih Tzu ClubMr S BrownNice head and expression. Dark, well spaced eyes. Level topline, well bodied. Lacking in coat at the moment. Moved and shown well.
VHC Junior Dog2017DriffieldMrs H Chadwick
3rd Junior Dog
VHC Yearling Dog
2017DarlingtonMr I Millar
1st Puppy Dog
2nd Junior Dog
2017Scottish KC (August)Mrs Y RawleyPretty gold and white dog, moved well with a good tail-set and front. Pretty head and expression with large, round dark eyes and beautifully presented.
Res Junior Dog2017LeedsMr M James
VHC Puppy Dog2017Border UnionMrs J McIntyre
1st Minor Puppy Dog
2nd Puppy Dog
2017Scottish KC (May)Mr K Sinclair
1st Minor Puppy Dog
3rd Novice Dog
2017Shih Tzu Club of ScotlandMrs C MurrellG/w 8 month old. Broad head, dark eye and wide jaw. Well balanced head to tail. Firm topline. Nice pup in good well presented coat.
2nd Beginners Dog
3rd Minor Puppy Dog
VHC Novice Dog
VHC Puppy Dog
2017Northern Counties Shih Tzu ClubMiss A Spooner7 months g/w, another nice puppy, moving soundly


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