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Santosha Dark Spice for Norboo

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2nd Novice Dog2019Shih Tzu ClubMrs S JakemanSuper coloured dark gold with pigmentation to match. Strong in skull with neat ears and darkest of eyes. Well ribbed back, decent tail. Not the best of movers.
3rd Limit Dog2019PaigntonMrs Y Cannon
Res Limit Dog2019Leeds
VHC Limit Dog2019Three Counties
2nd Post Graduate Dog2019Southern CountiesMr J Grugannice head dark eye good mouth good tail carriage well presented would prefer slightly broader rib cage moved well
Res Post Graduate Dog2019WELKSMrs S A Crossley
2nd Novice Dog2019Northern Counties Shih Tzu ClubMrs J QuickRed/White Male, bigger in size to 1, moved well, excellent pigment, bone, good rib, moved out well.
2nd Post Graduate Dog2019Boston & District CSMrs J Peak2 yr old male, good head proportions, nice bone, good body, could move better behind, lacked drive.
2nd Post Graduate Dog2018BUBAMrs E Becquet-HillWell balanced dog. Good head and expression. Well laid-back shoulders, deep chest and well ribbed. Moved well in font and behind.
2nd Graduate Dog2018Shih Tzu ClubMrs G TownsinDeep Red/Gold dog with good balance. Coat of good texture. Preferred movement of 1st.
3rd Graduate Dog2018City of BirminghamMrs B Roberts
VHC Yearling Dog2018East of EnglandMr R Oldham
1st Yearling Dog2018WindsorMr T PaczowskiAt my first look at the Class did not see him as my winner but he is a lovely dog to go over. Broad masculine head with an excellent Front assembly. Deep chest, good shoulders and tight elbows. Moved soundly with good drive.
2nd Novice Dog2018Border UnionMrs G DolphinRed gold and white male with a lovely head and expression. Arrogantly carried head. Well sprung ribcage. Sound mover with a good textured coat. Just preferred the lower balance of winner. Expertly handled.
Res Yearling Dog2018Southern CountiesMrs C Harwood
1st Novice Dog2018BathMr D CavillJust a little slight through for the breed. Good outline though and moved with verve.
3rd Yearling Dog2018BirminghamMr T Wareing
2nd Novice Dog
3rd Yearling Dog
2018Manchu Shih Tzu SocietyMr J CarterS/g. A good masculine head, overall shape good, good back line and tail set, his movement c/g needs to firm up.
VHC Yearling Dog
VHC Novice Dog
2018Northern Counties Shih Tzu ClubMr S Brown
2nd Junior Dog2018Boston & District CSMrs Y ForbesGood expression, well constructed, nice bone, looks like a character to handle, went well.
3rd Junior Dog2017LKAMrs S Pointon
3rd Puppy Dog2017City of BirminghamMr A Easdon
2nd Minor Puppy Dog2017Three CountiesMrs V Williams-Wegmann9 months flashy red/white baby with breedy expression, he’s just slightly undershot giving that bit of tip tilt that I love. He’s so naughty hops and skips, having a lot of fun, so I couldn’t fully assess his movement, when he’s settled I would love to see him again as he shows lots of promise.
2nd Minor Puppy Dog2017Southern CountiesMr U TimonenDevelopement in balance. Good head. Strong legs. Excellent body. Good topline. Well angulated behind. Excellent movement.


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