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Warathwaite King Int North De Jardhu

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2nd Limit Dog2020CruftsMrs G M GilkesSound, typy g/w - with delightful personality. Good masculine head, nice eye and nose placement, good strong bone and width throughout his well made body, very well presented. Correct balance, which was held on the move.
Res Limit Dog2020ManchesterMrs J Bowns
1st Post Graduate Dog2019LKAMr J CarterG/w, 2 yrs, a super masculine head, great mouth, dark eye, lovely bottom jaw, he is well balanced, in good body and coat, good side gait and sound coming and going, when he matures up will make the grade.
2nd Post Graduate Dog2019South WalesQuality typical dog unlucky to meet 1 on top form, he has a really nice broad round head with dark round eyes with warm expression, good width to jaw and correct nose placement, slight arch to neck with good lay of shoulders, firm in forehand with level top line, good width and depth to chest, high set tail carried well over his back in balance with his head making a really nice well balanced outline, in good coat and condition, he moved out well with good forward reach and showing full pad in the rear.
1st Yearling Dog2019Driffield23 months old lovely young dog with a very nice outline both standing and on the move. Excellent round headpiece, well padded muzzle, good jaw and dentition. Scores well in length of neck, forechest, well let down. Good spring of rib and loin. He moves well showing full pads.
1st Yearling Dog2019DarlingtonMiss A SpoonerG/W correct head dark eyes nose well placed broad jaw giving typical expression, shoulders well laid round rib firm hind level topline high tail giving good balance moved soundly showing full pads.
1st Post Graduate Dog2019Scottish KC (August)Mrs J MeyerYoung masculine G/W male with a lovely happy nature; good strong head, jaw and dentition with expressive dark eyes and well placed nose, compact sturdy body with good spring of rib – moved well, maintaining a balanced outline, with strong hindquarters showing full pads
1st Post Graduate Dog2019Welsh KCMr K RobertsGold/white nice dark eye and pigment, typical head and expression, good rib carried himself well on the move coming and going .
1st Post Graduate Dog2019LeedsGold with a good outline and type, handsome well made head, good broad round skull and balanced foreface, nicely shaped eyes, dark with good expression, arched neck into well laid shoulder, deep rib and he is sound and stylish.
Dog RCC, 1st PGD2019Border UnionMrs A PickburnGold and white dog, not overdone in any way. Has a typical headand expression, dark eye.. Good jaw placement. Well placed shoulders with good topline which he holds on the move. Well bodied and muscled, moves out soundly and with drive. In good coat which was well presented. His overall type and soundness won him the RCC.
Res Post Graduate Dog2019Scottish KC (May)Mr T Moran
1st Post Graduate Dog2019Shih Tzu Club of ScotlandG/w with excellent width of jaw and good dentition, nice round dark eyes, good body, well ribbed and good muscle, in good coat with correct tail carriage and moved very well.
1st Junior Dog2019CruftsMr K SinclairGold and white. Darkest of pigment. Good nose placement. Arched neck, shoulders well laid back, firm topline, correct teapot tail. Strong rear.
2nd Junior Dog2018Shih Tzu ClubMrs G TownsinGold/White another of excellent balance. Dark eye and pigment. A little less mature than the first but time is on his side. Moved and showed well.
VHC Junior Dog2018Midland Counties
1st Puppy Dog2018DarlingtonMr B MedforthA Gold and white puppy in good coat, nice dark eye and expression, correct head nice mouth, deep chest good shoulders. Put down well
1st Puppy Dog2018Scottish KC (August)Miss H Howard10 month old Gold/White, Good mouth and dentition with a pleasing head, level topline and good balance. Well presented.
1st Minor Puppy Dog2018Scottish KC (May)Ms J SullivanJust 6 months old gold white , lovely broad head dark eyes excellent month. Well bodied for a baby, good tail set moved well.
1st Junior Dog2018Shih Tzu Club of ScotlandMrs L Reinelt-GebauerGold and white, masculine young male, beautiful head and expression, dark eyes, good nose placement with open nostrils, strong neck, straight topline, excellent tail placement, strong body and bones, tight elbows, excellent hindquarters angulation, good coat and texture, excellent movement with strong hindquarters action.


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