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Ch. Greenmoss Titfer-Tat ( Int. Nord.)

Breeding & Progeny Details

AlizzyFormaregardens Katitzi
Ch. Anibes Belle of The Ball (Swe)Ch. Sonobra A Daughter of Bob (SW)
Ch. Anibes Frostee Foo (Nord)Ch. Flat Chih’s Es-Th-Er (Nord)
Ch. Anibes Orange Orchid (Int Nor)Ch. Bombers Kej Two (Int, Nord, Swe)
Ch. Bombers Kite of The Mighty Dragon (Inter-Ch., VDH & D & A & CH Ch., WS)
Ch. Bombers Let’s Have Rhythm (Int Nor, Sw)
Ch. Bombers Red Riding Hood (INT, DK, NO, S CH, KbhW94, WW95)
Ch. Bombers Aldimoon (Sweden, S.F.)Ch. Bombers Free At Last (Nord)
Boreas Chinese Q-PidSpovens Little Deci-Bell
Boreas Elfling OwletX-Hi-Bit-Kaang
Ch. Boreas Imperial Dibalove (Nord)Ch. Ge-Mihs Gentleman Phu (Swe. Fin.)
Ch. Ge-Mihs Glamourous Lady Di (SW.)
Bymarkens Weng-ChinBymarkens Nothing But The Best
Dolhas Putting on AnibesAnibes Wishful Thinking
Ch. Formaregardens Q-T-Pie (INT)Ch. Anibes I Dream of Jeanne (Int. Nor.)
Ch. Anibes I Got Cha (Nord)
Ch. Anibes I Went Wong (Swe)
Ch. Anibes Never Mind Madam (Den, Swe)
Ch. Anibes No Matter What (Int. Nor.)
Anibes I Can Too
Jankeri Jezabel of GrandavonGrandavon Forget Me Not of Superlion
Grandavon Mignonette
Spovens Gaina ZiCh. Spovens Royal Revelation (Int. Nor. Swe.)
Spovens Li-Gia-YinNih-Taz April-Sun
Ch. Spovens Lovely Lady Luck (Int. Nor.)Ch. Spovens Believer in the Girl Oflady (Swe)
Spovens Beauty Pearl of Lady
Spovens Did I Tell You
Tangse HorpaCh. Tangse Wee-King (Swe)
Tangse Ameena


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