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Ch. Harropine Achy Breaky Heart at Cedarhythe

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Dog CC, 1st OD2004WELKSMr K SinclairQuality class with hair splitting decisions. 1. Clifford’ s, Harropine Achy Breaky Heart at Cedarhythe. CC. This black and white dog I really liked for his soundness. In fact I awarded him the RCC the last time I judged. Superb masculine head that has that lovely oriental expression. Good neck and shoulder, Firm topline, strong quarters, which he uses on the move. He looks fantastic on his open sidegait. Shown in full coat and well presented. Pleased to award him this ticket which now makes him a Champion. Congratulations
3rd Open Dog2004Shih Tzu Club of Wales & WestMr F Kane
VHC Open Dog2004ManchesterMr G Ball
3rd Limit Dog2003South WalesMrs P Woodbridge
Dog RCC, 1st LD2003BournemouthMr R GregoryA sound well bodied dog,hard in muscle with good angles in quarters,well coupled, correct topline,arrogant expression in head and a powerhouse on the move,dripping in coat. Res. Dog CC.
Dog CC, 1st LD2003LeedsMrs A PickburnBest dog class of the day but a difficult class to judge as there were a number of dogs in it which I liked. 1 Clifford’ s Harropine Achy Breaky Heart at Cedarhythe. Grey and white with a correct head. Good eyes and jaw placement. V solid in front assembly with good lay back of shoulder. Uses his neck which is not stuffy, level topline which is held on the move. Well bodied without excess weight. Good angulation and has well muscled hindquarters. Has a strong typical coat which was well presented and profuse. In the challenge his construction won the day, he is a v sound dog and covered the ground with ease. CC and hopefully his third will follow soon
Res Limit Dog2003WindsorMrs P Lord
1st Limit Dog2003Southern CountiesMrs V GoodwinA very good class with some exciting dogs making it a hard class to judge, Very masculine b/w, well constructed, correct head, well held, correct balance, superb coat & furnishings, expertly prepared, really moved & enjoyed himself.
2nd Limit Dog2003BathMrs M StangelandGR/W, moved very well, strong hindquarters, well angulated, good head, super coat.
Best in Show, DCC, 1st LD2003Manchu Shih Tzu SocietyMr A Brace
3rd Limit Dog2002Shih Tzu ClubMr S Wilberg
3rd Limit Dog2002South WalesMrs B Roberts
2nd Limit Dog2002DarlingtonMr F Kane
VHC Limit Dog2002RichmondMrs F A Somerfield
1st Limit Dog2002BlackpoolMr K Nathan
Dog RCC, 1st LD2002Southern CountiesMiss S MetcalfeBlack and white dog who is quite deceptive to look at. Very well constructed and well balanced dog whose many virtues tend to be hidden under a rather unruly but well textured coat. Comes into his own when on the move when he moves soundly, positively and with freedom and drive. Res. C.C.
2nd Post Graduate Dog2002CruftsMrs A ArchLovely masculine head, good eye and expression. Well placed shoulder, good body developement, firm loin, well placed and carried tail, excellent jacket. moved well with firm topline.
Dog RCC, 1st PGD2002ManchesterMr K SinclairBlack and white in good coat, excellent masculine size, excellent head, neck and good front assembly. Good all round balance and excellent tail. This dog is superb on the move, he has a wonderful snooty aloofness. Expertly handled by a delighted owner to win the Res CC
3rd Post Graduate Dog2001BlackpoolMr D Coxall
3rd Post Graduate Dog2001Southern CountiesMr F Yeoh
2nd Post Graduate Dog2001Northern Counties Shih Tzu ClubMrs D Stirzaker
1st Post Graduate Dog2000Shih Tzu ClubMrs F A Somerfield
1st Post Graduate Dog2000Midland CountiesMr B Cadogan
3rd Junior Dog2000South WalesMrs J Franks
3rd Post Graduate Dog2000RichmondMr B Medforth
3rd Post Graduate Dog2000City of BirminghamMrs B Roberts
1st Junior Dog2000Welsh KCMr J Mitchell
2nd Junior Dog2000PaigntonMr T Thorn
Res Junior Dog2000East of EnglandMrs J Perry
2nd Junior Dog2000BlackpoolMr J Kirk
1st Junior Dog2000Border UnionMrs B Metcalfe
1st Junior Dog2000Southern CountiesMr A Brace
3rd Junior Dog2000WELKSMrs J Lilley
2nd Puppy Dog2000ManchesterMr D Kitchener


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