Shih Tzu are one of the more challenging breeds to show successfully. As well as all the general rules and regulations, breed standard, dog training and ringcraft that need to be learned, the presentation of a long coated breed is a challenge that has to be met day in day out and not just on the day of a show. Ashowing.jpg long coat that isn't cared for and groomed in the right way simply can't be magicked into good presentation the night before a show.

The best person to talk to in the first instance is the breeder of your dog (if you haven't yet chosen a puppy, find a breeder who knows what they are talking about with showing). You will probably find that they will be very happy that someone wants to show one of their dogs but also perhaps a little anxious for you to do a good job. They will be able to share grooming tips and such, some dogs coats are much easier to manage than others!

The Kennel Club has a set of helpful pages for newcomers which also has a page to help you find local ringcraft classes and training clubs.

We have a fairly in depth article about grooming here, Canine Coat Care sell a DVD which gives lots of detail. Also you can pick up some tips and tricks by attending shows as a spectator. All 5 Shih Tzu breed clubs have shows that only Shih Tzu attend, our show dates and locations can be found here and the websites of other clubs can be found here. A comprehensive list of all shows around the country can be found here. These are a good way to find something local but note that Shih Tzu entries may be very low at shows other than breed club shows and general championship shows.

Shih Tzu Club Approved Judging List

The Shih Tzu Club judging list is updated in May of each year and is for the information of Show Secretaries and interested Shih Tzu Club members. 
A current copy is available from the Hon Secretary by email. Simply fill in the contact form. Alternatively, contact the Hon. Secretary by phone or post and a copy will be mailed to you.

Thinking About Judging?

The Shih Tzu Club seeks to support aspiring breed specialist judges and others showing a good interest in our breed. We offer seminars, advice about judging lists and more. Please contact the Hon Secretary for ways in which we can help.

Already Judging Shih Tzu?

Please remember to keep sending us updated CV's of your judging experience. We update our list each May and use your CV to make sure you are on the appropriate list. We don't contact people individually so if you don't keep us updated you don't move up the list.