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Judging Summary for Mrs Jenny Clifford

UK Appointments since January 2000

Windsor 2017 Date : 1st July 2017
Best of BreedCh. Weatsom Margarets Legacy for Quingshui JW ShCM
Dog CCCh. Weatsom Margarets Legacy for Quingshui JW ShCM
Dog RCCLaurmerand Ace Of Spades
Bitch CCCh. Tameron Miss Black Opium
Bitch RCCEthelsmead Looking for Lowri
Best PuppyCh. Shalehan Yarina For Mifcah JW ShCM
1st Best VeteranJimsamroblee Mr Muscles
I would like to thank Windsor Canine Society for inviting me to judge our lovely breed for the second time. A huge thank you to my two stewards for keeping my ring running so smoothly. It was a lovely day weather wise and atmosphere wise.Both my challenge line ups would do ANY championship proud. My impression of the breed has positives and negatives, on the positive side temperaments were excellent, top class presentation throughout. Pleased to say no white of eye evident but did find some small eyes creeping in, this does not give the true Shih Tzu expression. Top lines were on the whole level. Both these points have improved greatly since my last judging appointment. On the negative side, construction and movement are still problematic. I found narrow chests, slab sides, lack of body and muscle tone in quite a few exhibits. Lack of forward reach and pitter patter back action instead of the desired kick back and show of full pad. Sadly such a desire for profuse coats is taking preference over construction and movement. I found a great variation in size in todays exhibits.
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South Wales 2014 Date : 11th October 2014
Best of BreedTameron Mr Givenchy
Dog CCTameron Mr Givenchy
Dog RCCChanikos Morse Code for Sistasu
Bitch CCSistasu Silver Dream
Bitch RCCMinfaa Gypsy Queen At Middletune
Best PuppyCh. Tameron Mr Red Edition JW
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Bath 2012 Date : 28th May 2012
Best of BreedCh. Harropine Comanche Among Carlita ShCM
Dog CCCh. Harropine Comanche Among Carlita ShCM
Dog RCCEgremont Practical Magic
Bitch CCCh. Weatsom Never Say Never
Bitch RCCMinfaa Lets Rock N Roll at Middletune ShCM
Best PuppyCh. Bellwaycharm Time Zone for Tilbe JW ShCM VW
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Welsh KC 2009 Date : 23rd August 2009
Best of BreedGladmin Shakia
Dog CCCh. Popeye’s Quick On The Trigger at Huxlor
Dog RCCGladmin African Ace with Matsonic
Bitch CCGladmin Shakia
Bitch RCCWiseowls Bear Faced Chic of Fairlou
Best PuppyDebeaux So Notorious At Sygar
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Driffield * 2007 Date : 22nd September 2007
Best of BreedCh. Santosha Hijacked for Yakee
Dog CCCh. Santosha Hijacked for Yakee
Dog RCCCh. Hidden Key Unlocked for Santosha
Bitch CCKeytor Love In A Mist
Bitch RCCCh. Venustus Jump For Joy
Best PuppyWiseowls Bear Faced Chic of Fairlou
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City of Birmingham 2002 Date : 1st September 2002
Best of BreedCh. Ym Too Sexy From Audreys Paradise (Imp)
Dog CCCh. Tameron Mr XS
Dog RCCCh. Hashanah Hot Shot (UK, Aust)
Bitch CCCh. Ym Too Sexy From Audreys Paradise (Imp)
Bitch RCCCh. Hashanah Flashpoint
Best PuppySonoltay Tuff Stuff JW
A good venue, a lovely summers day, a high good quality entry and extremely sporting exhibitors. What more could one ask for? I was very fortunate I got the whole package. Plus points in our breed at the present time are top lines are much leveller than the first time I judged. Dentition is taking a real turn for the better, many exhibits with excellent mouths. Presentation is excellent, really first class. Minus points are tails, we seem to have gone a stage further than undesirable flat tails, We now have quite a few young exhibits with tails that look excellent standing but once on the move they seem to flag off the side of the dog in a really loose manner, this really spoils the overall look of the exhibit. Many otherwise very nice exhibits lost top honours due to this fault. Still a lot of muscle tone. This was very obvious in a great deal of rear action. I must say I was delighted with both Challenge Certificate line ups
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Shih Tzu Club of Scotland 2000 Date : 28th October 2000
Best of BreedHarropine Trail Blazer to Ekland
Dog CCHarropine Trail Blazer to Ekland
Dog RCCHarropine Chicago Bear
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