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Judging Summary for Miss Susan Johnson

UK Appointments since January 2000

Paignton 2017 Date : 8th August 2017
Best of BreedCh. Weatsom Margarets Legacy for Quingshui JW ShCM
Dog CCCh. Weatsom Margarets Legacy for Quingshui JW ShCM
Dog RCCCh. Miracey Rebel Rider (UK, Ir)
Bitch CCCh. Pekoe Surprise Surprise JW
Bitch RCCQanukakira Oopzadayzy
Best PuppyCarlita Time to Samba JW
1st Best VeteranCh. Shanitaus Mane Attraction JW
I would like to thank the Paignton committee for the invitation to judge and my very able stewards, who made my judging go so smoothly. Also thanks to the exhibitors, many of whom travelled a long distance for my opinion. I was very unhappy with the poor mouths coming into the breed, I found narrow jaws, muddled teeth and smaller narrower skulls creeping into the breed since I last judged. Toplines were generally much improved as was movement, I found some really lovely exhibits and was pleased with my class winners and placings.
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Midland Counties 2014 Date : 29th October 2014
Best of BreedCh. Miracey All Guns Blazin
Dog CCCh. Miracey All Guns Blazin
Dog RCCPekoe One Direction JW
Bitch CCMiracey Star Dancer For Carlita JW ShCM
Bitch RCCCh. Minfaa Lavolta
Best PuppyCh. Minfaa Lavolta
My thanks to the exhibitors for a such a good entry . I would also like to thank my stewards, Mr and Mrs Green, for their efficient running my ring. Generally i felt that size was not as varied as last time i judged. However, i was disappointed with the movement of some exhibits. True Shih Tzu movement with balance and style is disappearing fast. Hind drive requiring a strong hindquarters is so special in our breed.
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Birmingham 2010 Date : 6th May 2009
Best of BreedElsing Bat-Hang At Passernomen
Dog CCElsing Bat-Hang At Passernomen
Dog RCCJenade Take It Or Leave It
Bitch CCCh. Weatsom Never Say Never
Bitch RCCPaliden Shining Gold
Best PuppyCedarhythe Dirty Dancin
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Shih Tzu Club of Wales & West 2009 Date : 15th March 2009
Best of BreedCh. Sygar Looking For Gold
Bitch CCCh. Sygar Looking For Gold
Bitch RCCCh. Chelhama Leading Light JW
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South Wales 2006 Date : 7th July 2006
Best of BreedCh. Rossvale Shes Bewitching
Dog CCCh. Cradarr He’s A Cracker at Krisquest
Dog RCCWeatsom Takes One To Know One at Sonoltay JW
Bitch CCCh. Rossvale Shes Bewitching
Bitch RCCCh. Weatsom Simply Gifted
Best PuppyCaserose Rodeo Star at Symaraju
I would like to thank the exhibitors for the large quality entry which on a Friday in July was very pleasing. In general I found the quality of the entry good but the breed has many different types at present which made judging at times difficult. The dogs I found to be overall of a higher quality than the bitches which is the first time I have noticed this since I began giving tickets in the breed. Many exhibitors will know that I give high priority to movement as I believe a well constructed dog moves with balance and freedom.
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Southern Counties 2004 Date : 4th June 2004
Best of BreedCh. Thaisu Strictly Sinatra
Dog CCCh. Thaisu Strictly Sinatra
Dog RCCCh. Peekin Jimmy Choo-Tu
Bitch CCCh. Dolha Deja Vue
Bitch RCCCh. Cabbala Needs No Frills at Harrima
Best PuppyThaisu Hells Angel
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Shih Tzu Club of Scotland 2001 Date : 10th November 2001
Best of BreedCh. Santosha Stromboli
Best of BreedCh. Tameron Miss Contradiction
Dog CCCh. Santosha Stromboli
Dog RCCCh. Huxlor Trigger Happy
Bitch CCCh. Tameron Miss Contradiction
Bitch RCCCh. Huxlor Triggered Fantasy
Best PuppyCh. Pekoe Pick Me Up JW
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