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Judging Summary for Mrs Pat Maule

UK Appointments since January 2000

Crufts 2017 Date : 10th March 2017
Best of BreedCh. Yung Lo’s Heartbeat (CIB DKU/SEU, KIU, Nordw-15)
Dog CCCh. Artelino Moomins Adventure
Dog RCCCh. Tansingh Double Jepardy (UK, Swe)
Bitch CCCh. Yung Lo’s Heartbeat (CIB DKU/SEU, KIU, Nordw-15)
Bitch RCCQanukakira Oopzadayzy
Best PuppyQanukakira Oopzadayzy
Thank you exhibitors for an amazing entry in both numbers and quality. All exhibits were presented clean and tangle free and handling was, in the main, exemplary. Inevitably in an entry of this size, 193 exhibits making 214 entries, more exhibitors would leave the ring disappointed than those who received a place card. Exhibits who won had won CCs and Reserve CCs in the past were competing against different dogs today, so inevitably, many results were different. Crufts is a show unlike any other in the UK and not all dogs [or handlers] perform at their best in the razzmatazz atmosphere. I was looking for dogs with the characteristics that make the Shih Tzu unique: round skull, well spaced, round, dark eyes, wide muzzle, sturdy, broad chest, "tea pot tail", forward reach with powerful hind action, showing full pads. And, most important, that arrogant yet inquisitive attitude, plus that extra "sparkle" to stand out in a crowd Not many black & whites in today’s entry and on the whole I found them to be the most disappointing, so many showing white in not only one but both eyes coupled with a "scared, timid" attitude on the table. Mouths were very mixed, most with good width of jaw and just undershot but more than I expected that are "spoon shaped" coupled with lack of chin. Beautiful dogs in glorious coat but outline spoilt by "flat tails". Rear action disappointing, the drive is there but not showing full pads, this was in some cases due to excessive length of coat. Forward reach more of a problem, short upper arm restricting free flowing "ship in full sail" action.
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Richmond 2014 Date : 07th September 2014
Best of BreedCh. Ethelsmead Catch A Dream for Laurmerand
Dog CCCh. Ethelsmead Catch A Dream for Laurmerand
Dog RCCCh. Zamadar Majic Potion for Cedarhythe
Bitch CCCh. Senobles Thriller (Sh.Cm)
Bitch RCCMeilijo Some Like It Hot JW
Best PuppyMeilijo Some Like It Hot JW
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Bournemouth 2012 Date : 11th August 2012
Best of BreedThaisu Follow The Sun To Rossvale
Dog CCThaisu Follow The Sun To Rossvale
Dog RCCCh. Zamadar Majic Potion for Cedarhythe
Bitch CCCh. Miracey Fruity Kisses
Bitch RCCCh. Senobles Thriller (Sh.Cm)
Best PuppyRosaril Kisses and Cuddles
1st Best VeteranHin Chens Jewel for Centastage (Imp)
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Boston & District CS 2011 Date : 9th January 2011
Best of BreedCh. Thaisu She Rocks
Dog CCWeatsom Pole Position
Dog RCCThaisu Follow The Sun To Rossvale
Bitch CCCh. Thaisu She Rocks
Bitch RCCCh. Rossvale Shes A Model
Best PuppySantosha Warrior Queen
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Welsh KC 2008 Date : 17th August 2008
Best of BreedAkasaka Wunder Of Hugh
Dog CCAkasaka Wunder Of Hugh
Dog RCCCh. Socorro Feel Me Touch Me at Miracey JW
Bitch CCCh. Tsantha Sunny Side Up at Sazkey
Bitch RCCCh. Zeeva Zsa Zsa Zoom
Best PuppyMatsonic Diamond In The Dark at Bellwaycharm
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Shih Tzu Club 2005 Date : 8th October 2005
Best of BreedCh. Santosha Struttin Her Stuff at Dolha
Dog CCCh. Virtulvilage Bobby Dazzler (Ir)
Dog RCCCh. Krisquest Top Gun
Bitch CCCh. Santosha Struttin Her Stuff at Dolha
Bitch RCCDed Dazzling By Zuthis
Best PuppyDed Dazzling By Zuthis
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WELKS 2003 Date : 27th April 2003
Best of BreedCh. Debeaux Last Laugh at Ekland
Dog CCCh. Jardhu Tobii Tobias
Dog RCCHarropine Trail Blazer to Ekland
Bitch CCCh. Debeaux Last Laugh at Ekland
Bitch RCCCh. Matsuba Scandalizer
Best PuppyCh. Matsuba Scandalizer
Mouths were acceptable, but small & or light eyes do not appear to have improved. Large dark eyes are such an essential part of the Shih Tzu's make up, giving that I'm alive & looking for mischief look. Temperaments gave me a great deal of concern. What has happened to the friendly & independent requirement of the Standard? Instead of classes full of self possessed, confident, arrogant, outgoing exhibits far too many really didn't want to be at the show. Stiff tense bodied under my hands, wary expression & lacking enthusiasm on the move. One adult bitch snapped at my hand. All dogs whether show or companions live with people & should have friendly, reliable temperaments. Presentation & coat do not compensate for faulty construction or tippy toe movement but with two minutes per exhibitor allowed for assessment, time spent channelling the breed's natural show off attitude to make themselves stand out in a crowd is an obvious advantage particularly in the higher classes where several dogs are competing for top honours. I fail to understand why so many dogs are not groome d underneath, clumps of matted coat are neither pleasant to feel or comfortable for the dog. Pleased to see youngsters being given the opportunity to handle exhibits with potential, giving them, I hope, encouragement to stay in the breed.
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Birmingham 2000
Best of BreedCh. Tameron Mr XS
Dog CCCh. Tameron Mr XS
Dog RCCRochelynne Enchanted Jewel at Graigllan
Bitch CCCh. Hashanah Try To Imagine
Bitch RCCCh. Hashanah The Immaculate
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