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Full Critique for Three Counties 2017

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Judge : Mrs Vanessa Williams-Wegmann
This critique reflects the judge's opinion
based on what they saw on the day of the show.

It was my great honour and privilege to judge my specialist Shih-Tzu today. Since my last judging them in the UK in 2013 I am pleased to report that breeders on the whole are getting breed character plus temperament right. I found no evidence of horseshoe jaws or overshot, many pleasing line ups of higher tails along with dogs who are moving correctly with reach and drive. Showmanship and presentation has improved over the years, the dedication and hard work of breeders and exhibitors was apparent to me in many of the dogs today. Thank you to the Three Counties for the invitation and thank you to the exhibitors for your entries.

Minor Puppy Dog
1stAshmakin Bodacious Smooth for JaxTzu JW ShCM ShCEX9 mths gold/black mask with thick lush glam coat, honest head has pleasing expression and firm jaw, clean dentition. Plenty of bone and substance. Deep chest, well laid shoulder, sturdy throughout. Devoted to his handler watching her every move, shows well and moves with confidence and drive.
2ndSantosha Dark Spice for Norboo9 months flashy red/white baby with breedy expression, he’s just slightly undershot giving that bit of tip tilt that I love. He’s so naughty hops and skips, having a lot of fun, so I couldn’t fully assess his movement, when he’s settled I would love to see him again as he shows lots of promise.

Puppy Dog
1stKeytor The Jazz SingerJust 11 mths stunning red/white boy. Quality with classic outline his silhouette impressive having high set tail and beautiful arch to his neck complimented by level topline that remained so on the move. Eyes are round dark with a look at me expression, jaws are firm and slightly undershot, square muzzle has that slightly tip tilted complimentary nose, a perfect slightly undershot clean bite. Firm and sturdy in body, moves with reach and drive, this is a future star and one to watch. Delighted to award him Best Puppy Dog, and Best Puppy In Breed. He has a lot to offer. Pushed RDCC hard.
2ndMinfaa Boy George9 months lovely type, well presented flashy gold/white with lots of quality, has lots of promise and adored his breedy expression. Just so unlucky to meet 1 today who was on fire.
VHCAshmakin Bodacious Smooth for JaxTzu JW ShCM ShCEX9 mths gold/black mask with thick lush glam coat, honest head has pleasing expression and firm jaw, clean dentition. Plenty of bone and substance. Deep chest, well laid shoulder, sturdy throughout. Devoted to his handler watching her every move, shows well and moves with confidence and drive.

Junior Dog
1stZeeva Zhivago JW14 mths glamorous, elegant red/white gent with a beautiful expression, loved his nose which is slightly tip tilted and his firm undershot jaw. Shows himself has bags of ring presence, not a big boy, not too small either, just right and all in proportion. Has glorious tailset and coat, very well presented and shown to perfection. Super mover who flows around the ring with drive showing plenty of rear pad.
2ndCh. Chanikos Orange Dream of Shenleyvale12 mths, flashy gold/brindle/white, I was taken by his fab tail set on high and lovely breedy head. Well bodied with plenty of substance and bone. Well presented.

Post Graduate Dog
1stDaltricia Mondego JW ShCM20 mths, striking classic black boy has a masculine expression, dark round eyes, lovely ear set just right below the crown, firm jaw is slightly undershot, plenty of substance and bone throughout, he is correctly just a tad longer than high, his tail set is held proudly high, liked his proud arch of neck which complimented his outline. Broad chest, level topline remains on the move, sound each way having a good reach and drive. Super old fashioned type with an outgoing character. A lot to like here. Reserve Dog CC.
2ndChelhama Business Class2 yrs classic black/white dog with breedy head, expressive round dark eye, loved his slightly tip tiled nose and square muzzle, substantial bone, all in proportion with beautiful high tail and a driving force on the move.

Limit Dog
1stCh. Sistasu Silver Lining JW ShCM28 mths, eye catching shining silver/white long thick lush coated dog, old fashioned type with plenty of substance and bone, loved his long ear leathers, square muzzle slightly tip tilted, undershot jaw, correct wide open nostrils, broad in chest. Retains level topline on move. Has plenty of lovely breed qualities, strong mover, shows plenty of rear pad. Pushed RCC dog hard.
2ndNiallsday For Your Eyes Only at Trottyveck23 months, glam gold/white with super dentition, round lovely expressive masculine eye, a firm well laid shoulder, good spring of rib, moves and shows well, liked him a lot. A sound and free mover.

Open Dog
1stCh. Miracey Rebel Rider (UK, Ir)The most stunning class with worthy dogs going cardless, every exhibit had something to offer.Stunning gold/white 3 yrs, has elegance combined with arrogant carriage, the most high tail set that reaches up to his head, this silhouette is amazingly classic and true. An expertly presented and shown fabulous dog that is the epitome of the breed. Ring presence and star quality in abundance. Loved his breedy expressive head that has large dark round alert eye, nose is slightly tip tilted giving that shih-tzu look, nose leathers are wide, black level lips. Plenty of substance and bone, deep chest, well laid shoulder, legs correctly are short, body is slightly longer than high. A super sound and keen mover having reach and drive each way, rear shows plenty of pad on kick back. He had everything I wanted today and more. Devoted to his talented handler. My absolute honour to award him DOG CC & BEST OF BREED.
2ndCh. Miracey All Guns Blazin4 years gold/white glamour boy who has it all. Another top quality dog, loved him. I was just splitting hairs on placing, this dog is also of an amazing high standard. Very similar to 1. Has many super quality breed points. Anyone would be proud to have classic dogs like this.

Minor Puppy Bitch
1stMinfaa Pocahontas7 mths sweet faced promising gold/white baby. Plenty of bone and substance, is slightly longer than high, straight front legs and muscular rear thigh, shapely having a high tail, loved her outline. Cheeky with bags of confidence looking good on the move and retaining level topline. She has a great foreface, with slightly tip tilted nose that swings it for me every time. Very well presented.
2ndShirkeira Never Too Much at Debeaux7 mths gold/white pretty baby, liked her shape and level topline, thick lush coat. Lots of substance and bone. Good mover.

Puppy Bitch
1stCh. Shalehan Yarina For Mifcah JW ShCMElegant gold/brindle just 10 mths, has plenty of substance and bone, nicely arched neck and high tail gives her a fabulous outline today, top of her lovely wide nose leathers on level with bottom of eye rim which is a super breed point to have. Well laid back shoulder, straight front legs. Level topline retained on move, sound each way, shows plenty of rear pad, has lovely reach and drive. Ring presence. Very well presented and shows herself off.
2ndMiddletune Wild Gypsy9 mths gold/white sweet faced baby girl with lovely dark round eyes and admirable wide nose leathers, level black lips. Well bodied plenty of bone, shapely with deep chest and correct spring of rib for size. Very nice girl, unlucky to meet 1 today.

Junior Bitch
1stCh. Paliden Star DelightQuality 14 mths, quality solid gold girl, bags of ring presence and character, just so pretty with tip tilted nose on level with bottom eye rim, wide open nostrils, round expressive femme dark eyes, slightly undershot with black level lips, long ear leathers that are set just below crown. Nicely arched neck and high tail set giving her a classic outline, sturdy substantial bone, level topline remains on move, is sound fore and aft showing plenty of rear pad on move, correct front reach. Coat is thick lush and well presented, lovely old fashioned type, a super size for her age will grow into herself. Has lots of promise. Pleased to award her Reserve Bitch CC. She has a bright future ahead.
2ndQanukakira Oopzadayzy15 mths a cheeky black masked rich gold, lots of character, honest femme head, well bodied, substantial bone, a true mover. Well presented.

Post Graduate Bitch
1stPaliden Take That to Ekland2 yrs, Elegant glamour girl, an old fashioned beauty with femme pretty expressve dark round eye, tip tilted nose gives her a great foreface, slightly arched neck and high tail makes such a breedy outline, sturdy throughout with plenty of bone, deep chested, good lay of shoulder, level topline retains on move, sound each way. Pushed RBCC hard.
2ndAnyang Whispering Breeze2 yrs gold white lovely girl with pretty round dark expressive eye, square muzzle, well laid shoulder, deep chest, good spring of rib. Faithful to her handler, moving well. Shows pads on her rear action, very nice.

Limit Bitch
1stCh. Ziams Mary-Lou JW (imp)2 years flashy gold/brindle/white bitch of medium size with plenty of bone and substance, liked her shapely outline with high tail and nice arch of neck, very pretty dark round eyes and slightly tip tilted nose, has attractive dark pigments, level black lips. She has many desirable breed points, a sound free mover shows pad on rear drive, a lovely girl who pushed RBCC hard.
2ndMinfaa Dancin Cheek To Cheek at Middletune2 yrs gold/white girl with pleasing expressive round dark eyes, femme head, substantial bone, shapely with high tail, moving well retaining her level topline. Liked her positive reach and drive.

Open Bitch
1stCh. Miracey Celebrity Dancer at Trandella JW ShCM3 yrs stunning, star quality gold/white girl with a fabulous outline of uber high tail and elegant arch of neck. Full of quality and desirable breed points. Has my favourite tip tilted nose where the top of nose is just under the eye rim, jaw is firm and slightly undershot with perfect dentition and level black lips. Shoulders well laid back, legs short and rear thigh is muscular, substantial bone throughout, smooth level topline is retained on move, she has good front reach and rear drive, shows plenty of hind pad when going around the ring. Expertly handled and beautifully presented. Plenty of ring presence. Bitch CC, pushed BOB hard. I was delighted when her handler told me this was her 3rd and crowning CC.
2ndCh. Tameron Miss Dark ObsessionA top quality black/white girl just 19 mths. She has an exquisite breedy head comprising of round dark well placed twinkling eyes, tip tilted nose with the top of nose just level to bottom of eye rim which is my favourite type of expression. Jaws are firm and slightly undershot, shes shapely, beautifully old fashioned having lovely high tail and nice arch of neck giving a classic outline. A promising prospect and a great mover, having correct reach and drive, showing plenty of rear pad, retains level topline. A lot to like here. Very unfortunate to meet 1 today who was on fire and would be interested to see her again at this level. Pushing1 hard and at 19 mths she shows lots of promise and I predict she will mature into a star.