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Full Critique for Leeds 2017

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Judge : Mr Mark James
This critique reflects the judge's opinion
based on what they saw on the day of the show.

Great entry, thanks. Also a good atmosphere. I don’t like the short backed leggy types with exaggerated necks and move like a Ferrari (sorry).

Minor Puppy Dog
1stSuzitzu Lord Kalum of BlackgangshiSmart solid gold, in great condition, super head and good eyes, typical front, sturdy with good ribs, good topline and tail, correct movement, well-schooled and presented.

Puppy Dog
1stMinfaa Boy GeorgeSuper expression, good eyes and mouth, balanced, good shape, good body and rear, super coat and condition, solid, good mover, jaunty.
2ndMiddletune Wildest CharmerGood size and shape, close up to first, good topline and tail, excellent coat, moved as he should.

Junior Dog
1stMatsonic Super Icon for BishbowJust love this type, good size, shape and balance, such correct movement, masculine without being coarse, super head and expression, super mouth, sturdy, good tail, loved him, so well conditioned and presented. CC.
2ndKeytor The Jazz SingerSmart with a super expression, good eyes, good ribs, topline and tail, not the front, movement of first.

Post Graduate Dog
1stCh. Carlita Reason To Dream JWRes CC. Really super type, correct balance, mature in body and coat, excellent head and expression, good front, sturdy, correct tail, well presented, typical mover, loved him.
2ndGladmin Transkei Teddy JWGood type, correct size and shape, really good head, good eye shape, good topline and tail, correct movement.

Limit Dog
1stCh. Honeyshuchun God of ThunderSmart dog, full of breed type, excellent head and expression, balanced, good front and rear, classic looking, good tail, super coat and condition, good mover.
2ndNiallsday For Your Eyes Only at TrottyveckGood type, size and shape, excellent head, softer coat than first, good body and rear, correct rear movement.

Open Dog
1stCh. Matsonic Chasing Storms to Bishbow JWClassic type, so balanced, excellent head, good mouth, good eye shape, mature in body and coat, moved as they should, excellent presentation.
2ndCh. Weatsom Margarets Legacy for Quingshui JW ShCMSmart lad in fabulous condition, balanced, excellent coat, moved well, good tail.

Minor Puppy Bitch
1stShirkeira Olivia At MiddletuneStunning class, hard to sort out! Loved the first two here. So typical in size and shape, sweet expression, good eyes, correct in front, good topline and tail.
2ndCarlita Time to Samba JWSo close to first, both future winners. I was really splitting hairs, etc, etc, so well schooled and presented.

Puppy Bitch
1stCh. Shalehan Yarina For Mifcah JW ShCMStunning youngster in full bloom, love her size and shape, super head, good eyes, correct front, sturdy, very feminine, super coat and presentation, correct movement, well presented.
2ndIsishouse Princess Tiye for YazhiQuality, excellent type, good size, topline and tail, good rear, excellent coat, good mover.

Junior Bitch
1stCh. Tsantha AdornmentVery feminine, stylish and full of quality, good eye shape and expression, balanced, good ribs and front, good mover, well presented.
2ndWarathwaite Pure As SnowExcellent type, good size and shape, moved well, good coat and condition.

Post Graduate Bitch
1stGladmin InalaSuper type, stylish and finished, good size and shape, good head and expression, good eyes, correct front and body, correct tail, good mover.
2ndDolha’s Step Out in StyleSo typical, perfect size and shape, loved her expression, balanced and ultra feminine, slightly hesitant at times unfortunately.

Limit Bitch
1stMinfaa Dancin Cheek To Cheek at MiddletuneSuper type and size, mature and has that Shih Tzu look, so balanced, mature in all departments, correct movement, well presented.
2ndMatsonic Gotta Have Faith at EthelsmeadVery mature and my type, in super condition, really moved well, jaunty, unlucky to meet first.

Open Bitch
1stCh. Tameron Miss Black OpiumLoved this one last time. Now mature and in her prime, such quality and full of, in my opinion, breed type with such a stunning expression and amazing eyes. Love her size and shape, moved and presented so well.
2ndCh. Ziams Mary-Lou JW (imp)Good type, good size and shape, could have more body, excellent expression, in full coat, well presented, typical mover.