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Full Critique for Crufts 2017

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Judge : Mrs Pat Maule
This critique reflects the judge's opinion
based on what they saw on the day of the show.

Thank you exhibitors for an amazing entry in both numbers and quality. All exhibits were presented clean and tangle free and handling was, in the main, exemplary. Inevitably in an entry of this size, 193 exhibits making 214 entries, more exhibitors would leave the ring disappointed than those who received a place card. Exhibits who won had won CCs and Reserve CCs in the past were competing against different dogs today, so inevitably, many results were different. Crufts is a show unlike any other in the UK and not all dogs [or handlers] perform at their best in the razzmatazz atmosphere. I was looking for dogs with the characteristics that make the Shih Tzu unique: round skull, well spaced, round, dark eyes, wide muzzle, sturdy, broad chest, "tea pot tail", forward reach with powerful hind action, showing full pads. And, most important, that arrogant yet inquisitive attitude, plus that extra "sparkle" to stand out in a crowd Not many black & whites in today’s entry and on the whole I found them to be the most disappointing, so many showing white in not only one but both eyes coupled with a "scared, timid" attitude on the table. Mouths were very mixed, most with good width of jaw and just undershot but more than I expected that are "spoon shaped" coupled with lack of chin. Beautiful dogs in glorious coat but outline spoilt by "flat tails". Rear action disappointing, the drive is there but not showing full pads, this was in some cases due to excessive length of coat. Forward reach more of a problem, short upper arm restricting free flowing "ship in full sail" action.

Minor Puppy Dog
1stKeytor The Jazz Singer1st & BPD - 8 months rich gold & white, cracking puppy. Lovely head, expression enhanced by dark eyes, ex. pigment. Sturdy, shapely outline, plenty of rib & bone. In beautiful, full puppy coat. Moves with arrogance, keeps level topline, ex. balance of head to teapot tail. An exciting prospect.

Puppy Dog
1stHin Chen’s Askar At Centastage (ImpNor)1st - 11 months black & white,old fashioned no nonsense, robust puppy. Most appealing expression, dark mischievous eyes. Sturdy, low to ground, had the overall shape and body I was looking for. Moves with vigour showing a clean pair of heels. Coat of correct texture.
2ndMatsonic Super Icon for Bishbow2nd - 10 months gold & white, good width of skull, dark eye, wide muzzle, liked his expression. Ex. balance of head toteapot tail. Plenty of bone and body. Preferred his tail set to 1st, but preferred front action of one. Profuse puppy coat, well presented.
3rdSenobles Happy3rd - 11 months gold & white. Liked his head and arrogant expression, lighter all through than 1 & 2, needs to body up. Ample neck giving proud head carriage and desired balance with teapot tail. Moves out well with good positive hind action.

Junior Dog
1stCh. Santosha Cool Hand Luke1st - 13 months gold & white. Headed a class of promising youngsters. Head broad, lovely eyes, broad muzzle, melting expression. So well balanced head to teapot tail, plenty of bone, good front extension and drive from muscled hindquarters. Lovely coat. Reminds me of his dam who I awarded Best Puppy at her first Ch show.
2ndCh. Art Made Gene Kelly (Imp Swe)2nd - 13 months Gold & white. Really liked this young man, similar attributes to first as regards head, expression, body and tail. Just preferred front extension of 1st.
3rdMifcahs Making Mischief3rd - 15 months, black mask solid gold. Very dark eyes, look straight through you, just love the attitude of the solids who consider themselves far superior to mere humans. In full rich coloured gold coat, covers the ground with ease.

Yearling Dog
1stCh. Artelino Moomins Adventure1st & DCC, - this 22 months gold & white completely filled my eye for Breed type, the most stunning head, soft yet masculine, eyes that just draw you in and say pick me, I am the best. Presented in superb condition, full coat covering a sturdy, well developed body, in hard muscular condition. Looked the complete package each time I looked at him, a joy to watch circling the ring with ease, correctly placed shoulders giving desired forward reach, strong rear action showing full pads. High set tail in balance with proudly carried head on arched neck. Having now overtaken the veteran dog in my mind’s eye it was going to take a very special dog to beat him. He was the full package on the day and it gave me great pleasure to award him and his owner their 1st CC.
2ndPistol Pete of Mondoshawan2nd - 20 months gold & white, smart young dog, scored in head, good width of skull, plenty of space between dark, round eyes, ex. pigment, wide muzzle. Plenty of bone and substance, well balanced, in beautiful coat. Moves with attitude, correct tail set and carriage.
3rdKonatian Flashman3rd - 18 months pale gold & white with the most appealing head, mischievous eyes, sturdy, well balanced body,teapot tail Just a little reluctant on the move.

Post Graduate Dog
1stDolhas Gingerbread Man1st - 4 years solid gold with black mask. Shih Tzu is Chinese for little lion dog, so, for me, the solids are an essential part of a breeding programme, especially for their dark eyes and black pigment and their in your face attitude. Broad, round skull, plenty of width between very dark expressive eyes, Wide muzzle, super pigment, sturdy low to ground, plenty of bone, deep chest, correct shoulder placement allowing for forward reach, strong hind action, looks impressive in profile. Moves with the jaunty arrogance so typical of the solids. Lovely boy, in beautiful coat.
2ndLaurmerand Ace Of Spades2nd - 2 years solid black, a size up from 1st. Difficult to get a good head on a black and you need to get up close and personnel to appreciate the sparkling eyes and the soft, yet masculine expression. Plenty of bone, broad chest, balanced outline. Covers a lot of ground with little effort, bags of energy and attitude.
3rdShirshaun Tazie Man3rd - 2 years gold and white. Typical head and expression, enhanced by black tips to ears and furnishings. Liked his proud head to teapot tail balance. Strides out with enthusiasm, very happy fellow, tail never stops wagging. Very pleasing exhibit.

Limit Dog
1stCh. Thaisu Zero To Hero at Miracey1st - this 2 years black mask solid gold headed a strong class of quality males. Broad skull, well spaced, round, dark eyes, ex. pigment, broad jaw, strong bone, broad chest. In hard, muscular condition. Well up to size but has the desired balance I was looking for. Bit of a handful with a most exuberant outgoing temperament, sadly missing in the breed. Dogs don’t need to be statues to win. A joy to watch on the move, off on a mission with bags of attitude and arrogance, powerful hind action showing full pads.
2ndQanukakira Whizz Bang Pop with Debeaux2nd - 2 years paler gold and white. Broad skull, wide spaced dark eyes, ex. mouth and pigment. Plenty of substance, well bodied up and muscled. Balance of head to teapot tail, looks impressive in profile. Bit strong minded on the move, he does move with enthusiasm and style when he keeps 4 feet on the ground. Bags of attitude.
3rdCh. Matsonic Chasing Storms to Bishbow JW3rd - 22 months jet black and sparkling white. Love his head and sour expression, makes him impossible to overlook. Strong boned, toned body, ex. teapot tail, correctly set on and carried, giving a balanced outline with proudly carried head on strong, arched neck. Coat in superb condition. A size up for my personnel preference, gained his place here on his powerful hind action.

Open Dog
1stCh. Hin Chen’s Aertan’s King (No, Se,Fin, JW, KHB JW-15 HEL JW-15, FIN JW-15)1st - 2 years rich gold and white. Low to ground smaller type. At first glance this boy looks a bit pretty but once on the table he is definitely very much a male. Broad skull, dark, mischievous eyes, snooty attitude. So well balanced, strong, sturdy bone, deep chest, proudly carried head in perfect balance with his teapot tail. Came into his own on the move with good forward reach and powerful hind action showing full pads. Headed a super class of top quality males, this boy demanded attention, always alert, giving me that little extra to make him stand out. I see he is sire of 1st in Puppy Dog.
2ndCh. Debeaux Coopersrain Mr Marvellous (Int)2nd - jet black and ice white, striking coat pattern. At 4 years this boy is coming into his prime. Has an open head with large, dark, yet soft eyes giving a most endearing expression, wide muzzle, ex. pigment. Strong , firm bone, plenty of rib, level topline, ex. balance. Head proudly carried on muscular, arched neck, in perfect balance with high set tail. Put down in superb condition and moved at a sensible pace today allowing his free flowing movement to shine through.
3rdCh. Tameron Mr Red Edition JW3rd - 3 years gold and white. Broad skull, well spaced dark eyes, wide muzzle, arrogant bearing, expression enhanced by heavily furnished ears, beard and topknot. Sturdy, well boned, deep chest, level topline, ex. balance. Head proudly carried on ample arched neck giving desired balance with teapot tail. Very mature young man in beautiful coat of correct texture. Circled the ring like a ship in full sail with powerful hind action showing full pads. The best I’ve seen him look, impressive boy.

Veteran Dog
1stCh. Tansingh Double Jepardy (UK, Swe)1st & RDCC - What a perfect way to start the day, first dog to go on the table and I am already a very happy judge. At 8 years this g/w is in his prime. He was my template for the rest of the dog classes, it was going to take a very Special dog to beat him today. Loved everything about him from his correct balance ratio of head to tail, head broad and round, eyes dark, soft, intelligent expression, proud and arrogant, correctly set on teapot tail. Sturdy, well boned, used his muscled hindquarters to advantage on the move, showing full pads. Covered the ground with ease. Beautifully presented and handled to advantage.
2ndCh. Jo-Kins Kisser King (CIB/FI/LV CH)2nd - Another 8 years g/w, good width of skull, dark, expressive eyes, wide muzzle, broad chest, level topline, ex. tail set and carriage. Presented in ex. condition, lovely coat, hard muscular hindquarters. Free flowing movement showing full pads.
3rdCh. Shanitaus Mane Attraction JW3rd - 7 years g/w. Loved his head, width of skull, well spaced dark eyes, giving a warm expression. Well balanced head to tea pot tail. A little higher on the leg than 1 & 2. Coat in beautiful condition, moves out well with good rear action.

Good Citizen Scheme Dogs
1stEthelsmead That’ll Be The Day With Sassyshi1st - 3 years gold and white. Typey young man with lots to like, sweet expression, dark eye, ex. pigment, furnishings coming, nicely framing his face Preferred his outline, tail and movement to 2nd.
2ndShirkeira I Want It All JW ShCM2nd - 2 years gold and white, broad skull, dark eye, wide muzzle, well made boy with plenty of bone, deep chest. Not so good in tail as 1st and not so positive on the move.

Puppy Bitch
1stQanukakira Oopzadayzy1st, Best Puppy & BRCC - This 10 months black mask solid gold popped into my ring like a breath of fresh air. So full of enthusiasm for life which I feel is the something Special about the solids. Super head, broad, wide between very dark eyes, looks full of mischief. Expression enhanced by black furnishings to face and ears. Sturdy, strong bone, deep chest, level topline, shapely outline, all wrapped up in the most glorious rich red/gold coat. An absolute joy to watch, off on a mission, covers a lot of ground with ease with her forward reach and powerful hind action showing full pads giving a free flowing effortless action. Quite delightful.
2ndWarathwaite Pure As Snow2nd - 9 months gold and white, such a pretty girl, broad, round skull, wide between dark, sparkly eyes, wide muzzle, ex. pigment, balanced outline, level topline, plenty of bone, broad chest. Head proudly carried giving desired balance with teapot tail. Bit naughty on the move, showing lots of character, good forward reach and strong hind action. I see her sire placed 3rd in Limit. Liked her very much.
3rdKonatian Gone Upper Class3rd - 10 months gold and white. What a happy little person, eyes sparkling, ex. mouth and pigment, sturdy, low to ground, plenty of bone and substance, pleasing outline. Full of her own importance, always alert, moves out well, tends to do her own thing at times.

Junior Bitch
1stArt Made Marilyn Monroe1st - 14 months gold and white. Beautiful head, the most captivating dark eyes, ex. mouth and pigment, wide muzzle, sturdy, plenty of bone, deep chest, level topline. So well balanced, proudly carried head, superb teapot tail. In glorious coat of correct texture, looks so grownup already with profuse furnishings. Moves out well, covering the ground with ease. A most delightful young bitch. I see her litter brother placed 2nd in junior dog.
2ndCarlita Reason To Love ShCM2nd - 17 months gold and white. Very pretty, dark eyes, ex, pigment, very typey all through, ample bone, chest and substance, level topline, head and teapot tail gives her the desired outline. In lovely profuse coat, covers the ground with ease and style. Very happy attitude.
3rdDolha’s Step Out in Style3rd - 17 months black mask solid gold. Lower to ground than 1 and 2. Love her expression and attitude, looked straight through me ! Sturdy, ample bone, broad chest, well covered body, finished off with a profuse coat of correct texture. Busy little person, moves around the ring at quite a pace, good forward reach, drive from well muscled hindquarters showing a clean pair of heels, teapot tail constantly on the go. Gave her handler a hard time, determined to do everything her way!

Yearling Bitch
1stAnyang Whispering Breeze1st - 22 months paler gold and white. Very pretty, has such lovely eyes that draw you in, ex. pigment, wide jaw, plenty of bone and substance, broad chest, level topline. Moves with boundless energy, strong rear action showing full pads. Tail never stops wagging. In beautiful coat.
2ndZuthis Good Golly Miss Molly2nd - 20 months gold and white, attractive bitch, good head, lovely eyes, well balanced head to teapot tail, keeps level topline, moves out well showing full pads.
3rdKonatian Reach For The Stars with Debeaux3rd -18 months black and white. Very pretty, expression enhanced by dark, sparkly eyes. Stylish, elegant outline, arched neck giving head to tail balance, broad chest, level topline, high set tail. Free flowing movement. Liked her very much, just needs more coat to complete the picture.

Post Graduate Bitch
1stNiallsday Touch Of Class by Mattadam1st - 2 years gold and white, a beautiful young bitch who is already the full package. Broad, round skull, wide between dark, round eyes with the sweetest appeal. Wide muzzle, ex. mouth, ex, pigment, plenty of bone and substance, broad chest, level topline, head and teapot tail in perfect balance. In full, beautifully groomed coat of correct texture, full furnishings frame her lovely face. Steps out with style with forward reach and powerful hind action showing full pads.
2ndMeilijo Some Like It Hot JW2nd - 2 years black mask solid gold, awarded her Res. CC & BP last time I judged, pleased to see her again in grownup mode. Smaller type but has ample bone and substance with deep chest, level topline, broad skull, well spaced, round, black eyes, ex. mouth. Covers the ground with ease, head and tail in perfect balance. A smaller A smaller package wrapped up in red/gold coat of correct texture.
3rdMarhilway Edge Related3rd - nearly 2 years gold and white, old fashioned girl with the sweetest face, most appealing expression, low to ground, ample bone and substance, broad chest, level topline. Happy, outgoing attitude, moves out well, needs more coat to complete the picture.

Limit Bitch
1stCh. Rossvale Secret Obsession1st - 4 years gold and white, lovely mature bitch, full of attitude, soft, sweet expression, carries her head with pride, on nicely arched neck, giving the desired balance with high set tail, well made all through, broad chest, level topline, looks just right from all angles, in hard muscular condition. In lovely coat, moves with style showing full pads. Has the look straight through you, I am superior attitude that is such an important attribute of a Shih Tzu.
2ndMarhilway Swan Edge2 years old fashioned girl, good broad skull, well spaced dark eyes, good width of muzzle, has an endearing quality to her face, very sweet. A little heavier all through than 1st, sturdy, well boned legs, deep chest, level topline. Positive hind action, drives around the ring , ex. tail set and carriage. Needs more coat to complete the picture .
3rdTansingh Angel and Demon3rd - gold and white, what a treasure to find in this class of quality bitches, at 9 years this delightful bitch is older full sister to the Dog Res.CC. Has the stately bearing befitting her age, very pretty, darkest of eyes, so full of arrogance. Well made all through, always a pleasure to go over a mature well muscled body. Looks a picture in profile, moves freely with style, head held high in balance with her teapot tail.

Open Bitch
1stCh. Yung Lo’s Heartbeat (CIB DKU/SEU, KIU, Nordw-15)1st - CC & BOB Talk about save the best until last, this class was teeming with quality, sadly only one can place first and today that just had to be this 6 years gold and white beautiful bitch. Just exquisite, the most enduring expression, enhanced by dark, intelligent eyes. So well balanced, head proudly carried on just the right length of neck, perfectly matching her teapot tail, level topline, glorious coat in superb condition. She is the size I prefer for a bitch, ultra feminine. On the move she demonstrated the free flowing action with good forward reach and strong hind action showing full pads, such an important factor that makes the Shih Tzu unique. Presented to perfection and sensibly handled. It was my pleasure to send her forward to the Group. Thank you for bringing her.
2ndCh. Hin Chen’s Aertan’s Princess (No,Se, Fin)2nd - 2 years gold and white, very close up to first for type, lovely head, very expressive dark eyes, ex. mouth, ample bone, broad chest, level topline, all wrapped up in coat of correct texture and head framed in full furnishings. Covers the ground with ease, oozes style and arrogance, head to teapot tail balance. Very eye catching bitch, I see she is litter sister to first in Open Dog.
3rdCh. Cravens Just One Love (ESP/FRE/LUX/PORT/INT)3rd - 3 years gold and white, very pretty girl, broad, round head, good width between large, intense, dark eyes, wide jaw, quite determined expression. Plenty of bone, substance, broad chest, level topline, head proudly carried on arched neck giving desired balance with high set tail. In beautiful coat and full head furnishings, higher on the leg than 1 and 2. Moves with style.

Veteran Bitch
1stCh. Thaisu She Rocks1st - This 8 years gold and white epitomizes the breed standard. Loved her 6 years ago when I awarded her CC & BOB. The most beautiful head, darkest of eyes, holds her head proudly, perfectly balanced with her teapot tail. Level topline, broad chest, shoulders well laid back which allows her to sail around the ring with forward reach, strong rear action showing full pads. Quality coat of correct texture, presented to perfection. A beautiful bitch who has also proved her worth in the nursery, dam of 1st in limit dog. Very close up in the challenge.
2ndAlchez Ching Lan2nd - 8 years gold and white, sweet bitch with appealing expression, good balance of head to teapot tail. Moves with style and arrogance. Not in full coat, gained her place over 3rd on her better tail set.
3rdJimsamroblee Miss Honalulu3rd - 8 years black mask solid gold, loved her head, broad skull, darkest of eyes, wide muzzle, well balanced outline, level topline. In beautiful coat, moves with determination.

Good Citizen Scheme Bitches
1stJimsamroblee Miss Honalulu3rd - 8 years black mask solid gold, loved her head, broad skull, darkest of eyes, wide muzzle, well balanced outline, level topline. In beautiful coat, moves with determination.
2ndRossvale Secret Affair is Yunqishing JW2nd - 3 years gold and white, pretty girl, lovely eyes and expression, balanced outline, in lovely coat. Would like a better tailset, reluctant at times on the move, can drive from behind showing full pads when she puts her mind in gear.
3rdMatsuba Show Me Heaven3rd - 4 years gold and white, very sweet expression, good width of skull, dark, round well spaced eyes, broad muzzle, broad chest, level topline. Would like a little more neck to balance her tail Not so good in front action and in stubborn mode in this class!