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Full Critique for Welsh KC 2017

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Judge : Mr Espen Engh
This critique reflects the judge's opinion
based on what they saw on the day of the show.

An excellent entry and a lovely day. I have been privileged to judge this breed quite extensively around the world, and I have often been concerned with the type-drift away from the typically sturdy, low to ground British breed type that to me is essential. Yes, quite a few of those not so typical dogs were present on this day as well, so beware! But my overall assessment was that it was lovely to encounter so many true to British-type Shih Tzus. I was most impressed by the line-up for the bitch CC and could have awarded several CCs in that sex. Thank you for the honour and privilege to go over so many outstanding specimen.

Minor Puppy Dog
1stLyndatzu Joie De VivreWell made masculine puppy. Acceptabel skull, but would like him to have a higher brow. Large, expressive eyes of medium dark colour. I would not want a shorter muzzle, but he has lovely big nose. Correct bite. Excellent width of underjaw. Normal neck. Moderate angulation in both ends. Still needs to level out in topline. His tail will be excellent. Ample coat. Moved with balance and soundness when not jumping around, he lived up to his name.
2ndMifcahs Secret Affair with MorhenjoVery expressive male with a beautiful head and expression. Normal neck. Typically low to the ground, but cannot be any lower. Attractive, well conditioned coat. Not willing to show off his qualities on the move.

Puppy Dog
1stMiddletune Wildest CharmerAn instantly attractive, handsome puppy, well balanced. Powerful skull with good width and well rounded. Excellent length of nose and bite. His neck is very well set into shoulders. Firm topline. Pleasing tail. Beautiful, well conditioned coat. Moved with very good flick-up and extension in both ends.
2ndMinfaa Oh Shanandore With SobrietyAnother attractive male puppy with an expressive head, beautiful, dark and large eyes. Pleasing underjaw. Very good neck, well set. Firm topline. Excellent depth for his age. Attractive tail. Beautiful coat. Not quite the movement of the winner and rather wide coming and going.

Junior Dog
1stShalehan YasheronWell balanced, good moving dog. His head has pleasing proportions between skull and muzzle and a good expression, but needs to grow larger and more masculine. Attractive neck. Good front. Correct length of leg. Tended to be a bit high behind when standing, but evened out on the move. Sound and efficient mover with good flick-up. Well conditioned coat of excellent structure.
2ndCh. Jacquinta Lets Go Andy JWPowerful, masculine dog, very well developed for his age. Typical head with excellent width of skull and beautiful eyes. Strong topline, very good tail. At this age his coat is woolly and detracts from his elegance and adds to the impression of size and bulk. Moved with energy and good flick-up.

Novice Dog
1stCh. Jacquinta Lets Go Andy JWPowerful, masculine dog, very well developed for his age. Typical head with excellent width of skull and beautiful eyes. Strong topline, very good tail. At this age his coat is woolly and detracts from his elegance and adds to the impression of size and bulk. Moved with energy and good flick-up.
2ndAnyang The Lion KingStanding still a very attractive dog. Excellent round skull with width and excellent brow. Large, dark eyes. Could otherwise have stronger pigmentation. Long neck. Could do with some more angulation in front. Firm topline, attractive tail. He still needs to develop in his body. Beautiful coat. He refused to carry his tail up on the move, a pity.

Post Graduate Dog
1stGladmin Transkei Teddy JWA very proper Shih Tzu with attractive proportions and outline. Good width of skull, but I would prefer somewhat larger eyes, adding to his expression. Good width and length of muzzle. Strong neck. Excellent topline. Elbows could be closer to body, but moved with an attractive balance and outline.
2ndDaltricia Mondego JW ShCMInstantly attractive, well shown dog with a very beautiful coat and colour. Balanced head, but could also have more expression and darker eyes. Somewhat more up on legs than the winner, still within the acceptable. Excellent outline standing, beautiful tail. Moved with energy and suppleness, but with some tendency to roach up.

Limit Dog
1stChellanda Take A Chance On Me ShCMA very good class with quite a few attractive dogs. Beautiful dog, masculine and strong, still with elegance and a lovely silhouette. Well proportioned, masculine head with excellent width of skull, well rounded and a square muzzle of excellent length. Beautiful eyes. Enough neck, strong and well set. Deep and capacious chest and body. Firm topline. Well set and carried tail. He moved with strength and balance and a good flick-up. Res CC.
2ndMiracey All You Need Is Love For Tilbe JW ShCMAnother beautiful dog with a particularly attractive expression from his large, dark eyes. Classical head. Firm topline with well set tail. Beautiful, well conditioned coat. Not as straight in his front legs as the winner standing or moving, but a very typical mover form the side with excellent flick-up.

Open Dog
1stCh. Miracey All Guns BlazinStunningly beautiful dog of ideal type, quality and overall appearance. Ideal proportions. Lovely head with ideal size and shape, well rounded. Strong jaws, excellent width. My only worry about him was that he still at times showed his tongue, but I could find no reason for it as his bite is perfect. Outstandingly beautiful coat of ideal structure and condition, no need for any more of it. Bang on topline and tail. An outstanding mover from all direction. Another most impressive representative of his breed and sex from these very talented breeders. CC
2ndDaltricia Wilbur Smith JW ShCMAnother very attractive, beautiful dog, combining quality with masculinity. A trifle more up on legs than the winner. I adored his wonderful, arrogant attitude. He both stood and moved very well indeed over his legs on a loose lead. Excellent topline, well set and carried tail. He kept his silhouette on the move and moved soundly and with a good flick-up.

Veteran Dog
1stShifon Lark AscendingPowerful, masculine dog in excellent condition for his age. Typical, well rounded head with pleasing width of skull. Excellent width and depth of muzzle, strong underjaw. His eyes could be larger. Strong neck. Normal angulation in both ends. Deep and capacious body. Lovely tail; well set and with lovely lift. Moved with an attractive balance and good flick-up. Well conditioned coat of excellent structure. Best Veteran.

Minor Puppy Bitch
1stShirkeira Olivia At MiddletuneA lovely bitch puppy of excellent type and overall quality. Very well proportioned, she has the ideal length of leg. Excellent head with well rounded skull, excellent width of muzzle. Eyes large enough. Firm topline. Well set tail, could be carried a little higher. Lovely coat. Especially attractive in movement, very well balanced, athletic and sound. Definitely one to keep an eye on in the future. Best Puppy.
2ndKatonier Secrets And DreamsAnother eyecatching quality bitch, white and black. A little more up on legs. Feminine, well rounded head. Attractive expression. Strong and wide jaws. Straight and firm topline, well set and carried tail. Another who moved soundly and efficiently.

Puppy Bitch
1stSantosha Cherry Brandy At MiraceyBeautiful bitch. It is a quite rare to find one that is this correctly low on the legs and still so mobile. Beautiful, feminine head and expression. Lovely width of skull and foreface. Excellent neck into shoulders. Excellent tail. Beautiful, well conditioned coat. An outstanding mover from all directions. Unfortunately by the time it came to competing for BPIB, she had had enough.
2ndMiddletune Wild GypsyAnother beautiful puppy, well proportioned and well balanced and with an impressive outline. Feminine head, not the expression of the winner. Lovely topline, well set and carried tail contributing to her outstanding silhouette. Typical mover with strength, flick-up and soundness.

Junior Bitch
1stCh. Tsantha AdornmentLovely, well proportioned, feminine bitch. She has a lovely head; large, wide and round. Beautiful eyes, excellent expression. Strong neck. Excellent topline. Well set and carried tail. Sound and balanced mover. Not in optimal coat condition, but to me still a comfortable winner in this class.
2ndTa Maria Amethyst(Imp)A bitch who was rather anonymous standing still, but who came into her own in movement. Lovely head and expression. Enough neck. Firm topline. Deep and capacious body. I would like more lift to her tail. A sound mover from all angles.

Post Graduate Bitch
1stGladmin InalaAttractive bitch of a type that appeals to me; typically low and sturdy. Typical head with excellent width of skull. Her bite could be more regular, but within the acceptable. Excellent neck into shoulder. Firm topline, well set and carried tail, forming a classical silhouette. Beautiful, well conditioned coat. Moved with soundness and good flick-up, but could do with a little more energy.
2ndShanjora’s Golden SunsetA charming bitch, feminine and well proportioned. Attractive expression. Pleasing neck which she used to her advantage on the move. Beautiful well conditioned coat. Excellent tail. An enthusiastic mover, she could do with some more strength.

Limit Bitch
1stCh. Rossvale Secret ObsessionWow what a cracking bitch! She has it all; ideal type, proportions, quality, soundness and balance. She is powerful, still not at all big and very feminine. Ideal low to the ground. Beautiful head, well rounded and with a wide muzzle which I would not want any shorter than this. Lovely expression from round, dark eyes. Well set neck into shoulder. Firm topline. Well set and carried tail. Correct coat quality and not over-coated. An exceptional mover, at all times keeping her lovely balance and outline. She is just beautiful, I am surprised that a bitch as outstanding as this is not a champion, but made a contribution towards her title by awarding her what I was told was her second CC.
2ndThaisu Desperate Housewife for KimevanAnother attractive bitch, within proportions, but I would not want her any shorter on legs than this, still very mobile. Excellent skull, wide muzzle. Not quite the expression of the winner. Firm topline. Well set tail. Another sound and efficient mover.

Open Bitch
1stCh. Miracey Disco InfernoA very strong class with mostly champions.Grand bitch of excellent type and making a lovely overall impression. Very beautiful, classical head with width and roundness. Lovely eyes and expression, especially when she closes her mouth. Excellent neck, very well set. Firm topline. Lovely tailset and tail carriage. Deep and capacious body. Outstanding coat, perfectly groomed with not a hair out of place. A typical mover, sound and efficient, still not as outstanding on the move as the previous class winner, she had to be content with the Res CC.
2ndCh. Tameron Miss Black Opium.Black and white bitch of excellent type and quality. Pleasing head and expression. Scored heavily with her lovely, deep and capacious body, excellent topline and overall lovely construction. Beautiful coat of excellent structure and very well conditioned. She moved very well indeed with excellent flick-up and timing.