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Full Critique for Midland Counties 2017

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Judge : Mr Lee Cox
This critique reflects the judge's opinion
based on what they saw on the day of the show.

Minor Puppy Dog
1stTameron Mr Guilty BlackB/w dog who scores on the move, especially in profile. Liked his head and expression. Good neck, topline and tailset. Excellent action behind and in superb coat, presented to perfection.
2ndSistasu Silver Top JW ShCMAnother super puppy with a decent head and expression. Well presented and in super coat. A little unsure on the table at present. Keeps an outline in profile.
ResRossvale Here Comes The Sun over FairmereDecent head, topline and tail set. Just needs to settle. Well presented and moved ok.

Puppy Dog
1stMinfaa Oh Shanandore With SobrietyNearly a year old and in full coat. Masculine in outlook. Moved with carriage and has a balanced outline.
2ndRossvale Here Comes The Sun over FairmereDecent head, topline and tail set. Just needs to settle. Well presented and moved ok.

Junior Dog
1stKeytor The Jazz SingerVery smart young man with a super large head and typical expression. Coat in superb condition. Absolutely typical for outline with excellent topline, tail set and carriage,. Moved out so well. Certain champion in the making.
2ndMinfaa Boy GeorgeLarger type than winner, superb condition, well presented. Masculine in head, good expression and decent topline. Balanced in outline. Moved out well, just not the front or carriage of the winner.

Yearling Dog
1stAlchez Emperor KuzcoBlack boy that has a typical outline but could possibly benfit from a tad more neck. In super condition, well presented. Won the class on front. Pleasing head and expression, good tail carriage and correct topline.
2ndMinfaa Take Me To the Limit at MiddletunePleasing head , excellent set of tail, carried very well. Not quite the front of the winner.

Post Graduate Dog
1stCh. Carlita Reason To Dream JWMasculine with a pleasing outline. Decent head and expression, balanced and typical, good tail carriage and moved out on the right track keeping his topline.
2ndShanjora’s Calisto Boy JWClose up and similar for type. Pleased for head and expression, he is good to go over but he just lost out in front action today.

Limit Dog
1stCh. Sistasu Silver Lining JW ShCMSuper boy with a very typical outline. Excellent to go over and very well presented. On the move he is arrogant and keeps his topline. Another with a title in front of him I’m sure.
2ndPekoe One Direction JWAnother extremely typical boy who scores on the table. Superb coat texture and presentation, Moved out well but just not the joie de vivre of the winner today.

Open Dog
1stCh. Miracey Rebel Rider (UK, Ir)Superb class headed by this ultra stylish dog of immense quality and type. Masculine large head with the most expressive eyes. Sensational coat presentation. Superb to go over and he moved out with arrogance and style. Delighted to award him the CC.
2ndCh. Miracey All Guns BlazinClose up and so very similar in many respects. Loved his type, head and expression. Totally splitting hairs and could easily change places on another day. RCC.

Minor Puppy Bitch
1stCh. Rossvale Only In Dreams JWVery smart baby with a delightful head and expression. Great to go over and moves with such arrogance for one so young. Future ahead of her no doubt.
2ndTameron Miss ParisAnother really super puppy, close up and will swap places on more than one occasion.

Puppy Bitch
1stMinfaa PocahontasNaughty but oh so nice. Full of style and superb for type. Really super to go over on the table. Superb head and expression and moved out so very well. Liked her enormously. BP.
2ndCh. Shorestar Hocus Pocus JWClose up and similar remarks apply. Beautifully presented, good head, expression, balance and type. Well carried tail and super topline. Another very close decision.

Junior Bitch
1stWarathwaite Pure As SnowLovely for type with good head and expression. Moved well when settled and uses herself when she puts her mind to it.
2ndCh. Miracey Fruitylicious at Virtulvilage (Ir)Beautifully presented and another of good type. Just didn’t use herself in profile today.

Yearling Bitch
1stCremefern Lily The PinkClose between the first two. Won the class on front action, super expression and decent to go over.
2ndPeekin Miss Souza-TuAnother good one with lots to like, just not the front of the winner.

Post Graduate Bitch
1stAnyang Whispering BreezeReally super bitch with the most delightful head and expression. Moved out with style and arrogance and was superbly presented.
2ndShanjora’s Golden SunsetLiked her head and type. Moved with style but lost concentration when it mattered.

Limit Bitch
1stMatsonic Gotta Have Faith at EthelsmeadSuper for type and excellent to go over on the table. In full coat, very well presented. Moved out on the right track holding her outline and has a look at me attitude.
2ndMinfaa Dancin Cheek To Cheek at MiddletuneClose up and will change places. Very similar remarks and liked her enormously too.

Open Bitch
1stCh. Tameron Miss Black OpiumAnother superb class but the winner was my star of today. She has style and quality in spadesful. Gorgeous head and expression, in beautiful coat presented to perfection. Moved around the ring as if she owned it keeping her outline perfectly. Superb bitch, loved her. Delighted to see her go Gp2 CC & BOB.
2ndCh. Zeeva Love Unlimited for Maili JW Sh CMReally loved this typy bitch and she is gorgeous to go over on the table. Just not quite the arrogance of the winner today but such a worthy champion. RCC