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Full Critique for WELKS 2017

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Judge : Mrs Liz Cartledge
This critique reflects the judge's opinion
based on what they saw on the day of the show.

The morning started with bright sunshine, so we were out on green grass and a huge ring. The wind got up rather making it the ultimate ’bad hair day’, but it stayed dry and I thought it was a lot better to be outside with plenty of fresh air. The dogs did not seem to mind. Some of the youngsters got extra frisky in fact. The exhibitors were struggling with their brushes, but it was the same for everybody. A delightful breed to judge with their noses in the air, confident and co-operative on the table and then that touch of arrogance on the move. I was looking for sturdy bodies, good bone for their size, broad round heads, decent coats, not too long in body and not too big.

Minor Puppy Dog
1stIsishouse Son And Heir8 mths gold/w, very well proportioned, good outline, high set tail, attractive head, expressive eyes, lively mover and showman
2ndMinfaa Oh Shanandore With SobrietyJust 6 mths and loving every moment in the ring, bags of character, large round eyes, good body, moved and showed well for such a baby.

Puppy Dog
1stKeytor The Jazz SingerBP & RCC, 10 mths red gold/w, outstanding in this class and could hold his own with older dogs, once in the challenge. Lovely type, quality stamped all over, broad round head, expressive eyes, good topline and body, ample bone, so well balanced, excellent mover, arrogant showman, excellent, typical of this famous kennel.
2ndTsantha Adoration of Hajenza11 mths, surefooted, gold/w, held his topline on the move, attractive head, good body, showy and confident

Junior Dog
1stMinfaa Take Me To the Limit at Middletune17 mths, very stylish and accomplished showman, masculine head, expressive eyes, large nostrils, well fitting coat, excellent body, well presented and handled, shade long cast.
2ndMatsonic Super Icon for BishbowYearling typical head and eyes, good outline and proportions, clean well presented coat, held his topline on the move, not as fluent on the move as first.

Yearling Dog
1stCh. Carlita Reason To Dream JW19 mths gold/white, arched his neck and made the most of himself on the move, pleasing head, firm body, lovely coat and condition, high set tail, well handled, as was 2,
2ndDaltricia Mondego JW ShCM19 mths. Same age this black, quality head, lovely dark eyes, excellent overall proportions, moved and showed well turned out, very close decision between first and second.

Post Graduate Dog
1stNiallsday For Your Eyes Only at TrottyveckNearly 2 this red gold/white, excellent head qualities, expressive round eyes, plenty of coat blowing in the wind, sturdy body, well proportioned, moved and showed nicely.
2ndChelhama Business Class2 yr old grey/white, attractive head, showed with arrogance, fit body, good coat, quite sound on the move.

Limit Dog
1stCh. Matsonic Chasing Storms to Bishbow JW2 yrs b/w, masculine head and outlook, intelligent eyes, did not miss a trick, well proportioned, sturdy body, moved very well, steady showman, good coat and presentation.
2ndBattery Included at Maitreya3 yr red gold/white of excellent type, quality head, typical expression, long dense coat, well bodied, showed with composure, moved OK.

Open Dog
1stCh. Debeaux Coopersrain Mr Marvellous (Int)This really was a super class. 1, CC & BOB,5 yrs b/w who caught my eye when they first went around the ring with his lovely crested neck, excellent ring presence, lovely head, short broad muzzle, large expressive eyes, perfect coat and condition, excelled in topline and attitude, in tremendous form.
2ndCh. Keytor All That JazzVery handsome, 4 yr old red gold/white, great body, topline and quarters, super head, warm expression, coat presented to the minute, showed well, knows how to move with that air of arrogance but occasionally did a bit of a skip on the grass while his son never put a foot wrong in the challenge.
3rdCh. Tameron Mr Red Edition JWAnother very worthy champion who completed a first class trio.

Veteran Dog
1stJimsamroblee Mr MusclesNearly 9 yrs, very good looking dog, most typical head, dark clear eyes, excellent body, long dense coat showing full pad on the move, comfortable in his own skin, showed himself off well, very well conditioned.

Minor Puppy Bitch
1stCh. Shalehan Yarina For Mifcah JW ShCM1 & BPB, 8 mths, lovely puppy of excellent type, sturdy body, delightful head, full of personality, excellent coat, moved and showed like an experienced show dog, good potential.
2ndIsishouse Princess Tiaa8 mths gold/white with feminine head, expressive eyes, clean and well presented coat, good body and overall proportions, firm topline, well muscled hindquarters, good showgirl.

Puppy Bitch
1stShorestar Tango Fire11 mths br/w, arrogant puppy with a will of her own, good outline, clean neckline, quality head, well coated, easy mover when she concentrated.
2ndKonatian Class AboveNearly 12 mths, another full of self esteem, moved and showed well, holding her topline, attractive head, eyes full of expression, firm body, clean and well presented.

Junior Bitch
1stEthelsmead Looking for Lowri15 mths b/w, comfortable winner, I thought. Stylish and confident, very nice head, good expression, strong body and quarters, well fitting coat, moved well.
2ndCremefern Lily The Pink14 mths, feminine head, well proportioned, excellent body and coat, good expression, not moving quite as well as first but showed well.
3rdTameron Miss Daisy Blush at PortiakissGood type, pleasing head, firm topline, good neckline, moved and showed ok.

Yearling Bitch
1stTameron Miss Daisy Blush at PortiakissGood type, pleasing head, firm topline, good neckline, moved and showed ok.
2ndShihdances Giovanna Calore22 mths, attractive head, typical expression, well coated and bodied, steady showgirl, failed in front movement.

Post Graduate Bitch
1stMinfaa Dancin Cheek To Cheek at Middletune2 yrs, good honest bitch in excellent coat and form, intelligent expression, good head, arrogant showgirl, moved well.
2ndAnyang Whispering Breeze2 yrs, pretty girl, good outline and proportions, firm topline, feminine face, well presented coat, confident showgirl.

Limit Bitch
1stCh. Ziams Mary-Lou JW (imp)1 & RCC, 2 yrs, red gold brindle, very surefooted and pleased with herself, quality head, very superior expression, impressive showgirl, marvellous topline, good neckline, moved well, handled to best advantage, really focused on the job.
2ndMatsonic Gotta Have Faith at EthelsmeadRan the winner close, very good bitch that I liked very much, lovely face, good bone, sturdy body, excellent coat, good topline, went well.

Open Bitch
1stCh. Tameron Miss Dark Obsession1 & CC, 19 mths b/w, real eyecatcher who performed very well to win this class, very good silhouette both standing and moving, most appealing head, eyes and expression, firm fit body, well proportioned, arrogant carriage, moved and showed very well. Her third CC I understand, well deserved.
2ndCh. Miracey Celebrity Dancer at Trandella JW ShCM3 yr old gold/white, lovely girl with super head, large nostrils, good tailset, excellent coat and condition, arched neck, showed well, did not go as well on the grass as first today.