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Ch. Tameron Mr Red Edition JW

Show Result History

Dog CC, 1st OD2017BelfastMr G RobertsonLovely low stationed balanced, dog, detailed head with lovely nose, eyes and skull. Well constructed front, barrel ribs and level back and excellent tail. Showed himself with an air of swagger on the move. Lovely type and happy to award him the CC.
Res Open Dog2017Scottish KC (August)Mrs Y Rawley
3rd Open Dog2017Welsh KCMr E Engh
Dog RCC, 2nd OD2017East of EnglandMr T BallAnother of the highest quality and it really was a difficult task separating the first two here. This 3 yr old gold/white boy is beautifully balanced, of superior type and so well made throughout. Nicely arched neck of good length, firm level topline, well ribbed back, good depth of brisket, excellent spring of rib, strong muscular loin and good tail for both set and carriage. Masculine head with good breadth to his round skull, the very best of eyes, correct length and breadth to muzzle, wide open nostrils and correct dentition with good width of underjaw. Good layback of shoulder, chest well let down and of good width and strong, muscular hindquarters with correct angulation. Faultless movement and carriage, covering the ground with good drive from the rear, showing full pad, and with an air of self importance. Excellent coat and presentation. RCC.
Dog RCC, 1st OD2017Scottish KC (May)Mr K Sinclair
3rd Open Dog2017WELKSMrs C E CartledgeAnother very worthy champion who completed a first class trio.
Best in Show, DCC, 1st OD2017Manchu Shih Tzu SocietyMiss J KitchenerA lovely quality class which on another day in different conditions may well have come out differently. Splitting hairs between the first two & some high quality dogs left the ring cardless which never gives me pleasure. Ch Tameron Mr Red Edition, not the most glamorous on first impression, but the more I looked at him the more I appreciated the depth of his quality. Glorious masculine head, with lovely dark eyes & melting expression, really good mouth & bite, excellent front & clean well arched neck into well laid shoulders, deep well sprung ribcage & firm level topline. Could not get away from his superior expression on the stack, but then impressed hugely on the move, displaying excellent forward reach, strong drive showing full pads behind & good carriage plus an outgoing happy personality in free stand. CC & BIS
Dog RCC, 2nd OD2017Shih Tzu Club of Wales & WestMrs D B Harding2nd Howards CH. Tameron Mr Red Edition, gold/white an outstanding dog for type and soundness, he has the most wonderful expression, typical masculine head, so well balanced with superb movement, unlucky to meet 1, but a truly worthy Champion and I was pleased to award him the RES CC
3rd Open Dog2017CruftsMrs P Maule3rd - 3 years gold and white. Broad skull, well spaced dark eyes, wide muzzle, arrogant bearing, expression enhanced by heavily furnished ears, beard and topknot. Sturdy, well boned, deep chest, level topline, ex. balance. Head proudly carried on ample arched neck giving desired balance with teapot tail. Very mature young man in beautiful coat of correct texture. Circled the ring like a ship in full sail with powerful hind action showing full pads. The best I’ve seen him look, impressive boy.
2nd Open Dog2016LKAMr C SaevichAnother dog that I had judged before and has grown to be a worthy Champion. Excellent type, well balanced, very good head, dark eyes. Excellent body shape, excellent coat. Moves well.
Res Open Dog2016Shih Tzu ClubMr T Paczowski
Res Open Dog2016Joint Shih Tzu ClubsMiss M Persson
Best of Breed, DCC, 1st OD2016Midland CountiesMr S MallardQuality through and through, portraying excellent breed type, solid in build with class, masculine with excellent head and properties, clean arched neck flows into totally honest front assembly, firm body with level back and correct tail, moved soundly with purpose and important carriage, CC & BOB.
2nd Open Dog2016DriffieldMr P Seier-Sorenson
Dog RCC, 2nd OD2016BelfastMrs J PeakAnother nice young male, excellent head & expression, good arched neck, shoulders well laid, good bone, legs & feet, nice body & outline, moved well with good tail carriage held on the move, shown in immaculate coat & condition. RCC
Best of Breed, DCC, 1st OD2016RichmondDr A PaloheimoLovely head, pleasing expression, excellent shape, ultra sound, strong rear, excellent coat. Perfect balance and breed type. CC and BOB.
Dog CC, 1st OD2016Scottish KC (August)Mr M GilchristA strong and interesting class but had a great deal of variety in it with regard to true breed type.Ch Tameron Mr Red Edition. If I am to be totally honest, I feel we have not seen the best of this one yet, to my mind he still has a degree of maturing to do, but that said he had all the right parts in all the right places and his construction and breed type I was not able to fault. Where he really excels in on the move. His excellent shoulders allow him the desired forward reach and this is mirrored and complimented in the rear quarters construction, showing a clean set of pads every step of the way. His head shape is exactly as it should be and has a true expression. I was happy to award him the CC but he lost out in the challenge with the bitch on maturity.
Best of Breed, DCC, 1st OD2016Welsh KCMrs B CroucherA lovely dog. Excellent in profile he has a super head with pleasing eye. Good finish to muzzle, correct ear set. Neck of correct length to carry head proudly. Excellent shoulders leading to a good front. Level topline. Super coat, presented immaculately. Moved truly - CC and BOB.
Best of Breed, DCC, 1st OD2016East of EnglandMrs D Spavin
3rd Open Dog2016WindsorMr D G Roberts
Dog RCC, 1st OD2016Border UnionMiss D HowlandG/w in excellent coat with good head properties, level topline, correct tail carriage, moved well, RDCC.
Dog CC, 1st OD2016Southern CountiesMr D EricssonLovely class and a pleasure to judge. Top quality dog who handles as well as he looks, wonderful broad head with large eye and warm, correct expression, strong muzzle, well-placed nose, very good front indeed with strong bone, deep body of correct length, excellent hindquarters propelling him freely around the ring . In lovely coat and condition and I felt privileged to have judged such an outstanding example of the breed. Dog CC
Best of Breed, DCC, 1st OD2016Scottish KC (May)Mr A WightQuite a star as he ticks most of the boxes, looks an all quality male in head, stunning expression, super neck and body, well carried tail, so well boned and coat impeccably presented. He moved out so purposefully showing such good hock action and pads. He was short listed in a good Group under Derek Smith.
Reserve BIS, DCC, 1st OD2016Northern Counties Shih Tzu ClubMrs Y Cannon2-year-old of nice type. Excellent head and expression, large round head with good underjaw. Angulations good with excellent top line, good tail set and carriage. Excellent rib cage well ribbed back. Moved soundly in all aspects and presented in excellent condition. CC & RBIS.
2nd Open Dog2016Shih Tzu Club of Wales & WestMs L YoungLovely male with a soft expression, lovely outline, moved and showed well.
Dog RCC, 1st OD2016CruftsMrs P GregoryAnother lovely class. G/w, so worthy to be a champion and typical of our Shih Tzu breed. Melting masculine expression, dark eye and correct dentation, good bone and body shape, correct depth and width of chest, lovely outline on the move. Res CC.
Dog CC, 1st OD2016Boston & District CSMrs S Stevens
Dog CC, 1st OD2015LKAMr N Barker
Best of Breed, DCC, 1st OD2015BUBAMrs C Murrell
2nd Open Dog2015Joint Shih Tzu ClubsMr T MoranGold & white with a lovely eye, excellent nose placement and good mouth and chin. Excellent front assembly and good top-line and tail set. Moved well. Would prefer a little shorter on leg and longer in body. Excellent coat condition and texture.
VHC Open Dog2015Midland CountiesMr C Saevich
Dog RCC, 2nd OD2015South WalesMr F Kane
Res in Group
Best of Breed
Dog CC
1st Open Dog
2015BelfastMrs J BownsA very glamour’s boy who is very well proportioned throughout. Beautiful head and expression, well-placed nose. Nicely arched neck into very good shoulders, good level top line and very good tail set, good muscle on his well angulated rear. Moves with great ease. Dog CC, was so proud to see him take G4 under Dave Killilea.
Dog CC, 1st LD2015DarlingtonMr P Harding
2nd Limit Dog2015City of BirminghamMr J CarterG/w, a really good overall balance, correct size dog, in very good body, level topline, great coat condition, I would like him a shade stronger in the head & not yet fully matured, sound as a bell;
Dog CC, 1st LD2015Scottish KC (August)Mr S Hall
3rd in Group
Best of Breed
Dog CC
1st Limit Dog
2015Welsh KCMrs S Jakeman
Dog RCC, 1st LD2015BournemouthMr R Oldham1 & 2 were close up here, 1 just having the edge in expression and neck, masculine head well laid out with nothing in excess, decent front assembly and good for substance, well sprung ribs, high tail set and carriage, developed hindquarters and steps out to advantage, in super coat and condition, RCC.
2nd Limit Dog2015LeedsMrs W CainThought these two boys very similar, good mouth, fabulous muscle tone, just preferred the outline of first on the move.
Dog RCC, 1st LD2015WindsorMrs V GoodwinAttractive deep gold/white, good body with excellent balance, correct nose and eye placement in a truly male expression, correct movement, coat in great condition and well groomed. RCC.
Best of Breed, DCC, 1st LD2015BlackpoolMr M JamesBest mover in this entry. Have admired this one for a while, so balanced, typical shape, loved his head and expression, strong in body and loin, very good front, super coat, typical tail, super star. So well conditioned and presented. CC, BOB.
Dog RCC, 1st JD2015Three CountiesMr A Brace
Dog RCC, 1st JD2015Southern CountiesMr K Jarvinen
1st Junior Dog2015BathMr N Stevens
Dog RCC, 1st JD2015Scottish KC (May)Mrs S DykesBeautifully presented gold and white. Balanced with good angulation front and rear. Good depth of chest and spring of rib.Free moving. Attractive head with good eye and correct nose placement. RCC.
Dog RCC, 1st LD2015Shih Tzu Club of ScotlandMrs D B Hardingpale gold/white gorgeous head with typical expression, lovely warm eyes, good pigment and nose set, good reach of neck, well set on tail, level topline, super body and well muscled legs which he really uses on the move, a really super dog that must make up, I was pleased to award him RCC.
1st Junior Dog2015WELKSMrs G Dolphin
1st Junior Dog2015Manchu Shih Tzu SocietyMr I Millar
1st Junior Dog2015Shih Tzu Club of Wales & WestMrs J Howells
1st Junior Dog2015CruftsMrs V Grugan
Dog RCC, BP, 1st PD2015ManchesterMr E Paterson
Best Puppy
1st Puppy Dog
2015Boston & District CSMiss S Bird
Best Puppy
1st Puppy Dog
2014LKAMrs J Meyer
1st Minor Puppy Dog
1st Puppy Dog
1st Novice Dog
2014Shih Tzu ClubMrs D Skok LamutLovely gold white puppy, showing a lot of potential, well developed for age. Masculine in appearence. Well coated, big head, dark, round eyes, open nostrils, good stop, good bite. Strong bones, level topline, deep chest. Tail carried high over the back. Well angulated. Outgoing temperament, he enjoyed being in the ring.
1st Puppy Dog2014Midland CountiesMiss S JohnsonLovely 10 month old gold and white boy, mature for age with good heavy bone, masculine head and expression, lovely wide jaw, showed with enthusiasm and had good natural balance at all times, free flowing movement witth super hind drive.
Best Puppy
1st Puppy Dog
2014South WalesMrs J Clifford
Best Puppy
1st Minor Puppy Dog
2014DriffieldMiss D HowlandLovely gold and white youngster with good rib cage, topline and correct tail carrigae. Good head with dark eyes and good mouth. Sound movement showing a full pad. BPD and BPIB.
Best of Breed, DCC, BP, 1st MPD2014BelfastMr M Gadsby
1st Minor Puppy Dog2014DarlingtonMr D Iley
2nd Minor Puppy Dog2014City of BirminghamMrs P WoodbridgeG/W 8 mths baby. Not as mature as first in head, but pretty expression, well placed nose, correct jaw and dentition. Moved out well. Just needs time
Best Puppy
1st Minor Puppy Dog
2014Welsh KCMr K WilbergVery promising youngster with a pretty face. Lovely outline, lot of personality and charm. One for the future, should go a long way.
Best Puppy
1st Puppy Dog
2014BournemouthMr J LuscottStuuning exciting youngster with balance style and type, developing well at this stage, really impressive standing and onn the move, he has the head, body and growth so far, true front and rear, his side action shows th in front and drive behind. Best Puppy and congratulations on Reserve Best Pup In Show
1st Minor Puppy Dog2014PaigntonMrs D SpavinSuper youngster, lovely head and carriage, good pigment, front and bone for age, level topline and well developed quarters, correct coat for age, very promising youngster and sound.
2nd Minor Puppy Dog2014LeedsMr S Brownanother attractive g/wt puppy . Broad head and dark eye. Nicely balanced with well carried teapot tail. moved soundly and was well handled .


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