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Lyndatzu Enchantment at Tzusweet

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3rd Post Graduate Bitch2019Shih Tzu ClubMrs S Jakeman
VHC Post Graduate Bitch2019Joint Shih Tzu Clubs
VHC Limit Bitch2019City of BirminghamMrs J Lanning
2nd Post Graduate Bitch2019Scottish KC (May)Mr T MoranBlack with a very attractive head and expression. Lovely size and excellent bone. Would prefer longer in body. Moved well when she pulled it together. Excellent tail set and carriage. Good coat texture.
3rd Post Graduate Bitch2019BirminghamMr G Robertson
VHC Post Graduate Bitch2019Manchu Shih Tzu Society
2nd Post Graduate Bitch2019Northern Counties Shih Tzu ClubMrs J QuickB/W Gorgeous expression, darkest of eyes, large head, wide jaw, good body, loved her shape/balance, moved well carrying tail high over back.
2nd Yearling Bitch2018Midland CountiesNot quite the confident, arrogant attitude of the winner but she too is very pretty with a lovely warm expression. Soundly made all through and this was reflected in her good action.
3rd Yearling Bitch2018DarlingtonMr B Medforth
3rd Post Graduate Bitch2018Welsh KCMr F Kane
Res Junior Bitch2018LeedsMrs H Fitzgibbon
2nd Junior Bitch2018Three CountiesMr H Ogden16 mths black, excellent eye, good neck, correct length, high set tail, a little weak in underjaw, less finished overall
Res Junior Bitch2018Scottish KC (May)Ms J Sullivan
3rd Junior Bitch2018BirminghamMr T Wareing
VHC Junior Bitch2018WELKSMrs B Williams
1st Novice Bitch
Res Puppy Bitch
2017Joint Shih Tzu ClubsMr S WilbergNice bitch of very good type. Moves well, but could have had a bit more presence.
3rd Minor Puppy Bitch2017South WalesMr N Barker
1st Minor Puppy Bitch2017DarlingtonMr I MillarA challenging class of sweet babies, many still to settle on the move. This little black bitch grew on me by the moment. She is only just over 7 months and was a bit all over the place but in essence she moved soundly, a tribute to her fundamentally correct construction. Her head is very attractive and feminine but still has sufficient breadth to the skull, a short, square muzzle, large, dark eyes and well-set ears. At this stage, she is naturally still babyish but her overall body proportions are good and her outline balanced. Has lots of time in which to finish well.
VHC Minor Puppy Bitch2017Welsh KCMr E Engh
3rd Minor Puppy Bitch2017PaigntonMiss S Johnson


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