Common Questions

Where can I find a puppy?

Read more about what you should be looking for in a breeder here.

Where can I adopt an older dog?

General rescues nationwide will sometimes have Shih Tzu looking for a new home but a good avenue is Shih Tzu specific rescue. Contact details here.

How Do I Find A Good Groomer?

It can be very upsetting if a groomer makes a bad job of trimming your dog. The best advice we can give is ask around locally at vets, training classes and other Shih Tzu owners to get recommendations for groomers who are good with Shih Tzu.

Should I Worry About a Hernia?

A puppy hernia should be pointed out to you by the puppy's breeder along with an assessment of its severity. Smaller ones aren't usually anything to worry about. Even a larger one isn't often an emergency and if it needs repairing can be done when the puppy is a bit older. See more about hernias.

How Do I Find Training Classes?

Kennel Club affiliated training clubs can be searched for here. Your local vet practices will also have details of local trainers, classes and even behaviourists.

Why Does My Dog Eat Poo?

More information here.

How Often Should I Bath My Dog?

The simple answer is 'when he's dirty'. Every week or two is fine. More important than how often are the products you use.

What Food Is Best For My Dog?

There's no short answer for this one. We've done our best to distil some advice on to one page here.

My Shih Tzu Is Snorting & Can't Breathe!

Reverse sneezing or snorking can be very alarming the first time you hear it, try not to worry. It is most often caused by an elongated soft palate sticking and the fastest way to stop it is to force your dog to breathe through its mouth by placing your fingers over the nostrils. More.

Pinched Nostrils, Should I Worry?

Pinched nostrils are common whilst a puppy is teething and can make them sound snuffly. Provided the puppy doesn't appear lethargic or have real difficulty breathing then it isn't usually anything to worry about and normally improves once teething finishes around 6 months of age. More.

What grooming tools do I need?

See our page on Grooming for more detail.

How Do I Start Showing My Dog?

Showing can be quite an involved hobby and there are a number of different things to be learned. We have a page to help here.