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Judging Summary for Mr Tony Wareing

UK Appointments since January 2000

BUBA 2021 Date : 4th December 2021
Best of BreedTa Maria Black Edition at Matsuba (Fin Imp)
Dog CCTa Maria Black Edition at Matsuba (Fin Imp)
Dog RCCPaliden Shine Like A Star
Bitch CCKimevan Crazy Diamond
Bitch RCCCharonnis Vegas Showgirl
Best PuppyMassarati Arssamandi Astarte Gold At Densown (ImpP
On a positive note, I saw some fantastic heads today and pleased to report an improvement in width of jaw and lack of ’white of eye’. Clearly, there is a lot more to this breed than just the head, but most of today’s entries got off to a good start by ticking the right box in this department. On a constructive note, I would urge some exhibitors – who choose NOT to free-stand their dog - to concentrate a little more on ’stacking’ correctly. The first thing a judge will look at when judging the individual dog is the profile on the table. The final thing a judge will probably look at, is the dog’s profile in the class line up. At the end of judging each dog’ s movement, I ask the handlers to free-stand their dog, so I can observe the ’natural’ stance. Most toplines at this point were fine – so how come, the same dog on the table, or in the line-up [when the handler was ’ in charge’] the topline was NOT level? I’ m a HUGE fan of Showdog MEDIA’ s livestreaming [provided it remains positive viewing!] - it offers more people the chance to observe our breed more closely - so whichever way you choose to stack your dog, ’free-standing’ or ’handling’, please apply a little more concentration, and show the viewers a better overall picture of our breed. [Rant over]. I make no apologies if my critique appears somewhat repetitive. A respectable breed-specialist judge recent told me, “It is difficult NOT to sound repetitive in your critique if you have found what your’e looking for”. I found a lot of what I was looking for in many of the winners ’ line-ups, so I have ’ binned’ the Thesaurus, and simply critiqued each dog on its individual merit. Massive thanks to the committees involved that made this appointment possible. Appreciation also, to the excellent stewards and to those that entered today, thank you!
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Birmingham 2018 Date : 10th May 2018
2nd in GroupCh. Zeeva Reflections JW
Best of BreedCh. Art Made Gene Kelly (Imp Swe)
Dog CCCh. Art Made Gene Kelly (Imp Swe)
Dog RCCCh. Zamadar Majic Potion for Cedarhythe
Bitch CCCh. Rossvale Secret Obsession
Bitch RCCDolha’s Step Out in Style
Best PuppyCh. Zeeva Reflections JW
1st Best VeteranCh. Thaisu She Rocks
So, this was my first appointment judging the breed at this level and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of going over so many dogs, at such a high standard. Thanks to the committee and to the knowledgeable and efficient stewards, who allowed me to focus on the job in hand. I don’t think it’s a contentious thing to state that our breed is not without fault, however you interpret the breed standard. Narrow mouths, wayward elbows and straight stifles were points to note - but on the whole I’m pleased that I found plenty of what I was looking for, broad heads, a well put together body and an arrogant, smooth-flowing movement so typical of the breed. It was reassuring to see the Best Puppy in Breed and Best Veteran in Breed represented so well at the Utility Group stages - both going on to be awarded Group 2 - well done all involved!
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